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“Tangere” starring Mia Sollis — simply redhead…

Mia Sollis: Tangere, by Luca Helios, fetching freckled redhead revealed

Make no mistake, MetArt model Mia Sollis is a redhead. And that rich, ruddy hair color is the natural kind, not some concoction formulated in a laboratory. Additionally, the red on her head is complemented by a pale complexion liberally sprinkled with fetching freckles. I’ve always had a certain weakness for redheads, and Mia’s redheadedness is so strong that I believe she would be identifiable as a natural redhead even in black and white images.

Thankfully — and thanks to photographer Luca Helios — the MetArt erotic photo series titled “Tangere” is in vivid, vibrant color, so the full glory of this resplendent redhead is on display and fully revealed.

The set Helios has chosen is an interesting one. It consists of a circular bed, topped by a white sheet, and accented by three coral red pillows. The real drama here, and it is considerable, is the wall behind the bed — it’s papered or painted with outsized, photorealistic images of pink flowers in full bloom. Between the model and the background, I initially felt there was too much red in the frame and that it distorted the color spectrum of the images, but I got used to it.

And once I was used to the profusion of shades of red these photos contain I could appreciate both the model and the quality of the photography. Mia Sollis has a beautiful body, and those soft, inviting curves are combined with a lithe, toned fitness that is well captured in #006, in bra and panties, and in #029, a similar pose, only this time totally nude.

But as beautiful (and explicitly revealed) as that body is in “Tangere,” some of my favorite shots here are headshots. Her right breast makes a cameo in #072 and #073, two distinctly different views of that pretty face. And freckles are featured in another pleasing image, #033, this time in a thoughtful mood. Mia’s eyes are the stars of #111, and the slightest smile gives #119 that extra bit of pleasing sweetness. If you like redheads, “Tangere” is a tasty treat.

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  1. Mia is indeed a treat for your eyes and your imagination. I think it would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t like Mia. She is a true classic green eyed freckle faced beauty in every sense. But then I too have always had a weakness for redheads, after all I married one. Mia is a rare find in redheads though. One so slender, firm and flawlessly natural is tough to find. For me photo #006 really shows this classic natural beauty. For facial closeups #33, is wistful and spellbinding, in #119 the sparkle in those beautiful green eyes sez volumes and #120 is a fitting closer. #43 a graphic close up shows that here too Mia lacks nothing and there are several more wonderful closeups of that beautiful landscape to fire your fantasies. The wonderful thing Mia is that while beautiful to the extreme she still has a girl next door look that even manages a believable innocence when she wants too.

    The choice of colors and subject for the background is magic. The colors and the pink glow they produce complements Mia’s natural colors as if she were one of the beautiful flowers herself and who am I to argue, Mia is a beautiful flower created by nature to please our senses and a wonderful creation like that is made to be admired.

  2. I love freckle-faced girls.

  3. A pleasant day sir Adam, i would like to ask if can visual artists can use some photos as a reference in painting just like this photo? thank you.

    • And a good day to you, sir. As long as it is for your private use, I would imagine you’re free to use MetArt images as inspiration for your own artwork. But any commercial use — selling or reselling a MetArt photograph would be an obvious violation of copyright. As it happens, I’ve featured the work of two artists who use MetArt as their inspiration on the blog in the past. You’ll find those posts here and here. And I hope you’ll share your MetArt-inspired masterpieces with us when they’re complete. Best regards…

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