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“Presenting” Semmi A — a cat and a hat (and a suitcase)…

Semmi A: Presenting, by Goncharov, new girl's first MetArt gallery

Prolific MetArt contributor Goncharov appears to have employed the “grab bag” technique while conceiving this pictorial. The costuming and, in particular, the props have a jumbled, disconnected quality.

This creates something of a challenge for first-time MetArt model Semmi A. However, she does her best to make sense of things, and exhibits an undeniable warmth along with an undeniably attractive physique.

In much of the series Semmi A. is wearing a horizontally striped black and white dress. In shots #022 and #023 she’s holding an odd-looking pussycat. Where the animal came from, or where it vanishes too is not made clear. But when she pulls down the neck of the dress to reveal her breasts in #033, there is no mystery at all, and effect is splendid.

The central prop in this series is an old suitcase. In much of the set Semmi is seated on it, and in several she reclines across it. It doesn’t look all that comfortable, but, as the pictorial opens it makes the slightest bit of sense. In those shots, Semmi is fully dressed (although barefoot) and wearing a large off-white hat. Could she be waiting for an imaginary bus in the elaborately lighted studio? Another mystery.

At some point the dress disappears and is replaced by a zip-front bustier. I don’t find the garment, particularly its color, terribly flattering. And its appearance is unexplained, because Semmi clearly wasn’t wearing it under her dress. Perhaps she pulled it out of the suitcase when she put away her cat.

My favorites here are those shots where the clothes are off and the props are minimized or off-camera. #074, shot from behind wearing only the bustier, is nice, as is the totally nude profile, #075. The suitcase performs platform duty in #093, which, despite being a touch “posey” is still a pretty image of this curvy MetArt debutante.

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  1. I don’t mind where the cat cam from or went. Cute animals playing and cuddling with nude hotties like Semmi A is always a good thing.

    For example the super adorable puppy hopping around and playing with Eva I’s skirt and dangling necklace in PLACIDUS. Only thing was the poor thing is so small I was afraid it would get lost or stepped on LOL.

    • I agree, although that cat kind of fooled me — at first I thought it was a plush toy. And, yes, that puppy in “Placidus” added a huge dose of cuteness and interest to the video. And he seems to have survived, so all’s well! Here’s hoping our legal team doesn’t make us add a disclaimer: “No animals were harmed during the production of this MetArt pictorial or HD erotic movie.” :-)

  2. anyway, my best guess is the grey cat was a compliment for her eyes or dress color. It’s the 2 things I matched up right away.

  3. She’s a top model IMO, I hope to see more of her.

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