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“Presenting” Roberta Berti — ginger and spice…

Roberta Berti: Presenting, by Rylski, red hair, pink pussy, art nudesWith the launch and subsequent success of his own site in the Metart Network — — I have far fewer opportunities to critique Rylsky’s now less frequent contributions to Metart. Rylsky isn’t only a skilled erotic artist, he’s also blessed with an eye for talent, and I’m always interested in seeing the new models he discovers. And with this gallery Rylsky doesn’t disappoint. The set is filled with his signature skill and style, and Roberta Berti, the star of “Presenting,” has the physical beauty and inviting personality I’ve come to expect from Rylsky’s finds.

The very first image in the collection is among my favorites. Roberta is seated on a white couch, knees up, bare feet on the edge of the cushions. Her head is turned to the side, she’s touching her red hair with her right hand, her left arm draped casually across her knees. The model’s pose, formal yet natural at the same time, does a wonderful job of projecting mood and emotion — Rylsky has a knack for coaxing this from his models. The art direction — varied shades of white with a burst of color from the model’s pink camisole — and the artist’s masterful composition create a thoughtful and stylish image.

But the pensive, thoughtful, temperament Roberta Berti displays in that opening image is just one mood among many. This new model has a big, bright, enthusiastic attitude that’s warm, engaging, and bursting with appealing energy. She’s exuberant, playful, and spontaneous. And she’s also impressively confident and boldly uninhibited. She wears her sheer camisole for much of the set, but she’s otherwise naked from beginning to end. In the series of shots spanning #029 through #043 she presents her fantastically photogenic sex to the camera aggressively and without a shred of reservation. It is a cliché, of course, but particularly true Roberta Berti’s case: this redhead is red-hot.

Bright, lively eyes, warm, flawless skin, pert and petite breasts, and a full, round, and ripe rump are impressive physical gifts, of which this Metart newcomer can be justifiably proud. Under the guidance of savvy lensman Rylsky, “Presenting” Roberta Berti is an impressive and enjoyable introduction to a talented and appealing new Metart model.

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“Riuni” starring Lija — sweet swinging Swede…

Lija: Riuni, by Arkisi, explicit, erotic, nude pin-up pixOne of the first things that struck me about the Metart erotic photo gallery titled “Riuni” was a certain, pervasive “pin-up” flavor. It’s not unusual for a series to contain a couple of pin-ups, usually due to the model’s pose. But here it goes far beyond a couple of images, and well beyond this (talented) model’s choice of poses.

Stunning Swede Lija, busty, blonde, and blue-eyed, makes a fine subject for the slightly retro pin-up style, and other elements of the art direction go a long way in emphasizing and amplifying it. Foremost is the dramatic “Bubble” chair, a clear acrylic sphere suspended by a chain from the ceiling. This alone gives the series a strong taste of the swinging sixties. And Lija’s outfit — a black satin nightie trimmed in white lace and featuring sheer black panels — adds notes of “naughty French maid” and “old school” sexy style.

The rest of Arkisi‘s set, white floor and upholstered walls, only add to the stylized and stylish feel of the session. With all these elements in place artist and model go to work, and “Riuni” proceeds to deliver one delightful, delicious, pleasingly pin-up image after another. In #10, naked from mid-torso down, Lija stands on tiptoe, in profile, and projects pure, stylish perfection. Even more explicit images, like #020, a tantalizing rear view of the model bent over and supporting herself on the cushions of the chair, offers plenty of pin-up flavor.

Lija’s modeling skill and her bright, lively, and engaging personality are in perfect proportion to her physical beauty. Lija is stunning, but she’s no idealized mannequin — there’s a vivacious, energetic, flesh-and-blood woman posing for these stylized photos, and she appears to be loving every minute of it. From achingly explicit extreme close-ups of her moist and magnificent pink bits, to portraits of her profoundly pretty breasts, to dazzling headshots — #082 and #108 are just two of my personal favorites — this bosomy beauty never ceases to beguile, tempt, and tantalize. Thanks to the efforts of a beautiful model and a talented artist, “Riuni” easily earns my very highest recommendation.

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“Presenting” Leona Honey — this first taste is fresh and sweet…

Leona Honey: Presenting, by Albert Varin, 19-year-old babe spread + wet

Contributor Albert Varin has dressed the set of Leona Honey’s debut Metart gallery in a narrow range of earth tones from light beige to medium brown. A full-length mirror in an elaborate frame plays a major role, and a Persian rug provides a hint of color as well as added comfort when the model chooses to pose on it. The model’s coloring is complemented by the colors employed in the set design, but I wonder if a bit of additional contrast would have added some visual snap to “Presenting.”

