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“Tory” introducing Tory D — red is the color…

Tory D: Tory, by Leonardo, gorgeous, glamorous, new MetArt modelThis gallery is a dramatic and, in many ways, impressive debut of an appealing new MetArt model. With her flowing auburn hair, pale and creamy skin, and dark, ever-erect nipples, Tory D.’s look is somewhat out of the ordinary — a very pleasing change of pace. Although it’s certainly amplified by the styling and art direction of the set, she also has a particularly glamorous look and a face with a real “screen star” quality.

Photographer Leonardo has chosen a stylish and stylized treatment for the series. Apart from the furry throw she’s posing on, a couple of pillows, and a chair that appears towards the end of the set, everything is one or another shade of red. Tory’s marabou-trimmed, kitten-heeled mules, her silk shorty kimono, even the stones in her necklace are red. The backdrop is a dark shade of reddish pink, and, in a dramatic flourish, an arched window frame casts it’s angled shadow on the wall.

The lighting is somewhat inconsistent here, and the shadows create complications the artist doesn’t entirely come to grips with. There are more than a few shots that are severely compromised by the exposure/shadow problem (#069 and #075 are just two examples).

But, when the art direction works, it works very well indeed. From the first, Tory D. is an eager and self-assured performer. She is aware of her own beauty (a fact she admits to in her bio), and she has a real knack for posing, be it in a natural style or something far more stylized. Her look and attitude, combined with the visual style of the set, result in some truly exceptional pin-ups. Of these, #058, #062, and #065 are my personal choices. In #011 Tory D. displays her natural, sexy, attitude (as well as her splendid breasts). And #085 is another fine introduction to this pretty and promising new arrival.

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