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“Sultavia” starring Sarah C — in a busy bedroom…

Sarah C: Sultavia, by Rylsky succulent, nubile, tiny-top blonde

When I describe this set, shot in a bedroom, as “busy” I’m not, sadly, referring to an abundance of amorous activity. And that’s a shame, because who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get busy with Sarah C?

It is possible that Rylsky has tried to compensate for the model’s somewhat narrow emotional range by cluttering his set with distracting visual elements. Consider image #002. The horizontal and numerous vertical bars of the bed frame chop up the foreground. The model, wearing lingerie with black stripes that run at a variety of angles, is in the middle. And behind her the bed frame adds still more confusion against a white wall hanging with bold, irregular black stripes and a black curtain patterned with white and grey squiggles. Sarah C. looks good, yes, but she is overwhelmed by the visual equivalent of noise.

When she is stripped down and posed in such a way to minimize the background distractions Sarah C. is a nubile confection. As mentioned, she is not the most theatrical or expressive model in the MetArt galleries, but her facial and physical charms are absolutely mouthwatering.

Although perfection is always the goal, not every set can achieve it, and I readily acknowledge and accept this for fact. What is frustrating, in this instance, is that, with a few minor adjustments this good pictorial could have been so much better.

Have I let the distractions here distract me? Did I wake up on the wrong side of this particular bed? Am I missing the boat or off my rocker? Please feel free to correct, chastise, or enlighten me in the comments section, below.

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  1. Dear Adam :)
    been a while the B.O.J was sick plus a mistake anyhow i am back with my quirky comments and nice ones as since this is my 1st comment being back.I prefer the old wooden bed to steel ( too cold ) and if my S.O came home from work finding me in that position like Sarah C is in he would have a heart attack mind you its still winter here so it would not be a bad idea ;) with that lingerie what red blooded man would not must admit Sarah C sure knows how to show off her assets in her series.
    Cheers from Australia
    rags25 & the B.O.J :)

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