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“Bidaia” starring Alyssa A — beauty that seduces, subtlety that smolders, heat that scorches…

Alyssa A: Bidaia, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movie

I’ve only reviewed a single Metart erotic photo gallery featuring Alyssa A prior to today. My reaction to that set, in essence, was that she was a very beautiful and talented model, but that her performance was somewhat restrained and lacking in spontaneous emotion. Now, after seeing her in the Metart HD erotic movie titled “Bidaia,” I have a much deeper understanding of how this exquisite beauty works, and I’ve seen with my own two eyes exactly how wonderfully and subtly expressive she can be. “Bidaia” is a fine production in its own right, but it also gives the viewer a more multidimensional appreciation for the talents and abilities of Alyssa A.

“Bidaia” was conceived and created by Flora, an artist who’s work I’ve never see until now. Well, better late than never! The director has an impressive grasp of the erotic short subject format, and does wonders with the simple yet evocative set design, editing, cinematography, and pacing of the film. Although it’s not even seven and a half minutes long, “Bidaia” unfolds at a measured, deliberate pace that makes the film feel much longer than it actually is. Every action, every image, every transition is perfectly timed and executed for maximum beauty and erotic impact. When a director this gifted is paired with a model this enticing the resulting production is irresistibly enjoyable.

The setting is perfectly simple and simply perfect — a large upholstered love seat is backed by a picture window covered by filmy white curtains. Backlighting bathes the room in soft, diffused illumination. Alyssa A, in matching pink bra and panties, poses even as she remains in near constant motion. She also interacts directly with the camera providing powerful eye-contact in the opening moments of the film that immediately engages the viewer. After 75 seconds or so the bra comes off revealing the perfection of Alyssa’s breasts, and shortly thereafter she removes her panties. Flora’s camera hangs back, drinking in the sight of Alyssa as the model caresses herself, and just when the viewer hungers for a bit more…he gets it!

With a deft cut the camera is in close and filling the screen with the pretty, pouting succulence of the model’s intimate anatomy. And the camera lingers, waiting, watching, as the Alyssa’s delicate fingers circle and stroke the soft skin surrounding this most erogenous zone. A change of pose results in even more wonderfully explicit detail to delight and arouse. And then, in a clever twist, the film moves to its conclusion with a tightly framed headshot during which Alyssa A’s beautiful, seductive and understatedly expressive face can be fully appreciated. Both Alyssa A and director Flora earn high praise for the erotic gem that is “Bidaia.”

“Bidaia” starring Alyssa A — beauty that seduces, subtlety that smolders, heat that scorches… Be the first to comment!
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“Teria” starring Halena A — bed, room, eyes, and so much more…

Halena A: Teria, by Alex Sironi, Metart HD erotic movieI’ve never had the opportunity to comment on any of this model’s Metart erotic still photo galleries. I did have the distinct pleasure of evaluating her first Metart HD erotic movie, however. And today it’s my job to critique her second cinematic offering. Although I’ve had only limited experience with Halena A, I approach “Teria” enthusiastically and with great expectations.

It only takes a few moments before those expectations are met. Director Alex Sironi has styled the set and his subject to perfection. Halena, wearing a mini-dress, is seated on the edge of a heavy wooden bed. She’s barefoot and her long, dark hair has been coiffed into flattering, flowing curls. Before even ten seconds have elapsed she looks directly into the lens and I’m hooked. There is a lot to like about this model, but the way she plays to the camera is a real highlight of “Teria.” Teasing, flirting, playful, intriguing — the look in those eyes and the expressiveness of that undeniably beautiful face is nothing less than delightful.

We quickly discover that Halena A isn’t wearing any panties, which is a good thing, I think, although lingerie enthusiasts might beg to differ. That flirty little dress begins to come off shortly thereafter, revealing those delicate breasts and then the perfection of that petite and perfectly proportioned frame in its undraped glory at the 00:50 mark.

As she moves around the bed Halena A not only reveals every exquisite detail of her beautiful body, she also continues to interact directly with the lens. Even when she’s entirely exposed in explicit and inviting poses she’s watching, connecting, sharing with her many unseen admirers. Just after the 4:00 minute mark Halena crawls across the white sheets towards the camera and the expression on her smiling face is irresistible.