And Leona Honey has chosen a particularly appropriate pseudonym. She has a sweet and inviting smile, her slender and shapely build is tempting, and the personality her finely featured face projects is warm and welcoming. If this is Ms. Honey’s first nude modeling experience — as well it might be for a mere 19-year-old — she does an admirable job. And, on top of all that, the name Honey harmonizes well with the art direction.

Barefoot and wearing only a single item of clothing — a filmy black dress with sheer black sleeves — Leona is as comfortable clothed as she is completely nude. In my notes I’ve called out several “nothing showing” shots that are visually pleasing and which offer tantalizing flashes of personality (#008 includes a bit of playful peek-a-boo with the mirror, for example). Varin takes care to include detail shots — succulent close-ups of Leona’s glistening intimate goodies like #050 or #090, as well as a study of her pert breasts reflected in the mirror, and even #098, a study of the soles of her feet. There are some exceptional headshots, as well, and they do a fine job of capturing Leona Honey’s refined features, golden hair, and dark eyes (see #001, #107, and #112 for three examples). Fans of Mr. Varin are treated to a glimpse of the artist at work in #022, the unintended consequence of employing a mirror as a principle prop.

I’ll close with mention of a flaw as well a favorite image, for balance. Varin has experimented with some image editing in several shots here (including the photo that illustrates this post, above). This seems somewhat odd in view of the sets already limited chromatic range. Is a sepia tone effect really necessary when the set is already shot through with sepia tones? But in a highlight in “Presenting” like #106 it all comes together perfectly — the art direction and composition work together to enhance and flatter the model. And the model, physically beautiful and emotionally charming, delights both the eyes and the senses. How sweet is that?

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“Cellier” starring Amelie B — tickling the ivories/tempting the eyes…

Amelie B: Cellier, by Alex Lynn, stunning nudes of blue eyed beautyThis is only the third Metart erotic photo series crafted by Alex Lynn that I’ve critiqued, but a pleasant pattern is emerging. This artist seems to prefer slightly unusual settings for his creations, but he has a knack for making them work. In “Cellier” he’s placed his subject at an electric piano. The model remains seated on the piano stool for nearly every shot, in many she’s wearing a pair of headphones, and in quite a few of the images she’s wearing eyeglasses. A model practicing the piano in the music room of a suburban home? Not exactly a typical Metart gallery, but Mr. Lynn, with the help of a truly impressive model, pulls it off.

Amelie B, whether she can play a single note or not, is a masterpiece in her own right. The refined features of her face are framed by long, lustrous dark brown hair, and set off by crystal blue eyes and full, luscious lips. Even in her cozy, casual “piano practice” outfit — plaid knee socks, panties, and sweater — you can tell her body is exceptional, and when she removes each piece we’re rewarded with visions of physical perfection. And when she’s wearing the bulky headphones and her glasses the unlikely props can’t detract from her beauty.

Amelie B’s beauty is polished and sophisticated, but she’s at ease and comfortable in the casual setting. While “Cellier” may not be the most anatomically explicit gallery of recent memory, Lynn does capture every aspect of his subject’s eye-pleasing physique. He includes a couple of “up-skirts” (see #083 and #085) captured from a “hiding place” under the piano to add a bit of titillating whimsy, but a rear-view of the model, panties down, kneeling with her assets aimed at the camera, serves up enticing erotic perfection in #047 to cite one tempting example.

One needn’t be a keyboardist to enjoy #079, a shot of Amelie’s pert breasted torso with her graceful fingers tickling the ivories. In #106 and #107 model and artist achieve painterly perfection with two beautifully posed and framed images. And headshots like #016 (complete with headphones and glasses) or #063 (reclining, face to the camera) capture this impressive model’s beguiling beauty with consummate skill.

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“Deris” starring Alyssa A — suitable for framing…

Alyssa A: Deris, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movie

Metart has a hard won and richly deserved reputation as the biggest and best erotic art photography website in the world. Hundreds of photographers have worked with thousands of achingly beautiful models from all over the globe to create a massive art gallery containing well over a million still images, with hundreds more added daily. When it comes to still photos of the world’s most desirable erotic models, Metart is the king.

But when it comes to erotic videos? Not exactly the same story. At Metart the focus — please excuse the pun — has always been on still images, and motion pictures have been included as a courtesy, an extra feature, a value-adding fringe benefit. But with sister site Sexart raising the bar for erotic films — to considerable popular and critical acclaim — Metart‘s contributing video artists are approaching the site’s HD erotic movies with renewed energy and creativity, and they’re producing some exceptional work.

