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“Elle’s First Movie” starring Elle B — an enjoyable item from the archives…

Elle B: First Movie, by Volkov, MetArt HD erotic movie

Rather than review the most recently released MetArt HD erotic movie, this week I decided to pick a film, more or less at random, from among the many titles in the MetArt archives. I might have picked a movie featuring a model who is still active on the site, but I deliberately looked for a model who I hadn’t seen before. As a bonus, the director of the film I picked is one I have little experience with. So I get to discover a “new” model and a (more or less) “new” artist.

The movie contains a few pleasant surprises. The first one comes before I’ve even started watching it when I realize that it’s over 18 minutes in length. Compared to the typical MetArt short film, that’s almost an epic! The next surprise comes in the form of Elle B — the moment she appears on screen I know I’ve made an excellent choice.

Much has changed, stylistically and technologically, since “Elle’s First Movie” was released back in early 2007, and I honestly haven’t seen any other MetArt movies that are directly comparable. It is, in its way, a behind-the-scenes movie, in that Volkov essentially films Elle as she moves through a variety of poses. But they are alone in the room, the director is manning the camcorder and there are no still photos being taken simultaneously. However, it does appear that the movie was shot in the same room, most likely on the same day, as Elle’s very first MetArt still gallery.

The film begins with director and actress exchanging a few brief pleasantries. A mere 26 seconds after it begins, Volkov politely asks: “Could you please take off your clothes?” Elle cheerfully complies and she’s totally nude before a minute has elapsed. She then puts on a two-piece outfit and proceeds to pose in it and then out of it for the remainder of the production. This is a lively, cute, sexy, and talented model and she does an excellent job of showing off her body as well as giving us some idea of her appealing personality.

Elle’s First Movie” has served to introduce me to a beautiful new model and I will be exploring the 29 remaining galleries and films in her portfolio in the immediate future. And it’s also reminded me that, while it’s easy to get distracted by the newest and the latest additions to the site, the MetArt archives are filled with vast quantities of amazing erotic art just waiting to be enjoyed.

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  1. Elle is a long time favorite. She is so cute and bubbly and has such a fantastic body. So petite and firm and so unaffected by being nude before the camera. How could you not like a sweetheart like her? I think she is the one who introduced me to MetArt. She has an innocence and sweetness that just turns me on. To me everything about her says this is someone who could be so much fun to be with.

  2. Elle is such a lovely little thing. Thanks for finding her for me again. It’s been awhile and I haven’t thought about her in a long time. Sad that she left. All of her sets and vids were awesome and well worth reviewing especially if you have not seen them. I just wish we could see her now. She seemed to be getting cuter as she aged. I hope life is treating her well.

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