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“Intensita” starring Angel A — hot, wet, and wonderfully wild…

Angel A: Intensita, by Erro, MetArt HD erotic movie review

In the past I’ve asked commenters to recommend their favorite MetArt erotic videos. Today I revisited the list of suggestions. At random I chose “Intensita,” a suggestion from a reader who uses the moniker “Nonsense.” That must be an inside joke, because after viewing the movie, Nonsense’s observations made perfect sense. He wrote: “A classic shower video with a lot of energy…Angel plays direct to the viewer.” And he is absolutely right on all counts.

This is my first experience with Angel A. She is a dark haired stunner with a curvy body and a beautiful, ample bosom. From the first frame she has my full attention. As it happens, this is my first opportunity to comment on a creation from legendary erotic artist Erro, and I’m more than eager to see what this team have concocted.

Angel A. is nude, wet, and in a shower when the movie begins. The music is propulsive. The editing is quick, with a distinct rhythm. The camera is in constant motion. And, as Nonsense promised, Angel plays directly to the camera. And that isn’t the only playing she does, not by a long shot! With a chrome, hand-held shower nozzle, Angel A. has a devilish and delightful good time. She aims the stream into her open mouth, she plays the water across her amazing body, she teases her intimate areas with the tingling spray.

This is not simply a record of a naked girl taking a shower! This is a teasing, tempting, mouthwatering, pulse-quickening erotic adventure. Whether standing upright, practically dancing with delight, or spread out on the floor and directing the warm flowing waters wherever they will have the most powerful visual impact — and one can only assume by the looks on Angel’s gorgeous face, tactile impact, as well — the images and action here are engaging, engrossing, eye-popping and completely entertaining. Thanks to Angel A. and Erro’s masterful filmmaking skill, “Intensita” is hot, wet, and wonderfully wild.

I’ve mused, mulled, expounded, theorized, and even joked about the sometimes cryptic and occasionally opaque MetArt naming convention. But, in the case of “Intensita,” there is no decoder ring required, no insider information needed, no translation app necessary. “Intensita” is intense, and very, very highly recommended. (And thanks, Nonsense, for the recommendation!)

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  1. Happy New Year, Adam. Glad you liked the vid too. Luckily for us admirers, there’s a related gallery that was filmed separately: “Presenting Angel”. It’s something to linger over, but as you will see, it has a totally different feel. Angel’s sexy personality shines through but her raw energy is best served by this, her only solo video. Congratulations and thanks to Erro and Angel for setting a high bar with this one.

  2. I have to admit, Adam, from the one minute mark till the end Angel surely performed well in front of the camera that water dripping off her spread legs, swollen labia lips, right to the end with the water dripping of her breasts — a truly well done movie by Erro a true master of photography as well as movies. I had to have a cold shower myself as well after watching this very sexy, erotic, provocative, explicit movie.
    Regards rags

  3. Dear Adam :)
    1st our sincere apologies if the S.O. was’nt his normal polite way we’re trying to get our heads around this new format with the blog & comments we already have our favourite movies ie “Win Win” with Peaches A and “Platina” with Dido A ,Alysha A presenting Alysha but you have already made revues on them.I don’t know if you have done Karolina A’s movie “Academy” now thats on par with Angel A’s ;) “Intensita” as a female member i enjoyed it too.We might be abit quirky in a funny way but get to the point with comment yours and Jon’s postings but never been rude ok.
    Cheers From OZ

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