And then, with a smile and a wave, “Teria” comes to an end. Just shy of 5 minutes in length, this film is short, but it is also exceptionally sweet. Alex Sironi has done a fine job of showcasing this beautiful, talented, and sexy model. And Halena A has left this viewer wanting more. Highly recommended.

“Teria” starring Halena A — bed, room, eyes, and so much more… Be the first to comment!
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“Parimia” starring Vanessa H — bedroom with a view…

Vanessa H: Parimia, by Alex Iskan, Metart HD erotic movie

“Parimia” is Vanessa H’s fourth contribution to Metart, and it’s her third Metart HD erotic movie, so she’s one of the relative few models who have done more movies than still photo galleries for the site. Statistics aside, this is a very sexy and appealing girl, so any chance to see her is most welcome, no matter the medium.

Alex Iskan, who also shot Vanessa’s still photo debut, is in the director’s chair for “Parimia.” It’s morning and Vanessa wakes up in a big bed in an ornately furnished boudoir. When she peels back the sheets we discover that she’s totally nude, an added bonus as she stretches, sprawls, and lolls on the bright white linens.

Those white sheets serve to accent and emphasize Vanessa’s recently acquired tan lines. And the marks left by her skimpy bikini accent a body that is lean, toned, and extremely inviting. I reviewed an earlier movie starring Vanessa H (you’ll find my comments here) and in that appearance she was paler and somewhat “softer” physically. Iskan artfully explores Vanessa’s toned anatomy using the light that shines through gauzy curtains to bring out the sculpted contours and definition of that beautiful body as it moves around the bed and around the room. The use of a high, overhead angle, looking down on the model from above, is particularly appealing and revealing.

Parimia” starts off fairly tame, despite Vanessa’s total nudity. But the heat builds steadily and we’re treated to numerous, extended explicit views of Vanessa’s enticing intimate treats. At around the 4:34 mark she’s spread wide and seductively thrusting her sex at the viewer. And at the 9:35 mark, when she’s massaging the area at the top of her thighs, she throws a subtly seductive glance at the camera to excellent erotic effect.

At just over eleven minutes, “Parimia” offers ample opportunity to savor and study this seductive specimen in a stylish, evocative atmosphere. Vanessa H‘s performance is spontaneous, natural, and entirely uninhibited, but her sultry sexuality is tempered by an undercurrent of irresistible cuteness — her little sign-off at the end is the perfect conclusion to a beguiling and beautiful bedroom interlude.

“Parimia” starring Vanessa H — bedroom with a view… Be the first to comment!
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“Tideni” starring Zemira A — maid in the shades…

Zemira A: Tideni, by Rylsky, Metart HD erotic movie

I don’t think I’ve ever critiqued two Metart HD erotic movies back-to-back in the history of this blog. That fact, in and of itself, seems reason enough to go ahead and do just that. There was no rhyme or reason to my selection method, which isn’t always the case. Here I simply chose the most recently released movie and pressed “play.

I don’t go into “Tideni” completely unaware and uninformed, however. I’m familiar with the star of the piece, Zemira A, because I had the pleasure of reviewing her very first Metart erotic photo gallery, and I liked it quite a lot.

As it happens, the artist who shot Zemira A’s debut, Rylsky, also directed “Tideni,” and his involvement is enough to create interest and heighten anticipation.

Rylsky is a thoughtful, opinionated, and insightful artist. He’s part technician, part sculptor, part psychiatrist, and part psychic. He not only captures the outside of a model, he strives to get into her mind to expose her emotions. In “Tideni” he takes on the role of storyteller, and adds a bit of mystery and magic to the mix.

Zemira A, elegantly dressed, strides down the street. She enters a café and takes a seat. She notices a pair of sunglasses on the table before her, then picks them up and tries them on. Instantly her view — and the viewer’s — changes. Now Zemira is totally nude and lounging on a bed. Surprised by what she’s seen she takes the sunglasses off, we return to the café, her curiosity is piqued once more, she puts the shades back on, and we return to the nude bedroom scene. It’s a cleverly devised and executed little trick!

The nude scenes — which constitute the bulk of the film — find Zemira A in that previously mentioned bedroom, and then in a living room. The camera takes its time lingering over the details of Zemira’s body. Her breasts — those sensationally shapely, firm and inviting orbs with their perfect plump nipples — are featured, as well they should be. In the living room setting we also get a long look at the model’s backside and her long-limbed body.