There’s no question that Flora is among the most gifted and prolific of this new wave of Metart filmmakers. With each new release she expands her creative reach and demonstrates just how much potential the Metart short film format offers, and “Deris” is another finely crafted example of Flora’s skill as an erotic artist.

Everything from set design, to cinematography, make-up, costuming, lighting, editing, and soundtrack combine to make “Deris” a seductive and mesmerizing piece of filmmaking. But all these technical and creative aspects would amount to nothing without a suitable star, and “Deris” is blessed with a truly breathtaking subject, the alluring, appealing, and all-around adorable Alyssa A. Pardon my rant, but this girl is stunning, and “Deris” presents her with style and skill.

Alyssa A appears on a bed in a stylishly furnished room. She’s wearing modest white panties and a top with a sheer panel revealing the sheer perfection of her breasts. She begins to move, rarely stopping, slowly removing her panties and top (although the latter remains, unobtrusively, around her trim waist for much of the production). The refined beauty of her facial features, the curvy, perfectly sculpted and proportioned splendor of her body, and the delicious intimate details are all captured by the artist’s lens and offered up without inhibition. Frame-filling close-ups of Alyssa’s erogenous attributes are balanced with pin-up flavored footage of her body in motion and her subtly but irresistibly seductive face.

There are moments here well worth pausing to linger over: pay a visit to the 05:00 mark, for example, or 06:39, or 09:30. To employ the old marketing phrase: each one of those images is suitable for framing, and “Deris,” thanks to the beauty of its star and the skill of its director is as worthy a piece of erotic art as anything else in the vast Metart archives, still photo or motion picture.

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“Suala” starring Macy B — enticing and effortless excellence…

Macy B: Suala, by Arkisi, Metart Top Model in explicit nude pixMacy B has got “it.” And “it” goes well beyond the hypnotic beauty of her eyes, the proportions of her flawless physique, the luster of her long black hair, or any of her absolutely mouthwatering physical details. If Macy B looked exactly as she does in “Suala” but her “it factor” could somehow be removed, she’d still be a stunning girl. But it’s impossible to remove the “it factor” from a model lucky enough to have “it,” and “it” is absolutely magical.

Thanks to dumb — but kind and generous — luck, I reviewed Macy B’s first Metart erotic photo series, and I instantly recognized her unique beauty and talent. And so did the Metart membership. The “it” factor made her an instant sensation and she’s remained near the top of the Top Models rankings ever since — she’s #1 as I write, in fact. She’s also appeared at numerous other sites in the Metart Network, and she earns new fans with every appearance.

Arkisi shot Macy B’s debut, he shot “Suala,” and he shot every set in between. There’s real chemistry and understanding here, and this talented model and photographer are a team who produce fine work while making it look absolutely effortless. “Suala” takes place in a bedroom dominated by a big, dramatic bed, covered in a shaggy, tactile sheepskin bedspread. Macy B, nude from the beginning, is radiant, and works her way through numerous poses on the bed and on a sheepskin rug on the floor. The bed frame, side tables and lamps, create a pleasingly symmetric backdrop, and the neutral colors flatter Macy’s complexion.

Macy B is polished without looking stiff or staged throughout. But there are shots in the collection where she’s extra-spontaneous, and these are some of my favorites — see #067, down on the rug, one leg raised, smiling brightly. Or #095 for another candid, natural smile. Or #101 and 102, where she’s on all fours, in profile, smiling and so very beguiling!

From the first image to the last “Suala” is brimming with the unique beauty and the enticing essence of Macy B. She’s so at ease in front of Arkisi’s camera that the series flows from moment to moment, treat to treat, gem to gem. Like a skilled professional Macy hits all her marks, delivers each pose, and projects a range of emotions and attitudes. But she does it effortlessly, naturally, and in a way that is disarming and completely charming. It’s star quality. Macy’s got “it” and shares it cheerfully and generously in “Suala.”

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“Tiners” starring Michaela Isizzu — princess of pretty in a peculiar place…

Michaela Isizzu: Tiners, by Alex Lynn, Metart Top Model's explicit pixThe erotic photo gallery titled “Tiners” features Metart exclusive model Michaela Isizzu, who, as it happens, is currently #1 on the site’s Top Models list. Michaela is exceptionally beautiful and has a lively and inviting personality, so this series is bound to attract a lot of attention.

