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“Bidaia” starring Alyssa A — beauty that seduces, subtlety that smolders, heat that scorches…

Alyssa A: Bidaia, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movie

I’ve only reviewed a single Metart erotic photo gallery featuring Alyssa A prior to today. My reaction to that set, in essence, was that she was a very beautiful and talented model, but that her performance was somewhat restrained and lacking in spontaneous emotion. Now, after seeing her in the Metart HD erotic movie titled “Bidaia,” I have a much deeper understanding of how this exquisite beauty works, and I’ve seen with my own two eyes exactly how wonderfully and subtly expressive she can be. “Bidaia” is a fine production in its own right, but it also gives the viewer a more multidimensional appreciation for the talents and abilities of Alyssa A.

“Bidaia” was conceived and created by Flora, an artist who’s work I’ve never see until now. Well, better late than never! The director has an impressive grasp of the erotic short subject format, and does wonders with the simple yet evocative set design, editing, cinematography, and pacing of the film. Although it’s not even seven and a half minutes long, “Bidaia” unfolds at a measured, deliberate pace that makes the film feel much longer than it actually is. Every action, every image, every transition is perfectly timed and executed for maximum beauty and erotic impact. When a director this gifted is paired with a model this enticing the resulting production is irresistibly enjoyable.

The setting is perfectly simple and simply perfect — a large upholstered love seat is backed by a picture window covered by filmy white curtains. Backlighting bathes the room in soft, diffused illumination. Alyssa A, in matching pink bra and panties, poses even as she remains in near constant motion. She also interacts directly with the camera providing powerful eye-contact in the opening moments of the film that immediately engages the viewer. After 75 seconds or so the bra comes off revealing the perfection of Alyssa’s breasts, and shortly thereafter she removes her panties. Flora’s camera hangs back, drinking in the sight of Alyssa as the model caresses herself, and just when the viewer hungers for a bit more…he gets it!

With a deft cut the camera is in close and filling the screen with the pretty, pouting succulence of the model’s intimate anatomy. And the camera lingers, waiting, watching, as the Alyssa’s delicate fingers circle and stroke the soft skin surrounding this most erogenous zone. A change of pose results in even more wonderfully explicit detail to delight and arouse. And then, in a clever twist, the film moves to its conclusion with a tightly framed headshot during which Alyssa A’s beautiful, seductive and understatedly expressive face can be fully appreciated. Both Alyssa A and director Flora earn high praise for the erotic gem that is “Bidaia.”

“Bidaia” starring Alyssa A — beauty that seduces, subtlety that smolders, heat that scorches… Be the first to comment!
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“Presenting” Evita Lima — chesty 18-year-old charms in nude debut…

Evita Lima: Presenting, by Rylsky, nude big-titted 18-year-old beautyMaturity has much to offer, and there’s no substitute for age and experience. But when it comes to beautiful women, youth is and always will be a powerful attractant. What a nubile woman lacks in wisdom or acquired knowledge she makes up for with the vibrant energy and sweet succulence of youth. Which brings us to the star of this debut Metart erotic photo series, the splendidly busty and undeniably beautiful 18-year-old Evita Lima. I am well aware voluptuous models aren’t to everybody’s taste, but if you like big-breasted girls prepare to have your breath taken.

It’s been some time since I’ve evaluated a set by the thoughtful, creative, and sensitive artist Rylsky. “Presenting” is, in many ways, typical of the photographic stylist’s work. He has a real knack for discovering new and worthy models, and that’s certainly the case here. And he takes care to include a wide range of compositions not only to express his own creativity, but to showcase all of the model’s attributes while also satisfying his audience’s hunger for variety and detail. All that’s true here. Evita Lima is presented in everything from tasteful figure studies (#118), boldly explicit images at medium and close range in a variety of stances, and numerous shots that capture both the model’s beautiful and warmly expressive face as well as her curvaceous and shapely physique.

What is not entirely consistent with Rylsky’s body of work is the set he has chosen. It’s stylized beach shack, in a vivid shade of light blue, complete with sand on the floor, a surfboard, shells, netting, a life preserver, and a captain’s hat. The set design isn’t offensive, and it offers plenty of options in terms of poses and compositions, but it is, frankly, just a little bit corny. Still, Evita Lima’s face and smile are irresistible, even if she’s gazing at the camera through the hole in a life preserver. And when she’s on all fours, aiming her intimate charms at the lens while atop that floatation device, it’s difficult to complain. “Presenting,” despite what minor flaws it may contain, does a fine job of presenting this beautiful, chesty, and charming 18-year-old model. I look forward to more of Evita Lima, and I know I’m not alone.