Zemira’s personality is on display throughout. There’s something slightly self-conscious, but entirely charming, about her performance. She’s not quite shy, but there’s a tentative, somewhat uncertain aspect to aspects of her performance. Make no mistake, Zemira A is nothing less than adorable — perhaps she just needs to appear in a few more movies to hone her motion picture performance style.

In “Tideni,” Rylsky has created an engaging and clever little story to showcase an eye-pleasing and libido-teasing beauty to excellent effect. Well done.

“Tideni” starring Zemira A — maid in the shades… Be the first to comment!
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“Matiki” starring Yani A — a tidbit that tempts and teases…

Yani A: Matiki, by Alex Sironi, MetArt HD erotic movieI’ve commented on two Metart erotic photo sets featuring this model previously (see here and here) and I’ve enjoyed her from the first frame to the last. Yani A is young, cute, has a wonderfully expressive and inviting personality, and a particularly fine body. The two still series I’ve seen were shot by different photographers and differences in style and approach don’t dim or dampen Yani’s appeal. In this Metart HD erotic movie I get to see her work with another artist, and I relish the opportunity to see this truly tempting model in a motion picture.

My high expectations and eager anticipation are almost immediately satisfied. Director Alex Sironi has Yani A lounging on a sofa in a softly lit room on a quiet afternoon. She’s listening to music on her phone and the melody quickly inspires erotic thoughts. As her hands slide across her dress her skirt slides up and we’re treated to a quick explicit glimpse of her shaved perfection. Yani’s beautiful breasts are exposed next, and she’s totally nude before a minute has passed.

Yani A knows how to move, and she’s as comfortable and at ease in front of a movie camera as she is while posing for stills. She’s in her own world, enjoying the music and the moment, but she also shoots an effortless and inviting glance at the camera every now and then to let us know she’s aware she’s being watched, and that she’s enjoying the experience.

Sironi moves Yani A around the space quite effectively. She plays with the sheer white curtains in front of a window to pleasing effect. She sidles up to a full-length mirror showing off her graceful, sensuous moves as well as her mouthwatering body. And she returns to the sofa and treats us to the beauty of her body and her uninhibited, unashamed sexual spirit.

And then, three and a half glorious minutes later, “Matiki” ends. This is, without question, a short film. But it’s a gem — compact and concentrated. It is perfectly paced, splendidly shot and performed, and builds steadily in erotic impact until the very end. Yani A is a wonderful little tease, and “Matiki” is a fine showcase for model and artist, alike. “Matiki” performs a unique trick in its compact run time: it not only teases the viewer with skill, beauty, and style, it also leaves him completely satisfied — a truly tempting tidbit.

“Matiki” starring Yani A — a tidbit that tempts and teases… Comments (2)
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“Pedentes” starring Halena A — not perfectly polished, but powerfully pleasing…

Halena A: Pedentes, by Alex Sironi, MetArt HD erotic movie

This is my first experience with Halena A. She has previously appeared in just three MetArt erotic photo galleries, and “Pedentes,” her first MetArt HD erotic movie, is the latest addition to her portfolio. It is an arresting and extremely enjoyable film — and perhaps the perfect introduction to this very beautiful, very sexy model.

While I admire the work of Alex Sironi, until now I have only seen his still photography — this is the first of his films I’ve viewed or commented on. It differs subtly from his still work, but “Pedentes” reveals additional, admirable, skills of this versatile artist. When I think of Sironi I think of simplicity, and this movie is, at least on the surface, an exercise in simplicity. And it also happens to be a fine showcase for an absolutely enchanting model.

Sironi doesn’t waste any time. He has Halena A exposing one of her beautiful breasts after just 20 seconds, she’s completely nude 20 seconds later, and we get an enticing explicit full-frontal view 20 seconds later — after one brief minute, “Pedentes” is at full operating temperature. And that temperature is high!

Make no mistake, Halena A is a striking beauty. Her body is without flaw, perfectly proportioned, and her intimate anatomy is particularly enticing. Her performance her isn’t what I would describe as polished, though. There’s a slightly self-conscious quality to her screen presence. But, in Halena’s case, it’s completely endearing — if she’s not entirely at ease in front of the movie camera it only makes her more appealing. If that doesn’t make complete sense, all I can say is screen “Pedentes” and you, too, will be charmed by Halena’s natural persona.

