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“Deriva” with Ganna A — subtle smiles and knowing looks…

Ganna A: Deriva, by Antonio Clemens, subtle, evocative erotic photos

As I viewed the photos in this erotic photo series I was struck by the model’s subtly expressive nature. While the design and art direction of the set is moody and quite dramatic, Ganna A. is nuanced and understated in her performance. She is playful, certainly. And she is sexy and flirtatious. But the way in which she conveys emotions is restrained, elegant and delivered with the lightest possible touch.

Ganna A.’s presentation is so knowing and sophisticated that I was surprised — shocked might not be too strong a description — when I read her bio and learned that she is only 18. I never would have guessed, and I’m quite impressed by the wise and worldly quality she projects.

As I mentioned, the art direction photographer Antonio Clemens employs here is moody and dramatic. The background is a deep, richly textured red. The floor is dark. And the model is sitting on a black leather and chrome Le Corbusier armchair. Ganna’s costume consists of a green diaphanous wrap and a string of brightly colored beads. Her warm, pale skin and glittering eyes really shine against the dark background colors.

The darkness of the set decoration and the lighting design allow for some very interesting effects. In #006, a non-nude, full length standing portrait, Ganna’s skin glows while her dark hair blends back into the shadows. #009 is another, not dissimilar, non-nude image. Shadow also plays a key role in #035, a three-quarter view of her rear, and #038, a three-quarter view of her body from the front. In both shots the lighting brings out the curves and contours of her body beautifully — and it really is quite a beautiful body.

For facial beauty #137 and #138 are hard to beat. In both shots her expression is subtly beguiling, and the lighting and compositions are intriguing and evocative.

Agree or disagree? Either way, feel free to share your impressions in the comments, below.

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