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“Presenting” Malena Morgan — a star on the rise…

Malena Morgan: Presenting, meet the star of MetArt's Kamikaze Love

When I learned that MetArt was producing a feature length erotic movie — directed by an unrivaled master of that genre, Zalman King, no less! — I was more than intrigued. This is a truly enticing prospect, and, like so many of who left a comment or otherwise conveyed your support and enthusiasm, I eagerly await the premiere of Kamikaze Love. But, while I am quite familiar with Zalman King’s oeuvre, I had yet to experience the film’s star…until today.

This is Malena Morgan‘s first MetArt photo gallery, and, based on her beauty, confidence, and erotic allure, I hope there are many more to follow. And viewing her here only makes the prospect of seeing Malena in a full-blown Hollywood feature film written and directed by one of the legends of erotic cinema all the more enticing.

Jason Self‘s art direction and pacing are both nicely handled. Malena Morgan’s costume is extremely sexy, and perfectly suited to an erotic star on the rise, and she takes it off with tantalizing expertise. And each teased-out bit of body is worth waiting for. Malena’s physique strikes a pleasing balance between slim and curvaceous, and the details are lovingly captured in an ample number of explicit close-ups. A shot like #070, with its shallow depth of field, the pose, the composition, the texture of the model’s skin, and a little burst of color is a standout among these.

Although she’s not looking directly at the camera in #023, I love the smile on her face as she toys with her costume and breasts. And #086 and #091, two variations on a breasts-up headshot, help convey not just Malena’s beauty, but her emotional range, as well.

An impressive MetArt debut for Malena Morgan, and an abundance of compelling reasons to eagerly anticipate the release of Kamikaze Love.

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  1. One of the few girls that can pull off that sultry sex goddess look without looking either angry, pouty, or just plain silly. So many of the girls try unsuccessfully and it really doesn’t work at all but with Malena it some how seems natural. This is one hot lady with a great body to match. It would be nice though if she let the smile through a little.

    • Yes! I couldn’t agree more, and on every point you make — the few shots in which a smile sneaks through open the door to a whole new realm of potential for this model. I look forward to seeing more of that side of her — along with more of the other sides we’ve already seen!

  2. I could never grow tired of staring at her face…or any inch of her! She is incredibly gorgeous. Hands down, MALENA MORGAN is the sexiest woman in erotica. For my money she is even more beautiful than any mainstream Hollywood star or fashion supermodel.

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