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“Presenting” Milana K — face and figure with a future…

Milana K: Presenting, by Leonardo, 18-year-old in nude erotic photos

For Milana K’s debut MetArt erotic photo gallery the photographer, Leonardo, has chosen a simple outdoor location and incorporated the bare minimum of extras. When the set opens the model is dressed only in a white, long-sleeved T-shirt, she’s posing on green and pink blankets spread out on a lush green lawn, and in a few shots she appears with a sweater. No props, no flashy jewelry, nothing distracting or overly elaborate in the lighting or technical approach to “Presenting.” What makes this basic treatment successful? In a word: beauty.

Milana K is an exceptionally beautiful girl. And she shows great potential as a model, particularly for one so young — she was only 18 at the time “Presenting” was photographed. Blessed with beguiling blue eyes, a ready smile, gleaming teeth, and an appealing and expressive face, Milana K radiates fresh, natural beauty. She’s also got, even in this no-frills natural setting, a generous helping of glamour — in a headshot like #080, with her long light brown hair falling across the left side of her face she exhibits the sweetness of the girl next door combined with the genuine superstar glitz. Am I the only one who sees a hint of a world famous actress in that face?

Milana K also has also been blessed with a beautiful body — perfect petite breasts capped by fabric-stretching nipples, and an hourglass shape that are flattered by her flowing, waist-length hair. True to form the artist, once snarkily dubbed “Long Shot” Leonardo by a clever and candid blog commenter, doesn’t get too close to Milana’s most intimate attractions, but she’s generous with her poses so the potential for more explicit views in the future seems a reasonable expectation should she sit for a more explicitly inclined photographer.

If you can resist the blue eyes and bright smile on display in #003 and so many other shots in “Presenting” you have my most sincere condolences. This relatively simple pictorial does a fine job of introducing a new model to MetArt and offers ample proof that Milana K has a face and figure with a future.

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  1. Hi Adam, I just realized you may think too much like me for your own good. You picked up on her gorgeous blue eyes, like I did. Your acknowledgement of “Long Shot’s” shortcomings was appropriate. What he did give us bodes well for the future. Let Ry shoot her if we want gyno. I went back and read all the comments on this set. Most I agree with and you summarized it/them well. My only criticism is the repetition of many of the same poses, with only her head having moved, or her hands in a slightly different. position. The set would actually present her better with about half of the photos shown. Now lets see if she shoots to the top ten. Which brings me to my next point. I know you will have read my “crusade” post about the Top Ten and a Hall of Fame which you responded to me when I first raised it. Today on Barbara I added a couple of other “non directly related” to that set questions. PLEASE tell me where I can send/post about such matters without having to put them where I did. Contrary to what one poster said about getting the “staff” to listen, I know you pay attention. Such as your last response about your Nikki blog post last week. I obviously need help in airing my “concerns” to the membership. Help me, if you can…

    • Not sure I can help, but I’ll try! First, let me say I think too much like *me* for my own good — my curse. And, FYI, I don’t read member comments on individual MetArt photo sets…not because they’re not of interest, but because of how my work flow works…I’m generally not browsing through galleries — I get a set assigned to me and I write a post about it. Oh, yeah, Milana K. She’s young, she’s new…I saw the flaws in her posing but chose to ignore…she’s young, she’s new! With luck and experience she’ll improve, but she’s starting with great raw materials.

      Now, about general comments, off-topic, not-set-specific, etc. You can always send a comment to MetArt support. A human being will read it. You will get a response. As for a forum to discuss these topics. Hmmmm. Maybe a bulletin board arrangement? With threads devoted to popular models? Or photographers? Or general erotic photo subjects? Someone (hipshot?) may have suggested/mentioned something like this in the past. Not sure how it would work (or who would moderate it — moderation would be needed). But maybe something like that, rather than unmoderated comments? What about a single topic bulletin board — a moderated page on MetArt where any and all comments were accepted? Sort of a “suggestion box” page? Would that be of use? I’m just thinking out loud. Let me know if anything here is of use.

      Thanks for caring and participating, and keep your thoughts and comments coming. Cheers!

  2. Closeups? Leonardo? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m not even sure he has a macro lens. This shoot is classic Leonardo. Not one single intimate closeup in the entire set. I don’t know what he is shooting but my Canon G10 Could duplicate that set without a problem.

    As for Milana K she has real promise. A beautiful expressive face with haunting blue eyes a wonderful smile and gorgeous hair not to mention a perfect body. In the hands of Rylsky, Catherine, or Arkisi this woman would be very popular I am sure.

    I don’t know about an actress but there is a resemblance to Mia D, Another Ukrainian beauty. I hope this model does well here.

  3. Adam I thought I replied when this first went up. I can’t believe no one has replied. hipshot 31 seldom misses on a “new girl”. Since I know these replies are monitored it makes me worry about if you have been off or sick , Post something…

    • No sicker than usual ;) , but thanks for your concern. Comment traffic on this blog is slow but steady. I wish more readers would participate, but whatareyagonnado? Oh, and as you’ve noticed, I sometimes get a little behind in my (comment moderating) work. This is a character flaw. I’m working on it!

  4. Glad you’re ok, Adam. Next time one of the former top ten that I think deserves Hall of Fame status is posted I will post my ideas and then send them to the staff through your “support” suggestion. Hope they come across your desk. They will probably create a firestorm, but hopefully some of the other top commentators like hipshot will jump in and either convince me I am wrong or help get a movement started. Good luck on staying current and the info that what you post about here is assigned rather than your picks is interesting. I can picture you siyting there on some of them going, “There has to be something nice I can say about this one…” Keep it up.

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