“Presenting” Evita Lima — chesty 18-year-old charms in nude debut… Be the first to comment!
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“Rheede” starring Dominika A — hot, nude, but not really in the mood…

Dominika A: Rheede, by Luca Helios, explicit outdoor nude art photosI really, really like Dominika A. Every single time I have had the pleasure of critiquing one of her Metart erotic photo galleries, or a Metart HD erotic movie, I’ve come away impressed. She’s got the beauty, she’s got the body, she’s completely uninhibited, and she possesses a lively, seductive, engaging energy that really comes across in photographs. She’s versatile, as well. I’ve seen her in simple, natural outdoor settings as well as in highly stylized studio shoots and she’s equally at home in any and every environment.

Everything I love about Dominika A is present, to one degree or another in “Rheede,” but for some reason the set doesn’t impress me quite as much as those I’ve previously viewed. It took a while to decide what it was, but I think it has to do with the model’s mood. There’s a downcast quality, a certain moodiness on display in much of the set. Dominika A is still beautiful, and still magnetically attractive. But in many images I get the feeling she’s not entirely present. Oh, but when a smile lights up her face, everything changes! That’s the Dominika A I love! That’s the Metart model who has earned so many devoted admirers! The difference is really night and day. When Dominika A smiles in “Rheede” — as she does in #003, #038, #080, and #118, to cite four notable examples — the model and the photo series come alive.

We all have “off” days. And Dominika A on an off day is better than a less gifted model can deliver on the best day of her career, so there’s plenty in “Rheede” to appreciate and enjoy. In my notes I’ve called out several “nothing showing” shots that are particularly pleasing. These include #012, #025, a fine Luca Helios composition, and #074. The explicit shots, and they are plentiful, give the viewer unimpeded access to Dominika’s luscious charms. For #047 I’ve scrawled the notation: “nips and lips.” And, no, I’m not talking about the ones she smiles with.

Rheede” boasts a beautiful setting, a gorgeous and talented nude model, and a variety of pleasing images. Even when Dominika A isn’t really in the mood she’s still very, very good.

“Rheede” starring Dominika A — hot, nude, but not really in the mood… Be the first to comment!
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Metart Acquires

Metart Acquires VivThomas.comMetart COO, Shaun Lenihan, is pleased to announce that the company has acquired for its Metart Network of adult entertainment properties.

Metart and Viv Thomas entered into a website management agreement in March 2013. When Viv Thomas recently announced plans for his retirement, negotiations were opened, culminating in the outright purchase of by Metart. The change of ownership will have no effect on existing affiliates as they are already in the Metart program.

A fixture in the international adult market since the early 1980s, Viv Thomas has created an instantly recognizable style and crafted a massive catalog of high end erotica.

In collaboration with his wife and a support crew of artists and technicians, the VivThomas brand delivers beautiful people in wonderful places and combines passionate, explicit action with intense, pure emotion. Long recognized as a leader and innovator of lesbian erotica, also offers boy/girl content, further broadening the appeal of the brand.

The Viv Thomas motto – “A Cut Above The Rest” – is a guiding principle of the company that has earned it a large and loyal fan base as well as numerous awards and the respect of leading industry professionals.

Viv Thomas was delighted to hand over the reins to Metart who will carry the VivThomas brand forward as their own, while honoring the style and vision of its creator.

Speaking from his base in Portugal, Viv Thomas said: “My career has been a roller coaster ride with all the thrills and joy, ups and downs, and the pure pleasure of working at something I loved. and Metart is the perfect match, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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“Saigo” starring Mila M – voluptuous, glamorous, gorgeous…

Mila M: Saigo, by Matiss, super-sexy busty beauty in explicit nude pix

I’d never seen Mila M before I sat down to browse through the Metart erotic photo series titled “Saigo.” As it turns out, I’m more than a little late to this particular party, because, as I write these words, Mila M is positioned at the very pinnacle of Metart‘s Top Model rankings. She is #1, and in the opinion of many Metart members, she is the best of the best, the finest, the most magnificent Metart model. Read through her tags and you’ll find an encyclopedic collection of superlatives. Read through the comments on her Metart galleries and prepare to be inundated with glowing praise, boundless enthusiasm, and impassioned public declarations of both love and lust.

Mila M has so much of so many appealing traits and qualities that it amounts to an almost unfair advantage. She’s voluptuous, busty, and lavishly endowed below the waist. But she’s also supremely toned and fit with a level of sculpted definition that suggest a high level of physical fitness, strength, agility, and condition. We often see bosomy women who are soft in their bodies. Mila M is a shapely hardbody who happens to have an exceptionally ample bosom. She’s also a particularly glamorous woman, and two stunning headshots that capture her flawless, high-style beauty – #029 and #030 – are among my favorite shots in the collection. But Mila M is no ice goddess – there’s genuine warmth and an engaging, approachable spirit in those gorgeous eyes.