I’ve only critiqued one photo set by the artist Alex Lynn prior to this one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He took an unusual and somewhat unappealing location — a drab office — and created a pleasing and intriguing work of erotic art. In “Tiners” the location is also unusual. Perhaps he has a sister who left home to go to university, and he’s chosen to shoot in her now abandoned bedroom. The colors are bright and girlish. There’s a big stuffed teddy bear in the corner, vivid images of butterflies decorate the walls, and after rummaging around Michaela has found a toy tiara with the word “Princess” spelled out in purple glitter and a “magic” wand with a white star on the end. These two props figure prominently, and peculiarly, in the series.

Despite the odd setting and somewhat silly prop choices, Michaela Isizzu’s beauty and charm shines bright. Even though some of the poses verge on goofy — see #048 or #049 for two prime examples — the beauty of her face and the flawless glory of her shapely body rise above the setting. Honestly, Michaela Isizzu is so appealing, and so pleasing to the eye that it really doesn’t matter where you shoot her, how you style her, or how you pose her — the Isizzu essence manages to cut through the clutter and reward the viewer.

Michaela does seem to be enjoying the session, despite its quirks. She’s playful, cheerful, she wears her princess tiara with pride and she uses her magic wand to accentuate the enticing wonders of her delicious intimate anatomy. Explicit shots are plentiful, and Isizzu assumes a wide variety of poses — not all of them make perfect sense, but they do fit in with the off-the-cuff, improvised flavor of “Tiners.”

In addition to the explicit anatomical close-ups, my favorite shots in this collection include #032 for the cute and teasing expression as she pulls up her shirt; #034 for the model’s thoughtful expression and the artist’s skillful composition; and #060 for that bright smile and beautiful body. “Tiners” captures a pretty girl in a peculiar place, but when that girl is Michaela Isizzu who could possibly complain?

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“Iwaon” starring Jeff Milton — pseudonym/genuine beauty…

Jeff Milton: Iwaon, by Rylsky, super-cute/super-beauty in HOT nude pixI have been aware of the Metart erotic model who goes by the name of Jeff Milton for a while. When I first noticed her name I did a double-take. I’m used to Metart models having unusual, exotic, and fanciful names, but…Jeff Milton? It didn’t make any sense. And, full disclosure, I never investigated this girl-with-a-boy’s-name beyond the odd moniker. In fact, never looked closely at a single photo of Jeff Milton until I was assigned “Iwaon” for review. And the minute I opened the set I realized what I’d been missing. Jeff Milton — I will probably always have a problem with the name — is a stunning young girl, a truly gifted model, and one of the genuine marvels of Metart!

You probably know this already. The Metart membership at large knows this — they’ve voted her to the very top spot on the Top Models rankings. Jeff Milton is #1. That’s the best there is! Sure, she’s chosen an unusual name for herself. But who cares?! I took one look and it was all over. I still don’t understand the name, but everything else about this girl is amazing, and I want more! About the only good thing about discovering Jeff Milton this “late in the game,” is that she has a year’s worth of pictorials — a total of 9 — in the Metart archives, so I have some extremely pleasurable catching up to do.

She’s pretty, of course. In any and every little detail this girl is exceptional. But what makes Jeff Milton so magically, mouthwateringly, mind-bogglingly beautiful goes beyond her delicious physical gifts. This girl has Personality, with a capital P. You take one look in those big eyes and it’s difficult to look away. She’s like an open book that you can’t put down. She’s a tease, she’s an innocent, she’s sweet, she’s devilish, she’s serious, she’s silly, she’s a sultry siren, and a cuddly kitten. And it’s all natural, she’s not putting on an act, or trying to be anything she isn’t. She’s “photogenic” in the classical sense — the camera loves her and she loves it right back.

The man holding the camera is the man who first shot her for Metart, the esteemed Mr. Rylsky. He shot every Jeff Milton set at Metart — and more for his own site,  — and he obviously understands, appreciates, and knows how to bring out the best this model has to offer. Yes, he delivers achingly beautiful explicit close-ups, and the set offers a pleasing and comprehensive collection of poses and compositions. But where Rylsky really shines here is in capturing the many moods of Jeff Milton.

He’s got her jumping, quite literally, for joy — in the Lotus Position, no less! — in #093. She throws her self at the camera with ease and confidence in #050. And he captures her incredible cuteness and beauty in #113, among so many others. Really, Jeff Milton is a marvel, and “Iwaon” is a marvelous creation by a gifted artist/model team.

