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“Presenting” Candy A — made in the shades…

Candy A: Presenting, by Matiss, glamorous beauty, sexy outdoor nudes

Have you ever been out driving with a “special” friend when the mood unexpectedly turned amorous? If you and your companion were adventurous types you might have found yourselves looking for an appropriate place to share some alfresco intimacy, a place that offered enough privacy to alleviate inhibitions while still providing the potential thrill of unsuspecting strangers catching a glimpse of your impromptu tryst.

There’s a bit of that flavor in this erotic gallery, Candy A’s premiere appearance at MetArt. While her outfit is cute and sexy, her strappy high heel sandals tell you that this leggy blonde wasn’t planning on a wilderness trek this sunny afternoon. And yet, there she is, posing against a stone wall hidden from the cars that may well be passing on the roadway above. Candy A has a glamorous, film star look that is amplified by the large, dramatic sunglasses she wears in the first few dozen images. Normally I’d object, but she wears them well and it is bright and sunshiny in this rustic hideaway.

There’s a posey/fashiony feel to much of this series, but the style Matiss employs here works well with Candy’s presentation. When I learn from her bio that she’s a budding actress I’m not in the least bit surprised. She has a bright, lively energy and a ready smile, and in a shot like #106 where she smiling broadly and perhaps even laughing out loud it gives a down-to-earth feel to an otherwise elegant and stylishly posed photograph.

Presenting” Candy A may be slightly lacking in explicit, detailed imagery, but the artist has done a fine job of capturing her beauty, personality, and energetic spirit. I can certainly picture Candy A in a highly stylized studio session, and I do hope we’ll have an opportunity to see this new model in more sophisticated surroundings in the near future.

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