So striking is Mila M’s beauty that she renders the relative simplicity of the photographer’s presentation and style irrelevant. Matiss has Mila wear a sheer white blouse and a pair of sheer coral colored panties. She’s in a featureless room with an ornate table and chairs upholstered in a floral pattern. I point out these details because many viewers of “Saigo” won’t ever notice them. They will be focused and fixated on the model, lost in her eyes, imagining the touch and taste of her plump, luscious lips, and exploring the splendor of her physique. That splendor, by the way, is fully and completely detailed, and explicit close-ups of Mila’s intimate architecture are offered in eye-popping abundance. Mila M is absolutely voluptuous, glamorous, gorgeous, and “Saigo” is a fine showcase of a Metart Top Model at the top of her game.

“Saigo” starring Mila M – voluptuous, glamorous, gorgeous… Comments (1)
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Introducing “Two Oceans,” a feature film by Andrey Slastyonoff…

"Two Oceans" by Andrey Slastyonoff, a poetic/erotic cinema experienceAndrey Slastyonoff has always been a good friend and strong contributor to the Metart family of sites. Along with shooting for the Metart Network he has kept busy with personal projects that stretch his imagination and push the boundaries of beauty and art.

Slastyonoff’s latest project, “Two Oceans,” takes these ideals to the next level and is certainly something worth talking about. And, because he’s financing the film via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, you can play a role in turning this gifted artist’s creative vision into cinematic reality.

“Two Oceans” is a poetic nude art movie about the meeting of ocean and woman.

“What would happen if two worlds will meet?

The ocean that never saw a woman…

The woman that never saw an ocean?”

Take this epic journey with Andrey and explore a world of possibilities.

“Two Oceans” home page.

“Two Oceans” Indiegogo page, where you can help. We have.

Introducing “Two Oceans,” a feature film by Andrey Slastyonoff… Comments (1)
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Attention Collectors: “Best of Metart” Magazine debuts in Japan…

Attention Collectors: "Best of Metart" Magazine debuts in Japan...

It’s a question that Metart members and fans have been asking since Metart first arrived on the Internet: “Where/when/how can I obtain printed copies of Metart magazine?”

Until now, however, there has never actually been a printed Metart magazine. Metart did pioneer the use of magazine-style “covers” for its erotic art photo galleries, however, and this may have given some people the idea that physical magazines did exist.

Even now, as the digital revolution continues to change the media landscape, and as the market for ink-on-paper magazines continues to contract, there are some consumers who still wish that Metart was available as an actual, analog magazine.

If you’ve ever longed for an glossy Metart magazine to display on your coffee table, put on a bookshelf, or slip into a briefcase or backpack for portable perusal, your wish has been granted: a “Best of Metart” magazine is now on sale at Amazon in Japan.

My Japanese reading comprehension leaves much to be desired, but I can tell you that the magazine comes with a free sampler DVD with over 250 minutes of select Metart content along with a free pass to visit the site. Google translate wasn’t particularly helpful, but I did discover that when you follow the link you’ll notice two clickable links, side by side, roughly in the middle of the page. Click the left one and you’ll arrive at the page where you can purchase one (or more) copies of this highly collectable piece of “Metart-a-bilia.”

Here’s the link: “Best of Metart” Magazine at

…you can “domo arigato” me later!

Attention Collectors: “Best of Metart” Magazine debuts in Japan… Be the first to comment!
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“Pasaule” with Liuko A – bare beauty in a backyard…

Liuko A: Pasaule, by Ivan Harrin, bare naked babe in a backyardMetart contributing photographer Ivan Harrin has devoted much thought and effort in dressing and decorating the set for “Pasaule.” He’s created a stylized vision of a suburban backyard in late autumn. The lawn is covered with smooth stones, there’s a gold-painted end table and love seat, a broken trellis, a basket of apples, a trio of candles, several cushions, and some dead or dying vegetation. The lighting, while permitting ample detail in the photos, is subdued and muted, contributing to the autumnal feeling of the series.

Harrin then places Liuko A in this not entirely natural setting, clad only in a matching bra and garter belt of purple lace. Not an obvious choice, but the model has the looks and the charm to somehow make the somewhat jumbled concept come together.

Liuko A has worked with Mr. Harrin before. Indeed, all six of her Metart photo sets, and an additional Metart HD erotic movie, were shot by the artist, and it seems as if the two have developed a solid and enjoyable working relationship. I do get the sense that artist and model are enjoying the creation of “Pasaule,” and there are a handful of extremely spontaneous and candid images in the collection where one can easily imagine the laughter and playful conversation taking place during the photo session. In a shot like #099, the pursed lips and playful expression gives a sense of this dynamic between artist and model.

Liuko A isn’t at all inhibited and there are many bold and explicit images in this series. There are also several stand-outs among the tamer photos in “Pasaule,” and two of these “nothing showing” shots – #003 and #015 – are among my favorites because they artfully capture Liuko’s beauty and lively personality. #095, an explicit, everything showing shot of Liuko in repose, eyes closed and legs spread, is another favorite. My feelings about this set are mixed, but I do like Liuko A. What do you think? Please feel free to share your impressions in the comments, below.

