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“Presenting” Kamilah A — lovely, lively, likeable…

Kamilah A: Presenting, by Arkisi, 19-year-old new nude modelPersonality is important. It can make an ordinary girl irresistible, and it can transform a true beauty into a star. But capturing personality with a camera isn’t easy. It takes technical skill on the photographer’s part, certainly, but it also requires sensitivity. A gifted artist has the unique skills required to put a model at ease and then create an environment in which she feels free to express herself fully.

19-year-old Kamilah A has personality, and plenty of it. And in “Presenting,” her first nude photo gallery for MetArt, that lively, energetic, and vixenish personality is on full display. It doesn’t matter if she is totally nude and boldly displaying herself in explicit poses, or if she’s demurely positioned in more modest images, Kamilah A projects an abundant and extremely engaging personality. And when a girl this physically appealing has such an attractive personality it’s impossible not to love her.

Models can be difficult. They can be moody, temperamental, irritable and even combative. But in these beautiful photographs by the artist Arkisi this model is at ease, engaged, animated, and projects pure enjoyment. I could be wrong, but I can’t help but feel that Arkisi and Kamilah A enjoyed every minute of this photo session — and that sense of fun and positive energy is present in nearly every frame of the series.

The set design and minimal costuming are thoughtful and stylish, the lighting unobtrusive, the photographer takes care to include a wide variety of compositions, and the model is free to display different aspects of her personality as well as a range of poses and moods. “Presenting” Kamilah A is both an extremely impressive new model debut, and a polished demonstration of the erotic photographer’s art. A girl this pretty, with a personality this pleasing, is a most welcome addition to MetArt, and I look forward to seeing much more of her in the future.

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  1. A fresh new beauty for the MetArt collection presented beautifully by Arkisi. It is always nice to view new girls for the first time but it a a special treat to find such a lovely young jewel who is so fresh and unaffected by her nudity or the camera. The camera loves this cutie and she seems to feel the same. Either she is just a natural or Arkisi has worked some magic to produce one of the most lovely, serene and natural debuts I have seen. She seems quite at ease and confident and displays an inner beauty that makes her irresistible. Those oh so deep dark eyes are entrancing and her face so lovely and personable that it would be hard to fathom a person not finding joy in her company. They say a beautiful woman is gods gift to man but I think Kamilah A is a gift of joy to all the world.

    A huge thank you is deserved by Arkisi for finding this gem and presenting her in all her natural charm. A really nice balance of artful portraits combined with lovely closeups all perfectly lighted and nicely focused. This is what a presentation should be. All the attention to the model with no tricks our attempts at creating art that would only distract from this lovely flower.

    Arkisi, Please tell Kamilah A that she is a joy to behold and we are so lucky that she allows us to see her beauty in full.

    Thank you for another true ray of sunshine in our sometimes dreary world.

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