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Zalman King – We Will Miss You!

Our good friend Zalman King passed away early Friday morning. I only knew him a short time but he immediately made me feel like we had known each other all our lives.

On the set of Kamikaze Love that MetArt Films produced, Zalman immediately told the entire film crew that we were their bosses, including himself. The experience humbled me. I was standing next to one of the greatest storytellers of our time and he considered us his “Boss.” You might think the opposite effect would happen but watching someone like Zalman, a person with so much gratitude for life, that moved so gracefully through it, made me feel like my journey was still a long one.

Kamikaze Love would be Zalman’s final cinematic story he would tell and I was honored to experience it with him. I’ve said on countless occasions that meeting Zalman was fate, but I didn’t fully understand what it meant for our company. I still don’t completely grasp the implications of meeting such a great man but just meeting him has been a gift in and of itself.

Zalman, thank you for the love and gratitude you showed us. Here’s to you our friend, with love, you will be missed.

–MetArt Staff

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It’s Good To Be The King

So I’m standing in the back of this long, narrow jazz club straining to see though the thick haze. Shadows of a long black coat and black hat cut through the backlights creating a silhouette that looks like it might be an angel descending down from the heavens. But it aint no angel. In fact, two mostly naked, erotic goddesses walk down the narrow club in front of me towards the figure in the black coat, each one holding an arm of Malena Morgan. All three women wear masks, but it’s Malena who Zalman has us focus on.

You think I might be talking about a scene from Vanilla Sky, but it’s not. It’s MetArt Films production of Zalman King’s Kamikaze Love. I stood there trying to be quiet while watching the master of erotica, Zalman King, do his magic. To the left of me stood an extremely sexy young lady wearing a red and back skintight latex outfit, and to the right stood two tall, thin, naked women whose faces were concealed by skimpy black costume ball masks. In front of me stood Malena Morgan looking so hot I could almost see the steam rising from her soft, perfect body.

But it wasn’t steam. It was a fog machine. And hidden in that fog stood four movie cameras, dozens of lights and camera equipment, and a crew of nearly 30 people. It felt like I was standing in an erotic jazz club in New Orleans in a universe that only the privileged could peek into – and for two hours I was one of the chosen few. After about an hour of filming I looked over at the master, Zalman King, who never took his eyes off the monitor as the action unfolded before him like an erotic poem. He was creating that thing that only he can do, that magic that is his erotica. He was so transfixed by the action he actually broke a sweat.

Next stop, the editing room where the real magic happens!

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MetArt, MyErotica & Zalman King

Director Zalman King on-set of Kamikaze LoveMetArt is embarking on an epic project that involves shooting major motion pictures with Zalman King, the Godfather of erotic story telling, for a new website called  

Zalman King’s amazing cinema resume includes being the creator of movies like 9 1/2 Weeks, Wild Orchid, Two Moon Junction and the series Red Shoe Diaries with David Duchovny.  And now MetArt, the number one nude site on the net, and Zalman King, have joined forces to produce and create Erotic movies, the likes of which have never been seen on the internet.

MetArt has started production on it’s first movie with Zalman named Kamikaze Love.  The movie is set in Southern California where a wealthy real estate developer takes a young woman, played by a top MetArt Model, Malena Morgan, from an everyday mundane life and shows her a world of decadence and debauchery that pushes her sexual limits to the brink.

Typical Porno film made by an Erotic company?  Not likely.  This film is driven by a solid storyline.  A narrative that is interlaced with well written characters and plenty of twists that keep you on the edge of your seat – and, of course, lots of truly erotic sex.

MetArt model Malena Morgan on Set of Kamikaze LoveYesterday, I showed up on the Set of Kamikaze Love in Malibu, California and watched the shooting of a few scenes.  One thing I instantly noticed is the difference between a porn shoot and a movie being made by a Hollywood Director with a Hollywood film crew.  Like a well-formed beehive, crew, actors, director and producers buzzed about the set doing their individual jobs when suddenly they all came together as the director called “Action!” and the actors began their lines.  That’s when the magic all came together and the collective work of the team made the scene look utterly amazing.  

I was particularly pleased to see that one of our top models, Malena Morgan, was not just a pretty face.  Her acting ability was as hot as her body, and when she got into her part I couldn’t help but think I was watching a seasoned actor do that thing so few actors can do – make you believe.  Under the masterful eye of Zalman King, the two actors on set became a thing of beauty and art.  They spoke to each other as two cameras scanned them from all sides – from above and below, yet the two actors saw nothing but each other as their commitment to their roles was all consuming.    

It was also exciting to see the extravagant Malibu location Zalman chose for the film.   The home is itself a work of art, spanning three stories and over looking the ocean, rolling hills, and mini farms that dot the seaside landscape.  I took a tour of the house that stopped in the upstairs bedroom.  The room was completely encased in glass and the view of the ocean was breathtaking.  As I stood there looking out I could not help but think of all the Hollywood celebrities that lived in the houses below.  The energy of all that talent was palatable, you can taste in the air.

Keep an eye out for my next post as I go back to the set for new insights and stories of MetArt’s up-and-coming production of Zalman King’s new movie, Kamikaze Love.

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