“Pasaule” with Liuko A – bare beauty in a backyard… Be the first to comment!
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“Mezitay” starring Cathleen A — let’s talk about sex…

Cathleen A: Mezitay, by Arkisi, super-sexy explicit nude art photosCathleen A is cute, adorable, kittenish. She can project sugary sweetness and there’s often a lively, animated, playful energy in her eyes and general demeanor. But cuteness is just one aspect of the Metart erotic photo series “Mezitay.”

I can also say that the artist Arkisi is a skilled technician and that he has a knack for simple, natural set design and art direction. Or that he’s careful to include a broad range of compositions, and that he inspires and instructs his subject to attempt a variety of moods, emotions, and styles through her poses. But technical and artistic ability are not what “Mezitay” is about.

Cathleen A’s performance here, and Arkisi’s presentation in “Mezitay,” are about one thing, and one thing only. And that thing is sex. This can’t be surprising, it is an erotic photo set, after all. Cathleen A is nude throughout, and images of a beautiful naked woman are bound to inspire sexual thoughts. But there’s more to it than that. It’s a spirit, an attitude, a state of mind that’s instantly recognized and irresistibly attractive. Beautiful girl, yes. Pretty photographs, yes. But spend a bit of time perusing these photos and I expect most viewers’ thoughts will take a sharp turn in a prurient direction.

And it’s not just about detailed explicit close-ups and a variety of bold and brazen poses. “Mezitay” is filled with both, and by the time it’s over a skilled artist could probably draw a perfect rendering of Cathleen’s profoundly pretty pudenda from memory. But more than the obvious physical aspects, it’s the look in those big beautiful eyes. The sly smile on those luscious lips. A tilt of the head and a roll of the hips. Cathleen A has a gift for loading these revealing poses with animal emotion that can’t help but heat up the most jaded libido.

It would probably be easier to list the images in “Mezitay” that are not great than to list those that are. I do think there’s a little too much emphasis on the “I’m sucking my finger, what does that remind you of?” pose. Apart from that, pleasing images are plentiful. #001, a tame, full-length body shot is a fine introduction, and the corner of the bed in the foreground provides a hint of the heat soon to come. In #038 Cathleen is on the bed, posed to perfection, and giving fresh meaning to the term “bedroom eyes.” An invitation to erotic ecstasy is extended in #049, a rear view with sultry attitude. Getting as close as can be in #078 provides enticing anatomical detail.

Talk about beauty. Talk about art. Cathleen A in “Mezitay” will quickly turn the subject of the conversation to sex.

“Mezitay” starring Cathleen A — let’s talk about sex… Be the first to comment!
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“Teria” starring Halena A — bed, room, eyes, and so much more…

Halena A: Teria, by Alex Sironi, Metart HD erotic movieI’ve never had the opportunity to comment on any of this model’s Metart erotic still photo galleries. I did have the distinct pleasure of evaluating her first Metart HD erotic movie, however. And today it’s my job to critique her second cinematic offering. Although I’ve had only limited experience with Halena A, I approach “Teria” enthusiastically and with great expectations.

It only takes a few moments before those expectations are met. Director Alex Sironi has styled the set and his subject to perfection. Halena, wearing a mini-dress, is seated on the edge of a heavy wooden bed. She’s barefoot and her long, dark hair has been coiffed into flattering, flowing curls. Before even ten seconds have elapsed she looks directly into the lens and I’m hooked. There is a lot to like about this model, but the way she plays to the camera is a real highlight of “Teria.” Teasing, flirting, playful, intriguing — the look in those eyes and the expressiveness of that undeniably beautiful face is nothing less than delightful.

We quickly discover that Halena A isn’t wearing any panties, which is a good thing, I think, although lingerie enthusiasts might beg to differ. That flirty little dress begins to come off shortly thereafter, revealing those delicate breasts and then the perfection of that petite and perfectly proportioned frame in its undraped glory at the 00:50 mark.

As she moves around the bed Halena A not only reveals every exquisite detail of her beautiful body, she also continues to interact directly with the lens. Even when she’s entirely exposed in explicit and inviting poses she’s watching, connecting, sharing with her many unseen admirers. Just after the 4:00 minute mark Halena crawls across the white sheets towards the camera and the expression on her smiling face is irresistible.

And then, with a smile and a wave, “Teria” comes to an end. Just shy of 5 minutes in length, this film is short, but it is also exceptionally sweet. Alex Sironi has done a fine job of showcasing this beautiful, talented, and sexy model. And Halena A has left this viewer wanting more. Highly recommended.

“Teria” starring Halena A — bed, room, eyes, and so much more… Be the first to comment!
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