As I mentioned, “Pedentes” is a perfect introduction to Halena A. Her physical and emotional charms are wonderfully revealed here, and a skilled and talented artist has captured the tangible as well as the intangible aspects of this auburn-haired vixen. I look forward to seeing more of Alex Sironi’s films, and more of Halena A in whatever format I can find her!

“Pedentes” starring Halena A — not perfectly polished, but powerfully pleasing… Be the first to comment!
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“Semejanza” starring Sapphira A — beauty that boggles and smiles that beguile…

Sapphira A: Samejanza, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movieThere may be, somewhere, somebody who isn’t moved by Sapphira A‘s stunning beauty. Perhaps this individual — I find it difficult to believe that there could be more than one — is obsessed exclusively with blondes. Or perhaps they’re simply perverse and are attracted to ugly women. But if you share even a sliver of my aesthetic sensibility — and a large and vocal group of MetArt members seem to — you can’t help but be impressed by this girl. And by “impressed” I mean to have your breath taken and your mind boggled. Wow, what a truly extraordinary specimen we have in Sapphira A!

Of course, like so many others, I’ve been thoroughly “impressed” by Sapphira A’s four MetArt erotic photo galleries. That handful of pictorials landed her in the Top Ten of the Top Models list, after all. But the transition to motion pictures isn’t necessarily easy, and not every MetArt HD erotic movie is an instant hit. Even so, it will come as happy, if not unexpected, news that Sapphira A’s movie debut, “Semejanza,” is an unqualified success.

A good portion of that success is clearly due to director Luca Helios. Here he employs a clean, fluid style that allows Sapphira to show off her physical assets at the same time she shares aspects of her personality and temperament that can only be hinted at in still photos. For example, periodically, throughout the film’s duration Sapphira shoots a smile at an off-camera spectator, her director, or directly at the viewer. That smile is bright, playful, sly, engaging, intriguing, and addictive. That smile, the twinkle in her eyes, the subtle nuance, helps illuminate Sapphira A’s personality and keeps the viewer riveted to the screen in hopes she’ll smile once more. And she doesn’t disappoint.

Semejanza” isn’t at all complicated — it certainly doesn’t need to be when the subject is so physically and emotionally appealing. Wearing a little black dress and strappy stiletto heels Sapphira enters a glass-walled room where a clean-lined, cream-colored sofa awaits. Before a minute has passed she’s topless and exposing the pert perfection of her breasts. Her frilly panties start to come off before two minutes have elapsed and she proceeds to offer her charms to the camera without reservation and with quite a good deal of enthusiasm and teasing spirit — this model knows exactly what she’s doing, and she does it exceedingly well!

After viewing of “Semejanza” my mind is boggled and I’ve been entranced and beguiled by Sapphira A. Yes, I’m “impressed.” I’m also ready for more!

“Semejanza” starring Sapphira A — beauty that boggles and smiles that beguile… Comments (5)
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“Semikols” starring Kalena A — eye on the prize…

Kalena A: Semikols, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie

A quick look at MetArt‘s Top Models roster lets me know that Kalena A is currently sitting in the forth position. She has only been on the site for four months, and has only four galleries in her MetArt portfolio, so this is quite an impressive achievement. But after viewing “Semikols,” her first MetArt HD erotic movie, it is not at all surprising. This is an extremely beautiful and talented model!

This is my first exposure to Kalena A — I haven’t yet looked at any of her still photo galleries — and this movie provides a stunning introduction. Shot on a patio overlooking the sea, Kalena first appears wearing a tight green print dress and towering platform heels. Savor the sight of her fully dressed while you can, because her gorgeous breasts are exposed in under a minute and she’s totally nude about 30 seconds later. Slim, shapely, sun-kissed, and sporting the sexy tan-lines left by a tiny bikini bottom, Kalena A is an impressive visual treat.

Although a relatively inexperienced new model might be excused for a tentative or demure presentation, Kalena A is bold, confident, sexually enticing, and completely uninhibited. She offers unrestricted views of her mouthwatering intimate anatomy to the lens, and Luca Helios has the good judgment to take full advantage of the opportunity. In all honesty, at the moment I can’t recall another MetArt HD erotic movie that features so much continuous below-the-belt footage. Of course my memory may be clouded by the intoxicating erotic movie I’ve just finished viewing!

