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“Enalages” starring Yani A — compelling cuteness…

Yani A: Enalages, by Alex Iskan, young nude beauty in hot erotic pixI’ve only seen one other MetArt erotic photo set featuring Yani A. I liked it very much. It was beautifully and stylishly photographed, but I was really won over by the model. She is a girl next door, not a glamorous film star type, but she has an absolutely beguiling charm and engaging personality. She’s also extremely uninhibited and gives herself completely to the camera.

Everything I liked about Yani A the first time I saw her is present in “Enalages.” I don’t think this series represents Alex Iskan’s best work, but Yani A is so pleasing to the eye and exhibits such a wonderful personality that I consider the pictorial a success. I particularly like the way Iskan has chosen to begin his photo essay. In the first ten images Yani is in a bathroom. Her hair is wet as if she’s just emerged from the bath. And she stands at a sink and brushes her teeth. This little “slice of life” gives us a look at the model in a natural, un-staged, behind the scenes way that I enjoy — it’s not a side of the model we often get to see, and it really helps round out one’s sense of who she is.

In shot #011 the set “officially” begins. Yani A is on a couch, in a body black body suit, and she’s fully coiffed and styled. The furniture and the décor in the room isn’t particularly pleasing, but it doesn’t really matter. Yani A is so expressive, so playful, and so disarming that she overrides any aesthetic or stylistic weaknesses in the photography. And Yani A is, happily, still as completely uninhibited and naturally sexy as ever. To his credit, Alex Iskan takes full advantage of Yani’s lack of inhibition and the set boasts numerous detailed, explicit close-ups.

Yes, Yani A is a delicious young girl. But as pleasing as her physical attributes are, it’s her spirit, her personality, her compelling cuteness that makes “Enalages” so enjoyable.

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  1. This one where my feelings are not as high as yours. For me this whole set is just not appealing to me. This is mostly on the photographer but also the model. It is my take that Alex really messed up from frame one. Shooting all those shots of her with wet hair set a mood that never really improved from there. To accentuate this he then moves into a cheap looking frumpy grey set with a cheap uncomfortable looking sofa and a hand painted stucco wall with decorations straight out of very cheap night club. For me this entire effort was just 2 or 3 notches below what I expect from MetArt. Even one of the top ten models would have had a hard time turning this effort into any semblance of a quality piece of work.

    I really hate to write this kind of review but feel MetArt is a special place with high standards that this work does not come close to.

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