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“Presenting” Charlotte Stokely — the “debut” of an established star…

Charlotte Stokely: Presenting, by Luca Helios, SexArt star at MetArt

While this is the first appearance at MetArt by Charlotte Stokely, she’s no stranger to the MetArt Network. She’s been a headline attraction at SexArt essentially from that site’s inception, and I reviewed one of her solo motion picture productions some four months ago for the SexArt blog — you’ll find my comments here.

For her MetArt debut Ms. Stokely has been teamed with prolific MetArt lensman Luca Helios. It’s a bright, sunny day, the vegetation suggests a Mediterranean location, and a swimming pool and fountain — complete with incontinent cherub statue — occupies the background. The model, in the foreground, is dressed for the balmy weather, and her costume consists of a short, stylish dress in a flattering shade of red and a pair of very high heeled platform sandals — a sexy and pleasingly minimal outfit.

Charlotte’s make-up is also pleasingly minimal, and very much in the MetArt style. In the SexArt movie I reviewed her eyes, in particular, reflected time spent in the stylist’s chair. Here her styling is much more natural — seldom a bad thing for a naturally beautiful girl. #014, an informal headshot, is one alluring example of this natural presentation.

With a total of 75 images, the gallery itself is somewhat brief, or perhaps compact is a better word. But, in terms of both poses and compositions,  the model and photographer do provide a variety of shots in the collection. It’s difficult to resist the flirty pose and big smile in #005; her petite, stiff-nippled, bosom, shapely posterior, and long blonde hair (along with an intriguing facial expression) add obvious interest to #034; and explicit shots are plentiful — #044 and #058 are two favorites, the first captured from behind, the second a fetching full-frontal view.

If you only know Charlotte Stokely from her work at SexArt, “Presenting” gives you an opportunity to discover different aspects of her beauty and personality. And if this is your introduction to the model I can predict with some confidence that you’ll find her a welcome addition to the MetArt model roster.

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  1. It is refreshing to see an American girl featured here and Charlotte is not a bad choice at all. I have not seen her of the other site so for me it is a first. She is tall slender and very nicely put together. I like the natural look. It is particularly intriguing to find girls who do not need makeup to look good. It gives her a girl next door look which I like. Those shoes are down right scary but she seems quite comfortable in them. To me they are the one thing in this set that is just too brash. I really hate what they are doing to women’s footwear these days. It seems that the designers are in a race to see just how far they can go before women finally revolt! I do very much like what they do to her legs and butt though — in shots like #8 and #35, very classic glamor shots, the effect is really hot! The facial close ups of her unenhanced face and freckles are very pleasing though she could us just a touch of lip moisture for those lips. The other close ups reveal a second set of lips that need no enhancing at all. Although short this was a pretty good intro.

    My one negative is that Luca Helios has an irritating tendency to show several shots of his model in open exposed positions and focuses on the face in every shot leaving her intimates blurred in every single shot, and while we are at it what was the purpose of shot #66 where nothing but the arm of the chair and her foot are in focus?

  2. One thing I left out is that she has a delightful smile that really lights up her face and reveals large sparkling white teeth. Though short (some models take more than 4 pages to just get naked) this series showed all and made me want more.

  3. P.S. It’s a shame they don’t offer a free trial of sex art for us established customers. I would love to see if it offers what it hints at.

    • Well, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So you’ve floated an idea and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the powers that be read this blog and the comments, so you’ve got that going for you. Who knows what promotional opportunities lurk in the minds of MetArt? Not me, that’s for sure!

  4. Agree with another comment that is is good to see an American girl posing. This one is a true delight to behold.

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