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“Carriera” starring Mary C — movement is an improvement…

Mary C: Carriera, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

The MetArt HD erotic movie titled “Carriera” was lensed at the same time as a still photo set called “Volico.” Enough time has passed since I critiqued the pictorial that I’d forgotten my reaction to it. So I was able to watch the movie with “fresh” eyes.

And I must say I found it enjoyable. It is short, just over six minutes, but that seems to be about the perfect length for this very simple production. Mary C is quite beautiful, and her slim, curvy body is displayed from nearly every possible angle as the film progresses.

Mary C is nearly or totally nude for the entire production, and she is not in the least inhibited. She does, however, seem ever so slightly nervous or ill at ease. I have two thoughts about that. One, it can’t be easy staying in constant motion while playing to the camera for even this brief span of time, so I’m inclined to give her a pass on this point. Also, if she is unsure or uncertain, she attempts to mask it by smiling. And the smile can appear stiff or forced after a while. However, it is such a beautiful smile, I will give her a pass for that, as well! This type of beauty is a delight to view, and it makes it easy to excuse what faults I might find with the performance.

Now, after rereading my review of “Volico,” I’m reminded that I found similar faults in the pictorial. For some reason those faults appeared more glaring in the photo series when compared to the movie. Working with the same photographer/director, Leonardo, on the same set and almost certainly on the same day, the two creations are still different.

I tend to think that, even if Mary C is a somewhat tentative performer, and even if she does have a somewhat limited expressive range, the video format is more forgiving. She’s beautiful in pictures and she’s beautiful in motion pictures, but more of her personality comes across in the latter format.

I wonder how those among Mary C’s admirers who have viewed both “Volico” and “Carriera” feel? With luck, some of them will offer their thoughts in the comments, below.

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  1. I found this video to be a bit of a let down. The subject is indeed delightful but is almost painfully evident that she was not at all comfortable in this environment. The way she kept trying to strike a pose rather than move fluidly shows that she didn’t know how to react in front of a video camera. I place a good portion of the blame on Leonardo for this. He should have given his model something to interact with or a part to play to distract her from the camera. Although is is obvious that they weren’t doing stills at the time it would have been better so she at least had something to do with herself. Mary is lovely and her photo galleries are very nice but this media did not do her justice.

    If you want to see what a bit of good direction could have done for this video simply look at the next video “Pareo” by Rylsky with Alysha A. The difference is night and day.

  2. Dear Adam :) I have never criticised any of your reviews in the past but i have to concur with hipshot13 and youself. Mary did look very uncomfortable while filming this movie to me it seemed Mary looked very nervous which i find very curious as there are more people staring at your naked body while doing a photoshoot opposed to having a one on one video shoot. I think personally Mary should do her next video with video/photoshoot with a female photographer but then again there is always a few ladies around during them. A bad experience in the past could do it she is a lovely model too.

    As for Alysha A’s latest video “Pareo” by Rylsky i just finished watching it and as hipshot13 stated it is worth a look at. Personally i would check out Melisa A’s movie “Around” it has a lot of artistic flare shooting wise and sensuality as its both her video and photoshoot for her series “1st At 150MPS its worth checking out Adam but your the ex-editor come “Blogger” so you know what’s best to post for us to comment on.
    Well I had better go Its past midnight here and this 6ft blonde is turning into a pumpkin just a bit of humour Adam I need it I have a 3000 Kilometre round trip (don’t know in Miles) in 8 hours My Little Sister & the BOJ’s 1st Auntie passed away early 3:00Am our time while posting my comment in your movie revue with Eva E. So its another funeral for me again kind of testing on the nerves so here i am commenting on your reviews and watching Met-Art Movies soothes the soul Adam.
    Kindness Regards As Usual.

    • Disagree all you want, I don’t mind! Having a dialog and sharing different points of view is part of the MetArt blog experience. I only wish more readers/members would add their voices to the conversation.

      Sorry to hear of your loss, you’ve had a tough year, but glad that MetArt provides some small comfort.

      I’m going to have a look at “Pareo” shortly and I’ll have a post up about it on Friday. Fondest regards, Adam

  3. Rags25, So sorry to hear about your loss, To lose a younger sister is a great shock as well as somber reminder of our vulnerability. To face a long haul in those circumstances is an added burden.

  4. Dear Adam :) Not a problem with exchanging thoughts i kind of like getting your feedback too you know and yes its been a very testing past few months and you would really be surprised what watching MetArt movies can do for the soul it gives one a different insight into both the models lives in some of them and what they have to endure to get their scripts for their movies correct. Thank You For Your Thoughts Too And HEY Hipshot13 Thank You Too for your kind words :) It’s nice to hear it from another member too. The long haul was no problem It’s putting up with the other two younger sisters they don’t get the grasp of things like this and as you would know as a Canadian you also have 18 wheelers and longer in some parts of your country. My old W900 series Kenworth can do 130KPH with three trailers on so without them attached it was only 21 hour trip you just have to keep the rubber side down and yes hipshot you’re correct with your words too. It is a somber reminder of our vulnerability, so from the bottom of my heart i want to THANK YOU for your short sweet words. And you take care too, ok life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. I like you choice of movies, too. Alysha A’s movie was great. your analysis between night and day was spot on.
    My Kindest Regards To Both Of You :)

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