Even with all this explicit abundance the film is balanced and perfectly paced. We’re treated to wonderful views of Kalena’s beautiful, expressive face as well as long shots of her lithe body which remains in near constant motion throughout. And, although it is relatively short, this beautifully performed and photographed production skillfully captures engaging aspects of Kalena A’s sultry, enticing personality. A wonderful collaboration and highly recommended.

“Semikols” starring Kalena A — eye on the prize… Comments (10)
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“Ablego” starring Emily Bloom — an angel’s face and a heavenly body…

Emily Bloom: Ablego, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie

As I write these words, Emily Bloom is sitting in the fifth position on MetArt‘s Top Model rankings. This young woman is particularly popular with the MetArt membership, and for a variety of reasons. I blogged about her very first photo series, and, based on my initial impressions her rise to the top and enduring popularity surprises me not at all.

And in just a couple of days Emily Bloom takes the next, long-awaited step in her MetArt career: On Sunday her very first MetArt HD erotic movie will be added to the site. This is truly cause for celebration. And let me say, enthusiastically and completely without reservation, that the movie is well worth waiting for!

Emily Bloom, MetArt Top ModelBut in “Ablego” there is no waiting required! From the moment Emily Bloom appears on screen her stupendous breasts are fully exposed, and when the camera pulls back we see that she’s very nearly naked, wearing only a skimpy crocheted top and “skirt” that does little to conceal the eye-popping perfection of this Top Model’s exquisitely beautiful body.

Director Fenix takes a simple approach and lets Emily Bloom’s beauty and charm fill the frame. And what a charmer Emily is! My god, when this girl smiles — and she smiles early, often, and throughout the production — it’s enough to give the viewer goose bumps. What an angel!

This breathtaking nubile radiates gentle, delicate, innocent, sweetness. But she’s also completely uninhibited and totally at ease exposing every luscious bit of her extraordinarily enticing anatomy. In “Ablego” we don’t catch mere glimpses or fleeting flashes of Emily Bloom’s intimate attributes — she presents them willingly, generously, and without hesitation, and the lens moves in close and lingers. Perfect!

“Ablego” is a genuine treat, a feast for the eyes, and worthy of the highest praise. Emily Bloom’s future at the top of the MetArt Top Models list seems guaranteed. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Ablego” rise to the heights of the Top Movies roster, either!

“Ablego” starring Emily Bloom — an angel’s face and a heavenly body… Comments (6)
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“Athena” starring Diana G — moody moving pictures…

Diana G: Athena, by Koenart, MetArt HD erotic movie

The time constraints imposed by the MetArt HD erotic movie format present both a challenge and an opportunity. Directors sometimes struggle to fill the short span of time, occasionally recycling footage shot over their shoulders during a still photo session. Others rely excessively on the prop closet in an effort to create visual interest. But the masters of this very specific type of film making know how to transfer the beauty of MetArt erotic still photography into the moving picture format in ways that are both surprising and satisfying.

In “Athena” the artist Koenart employs a stylish, painterly still photographer’s eye, and deftly combines it with a cinematographer’s sense of pace, atmosphere, and movement. The result is moody, evocative, engaging, and accomplished. There are moments here, still images — headshots, figure studies, explicit close-ups — that would shine in a MetArt gallery. And yet they are perfectly integrated in a smoothly flowing, seamless, lyrical visual continuum. The soundtrack was also particularly well chosen, contributing much to the flavor and pace of the production.

But Koenart, as gifted as he is, didn’t create “Athena” by himself! The artist is nothing without his muse, and here his subject, his star, is the film’s center, its subject, its reason for being. I was privileged to evaluate Diana G’s MetArt debut (also shot by Koenart) and she impressed me with her confidence, her beauty, and her lithe, limber physicality. Everything that moved me about Diana G back then is present and on display in “Athena.”

Athena” is not flashy or theatrical. It’s quiet, moody, intriguing, and subtly involving. It is more than a collection of beautiful erotic images and it is far greater than a simple video tape of a lovely nude model. In so many ways “Athena” shows us just how beautiful a MetArt HD erotic movie can be. See it for yourself and please feel free to share your own reactions in the comments, below.

“Athena” starring Diana G — moody moving pictures… Comments (1)
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