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“China” starring Zhang A. — hello pretty…

Zhang A: China, by Fan Xue Hui, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Ah, the inscrutable mysteries of the East! Westerners have long been fascinated by the allure of Asian women. The cultural differences are myriad and manifold, the language barrier is considerable, and there is also that wall to contend with. But thanks to the thoughtful and creative effort of photographer/director Fan Xue Hui, we can visit “China” and enjoy a bit of quality time with a charming Chinese maiden.

This production has a distinctly different style from other MetArt movies I’ve reviewed. It opens with a shot of a living room, the back of a female’s head is visible as she watches TV. An older man sits down to eat lunch at a table. It is hard to see where we are headed. Then we find Zhang A., in a sunlit bedroom, reading a magazine. She takes off her top and massages her firm breasts and then takes off her pants. The camera lingers on her beautiful butt.

At the 3:28 mark the screen goes black. A match is struck, a fire lit. Zhang A. lounges, totally nude, on a flight of stairs. She is quite beautiful, and very calm and reserved. The camera frames her face in a tight headshot. We next see Zhang, dressed for winter weather, as she leaves the house. She runs, happily, on the glittery, icy snow.

Make no mistake, this is a curious bit of filmmaking, but it reflects genuine effort and artistry, and the model is, without question, a delicacy to be savored.

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  1. When I saw the man, I was thinking that guy was her husband, and the older one her Grandpa.

    Kind of made me feel wierd watching her afterwards LOL.

  2. I agree with this review, although I would like to see more of the model and a little bit less ‘artistry’. She is a truly lovely girl and I hope that we see many more series of her.

  3. It’s really good to see both Zhang A, and Fan Xue Hui back after almost four years of absence. I was wondering if we would see anymore of the incredible beauty from either of them, I’m glad they’re back and I hope they have a lot more to share. I’m pretty sure this movie is a first in two regards: the first movie Fan Xue Hui has shared on Met Art, and the first movie Met Art has shared with us of an Asian girl. The art work is done with class and reverence as I’ve come to expect from Hui, bringing out the culture of China from his (her?) perspective. I do wish there was more to see of Zhang A, not so much that what was presented was more about her, but rather that it was longer and slowly progressed to being more about her. Considering the artistic talent the movie showed, when it ended, I felt like Hui ended it mid-sentence, leaving the impression that there was much more to come, so much more to say. Thank you for returning Fan Xue Hui, and Zhang A.

  4. lovely chinese girl

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