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“Bidra” starring Sapphira A — a lot to love…

Sapphira A: Bidra, by Deltagamma, stunning nude erotic art photos

The first time I saw Sapphira A I fell in love, and fell hard. And the Metart membership had a similar reaction. This model’s striking physical beauty combined with her irresistible and intriguing personality propelled her almost instantly to the top of the Metart Top Models rankings, and she’s remained near the top ever since. As I write she’s sitting, pretty, at #5, and after evaluating “Bidra” it’s easy to see why.

I could rant and rave about Sapphira’s physique, her face, the trim body that’s shapely, toned, and delicate all at once. I could go on and on about the refined structure of her face, the elegance of her chin or nose, the sheer perfection of her proportions. But if you know Sapphira A already, you know all about that. The artist Deltagamma does a fine job of capturing and presenting all of Sapphira’s physical gifts in “Bidra,” make no mistake. And he includes everything from beautiful headshots (#115), to pretty pin-ups (#043), and breathtaking, explicit, intimate anatomical close-ups (#042, #046, and #067).

If Deltagamma simply recorded a catalog of Sapphira’s fabulous face and figure that would be enough. But in “Bidra” Sapphira opens up, and the artist has the most welcome opportunity to capture a wide variety of the model’s many moods. And Sapphira covers a whole lot of emotional ground here. In some images she’s distant, lost in her own thoughts, and in others she’s right here, right now, beaming with joy and inviting warmth. She’s peevish and playful, teasing, candid, inscrutable — sophisticated one moment, girlish the next.

And with a generous total of 164 images in the collection, Sapphira A and Deltagamma have the space to capture all the physical and emotional beauty, as well as indulging in some artistic experimentation. Towards the end of the set the artist has used image editing software to manipulate the color content, and quite a few of these near-monochrome shots are truly beautiful. In #136, for example, the limited tonal spectrum adds texture and drama to a beautifully posed and composed image. #123, which captures Sapphira in profile, and #135, a head and torso shot with a thoughtful quality, are two standouts in this section of “Bidra.”

Thanks to the beauty and talent of Sapphira A, and the artistry of Deltagamma, “Bidra” offers the viewer a lot to love.

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“Oriente” starring Anna AJ — a truly timeless temptress…

Anna AJ: Oriente, by Voronin, Metart HD erotic movieWe live in an era of instant gratification. And we love it. The next sensation arrives, we devour it, and before we’re even done digesting we’re ready for the next fresh experience. Metart has always understood this, and the steady — one might even say relentless — flow of new girls, new photos, and new movies is a pillar of the site’s enduring success.

But, while you’re waiting for the newest new model, or the freshest, hottest, and newest photos and videos to arrive at Metart, don’t forget that there’s a massive archive of “old” Metart material to enjoy, and it’s all just a click away. Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, “Oriente,” a Metart HD erotic video that was released five — count ‘em! — years ago.

To be honest, there are some elements of Voronin‘s production that do seem just the slightest bit dated. The last five years have seen impressive developments in digital video technology, there’s no denying that fact. But the video is beautifully shot, thoughtfully directed, skillfully edited — and it stars Anna AJ. If that name is unfamiliar, prepare to be enlightened. You are about to see one of the most beautiful Metart models ever in explicit, mouthwatering, fantasy-stoking detail.

“Oriente” is simple. And with Anna AJ as the star, complexity is completely unnecessary. She’s on a bed, wearing a pink top and floral print panties. She is styled to stunning perfection. I’ve seen lots and lots of Anna AJ — there are 72 galleries in her Metart portfolio, after all — and I can honestly say that she has seldom looked better than she looks here. That face! That body! Every detail! She really is in a class of her own.

And along with her stunning physical beauty, Anna AJ displays tantalizing glimpses of her charm and personality in “Oriente.” Oh, she’s a tease, to be sure, and the removal of her two pieces of clothing is deliciously drawn out, but when she treats the viewer to a sly, subtle smile after dropping her panties it’s an intimate moment to savor and celebrate.

“Oriente” includes frame-filling close ups of everything Anna AJ has to offer — that stunning face, those mesmerizing eyes, her utterly spectacular breasts, and the breathtaking beauty of her intimate anatomy. The flowing hair, the long, shapely limbs, that delicately sculpted torso, and that mysterious, alluring, disarming personality, it’s all wonderfully presented and captured here.

So, while you’re waiting for whatever wonders are soon to be added to Metart in the immediate future, step back, dig into the archives and experience “Oriente,” and enjoy a truly timeless temptress.

“Oriente” starring Anna AJ — a truly timeless temptress… Be the first to comment!
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