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“Presenting” Catherine A. — an exotic set for a sweet pet…

Catherine A: Presenting, by Dolce, flawless body, blue-eyed beauty

This MetArt gallery serves to introduce a brand new Met model, Catherine A. Photographer Dolce has chosen an exotic theme, a set dressed in a Middle Eastern motif, complete with hookah. Although the pipe isn’t lit in any of the photos the model does pose with it early on. Thankfully, this odd prop is put aside relatively early in the set.

Catherine A. is right at that wonderful stage of her development when she can look like a sweet young girl in one shot, and a knowing, mature woman in the next, but her youth and innocence do tend to have the upper hand. There are images in this collection that have just the slightest bit of “let’s play dress-up” to them, but that may be amplified by the set dressings and art direction.

While every inch of her nubile young body is a visual delight, her eyes must be among her most outstanding assets. Indeed, those crystal blue gems are exquisitely lit and make several headshots here truly striking — #013 and #015 are two of my absolute favorites. There is an almost surreal flavor to the first, and the second one really captures her youthful, natural beauty. Oh, and #010, pulls back to include her perfect breasts to make a beautiful headshot even more pleasing.

While the exotic elements of this pictorial seem slightly out of synch with the subject, there is more than enough here to thoroughly enjoy — and to whet one’s appetite for more!

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  1. Catherine A is indeed a true beautiful blonde. Dolce did a great job in this gallery and I don’t think she could be presented in a better way. My favorite pictures are #14 to #18; in which I think she have those looks (as Adam mentioned) going from a serious young lady (#14), to a Lolita-like (girlish) playful girl (#16) to a sexy babe (#17). In those 5 pictures Dolce manage to show many of the figures Catherine can be.
    Another of my favorite pictures is #104 which shows her as a girl just waiting for some action. A lot of Catherine’s character is in her eyes and her lips; by small changes in those body parts she manage to change character from innocent to playful, from girlish to mature and so on.
    I hope to see more of Catherine in future galleries.

  2. We think Catherine is indeed a lovely young woman and she has a very expressive face. In our opinion, this is what makes the shoot.

    Although Dolce showed great imagination in the theme of the shoot, the multitude of tilted shots that made it seem as if Dolce was having a wrestling match while shooting detracted from the shoot. A few tilted shots would have been sufficient.

    Also, fortunately, Dolce directed Catherine to pose in a large variety of positions. That was a nice surprise. It’s much different from the dozen or two shots of each of 3 or 4 poses with 8 or 10 closeup shots of vagina. After all, it IS supposed to be ARTISTIC soft core. If all people wanted was that, there are other sites with more focus on body parts and less on artistic merit.

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