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“Zilian” starring Jenya D — another wonderful wet one…

Jenya D: Zilian, by Voronin, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Last week, on the recommendation of a MetArt member, I reviewed a MetArt HD movie from the archives. I was so impressed by the video and pleased with the experiment, I’ve decided to try it again this week.

Based on the suggestion of MetArt member Paul B., I just watched “Zilian,” starring Jenya D. My comments follow.

First let me offer a confession and apology. This is only the second time I’ve written about magnificent MetArt model Jenya D (here’s the first). I knew of her, even before I signed on here at MetArt. And with 100 galleries and 8 movies in her MetArt portfolio, one would assume she’d be more frequently featured on this blog. Let this be the first step, hopefully of many, to remedy this shameful lapse!

I did have a bit of difficulty watching “Zilian.” But not because of any faults or flaws — far from it! There are so many stunning images, so many entrancing bits of action, and so many memorable moments that I found my self repeatedly pausing, making notes, rewinding, and re-watching Voronin‘s energetically arty offering.

With the swooping, tilting camera, the strong soundtrack, and a variety of creative special effects, “Zilian” has a high fashion flavor with a classic rock video feel. Of course, Jenya D. is the most special effect of them all, and she is pure female magic here. Check out how she starts, smiles, then laughs when a female photo assistant hits her with the feathery spray from a garden hose at the 00:48 mark and you’ll know what I mean.

The pacing here is brisk, the movement nearly constant, the editing quick. Jenya’s posing is dynamic, energetic, but always sensuous. Water figures prominently. It soaks the model’s hair and gleams on her voluptuous body; airborne droplets form a glittering scrim in the sunlight, and a glossy surface on the floor.

Can a video with a total run time of just over seven minutes contain too many notable moments to mention? Voronin’s “Zilian” starring Jenya D. does!

Thanks, again, to Paul B. for the recommendation. Readers are encouraged to suggest their favorite MetArt movies (or still photo sets, for that matter) in the comments below.

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  1. Am glad you have reviewed these two old videos. I especially enjoyed ‘Intensita’ Such a vibrant girl, full of life and sexuality. But I think the reason you are reviewing vintage videos is that there are currently 1/ very few videos anyway (last one easily 3 weeks ago ) and 2/ they are all pretty poor! The old ones are so much better, and I too have been forced to go back and look at such lovely girls as Katrin B and so on. They names of others elude me now, but there are many very good ones back there, and the current offerings are full of bits of interviews, wasted space with nothing happening, or very slow and somewhat boring. Where are all the great movers gone – like inga? I like videos and am considering not renewing my membership unless the video team get there act together and do better. so this sounds like a bit of a moan, but honestly the rest of the website – the photo shoots- are so good other wise! I don’t do web cams. Are class videos less popular because members like to chat with girls moving for them live?

  2. You’re welcome for the recommendation, it was my pleasure to make it. It’s a real treat to see my favorite MetArt movie and its star receive some official recognition here, and so eloquently, too. It’s a first step in a very promising direction.

    I took the opportunity to revisit its page to ensure that I’d given this gem a well deserved rating, but was surprised to find that there is no way to “Rate this movie” as there is with most others, and that it isn’t available in the higher definition 1080p format. Are either of these omissions unintentional and, if so, is there any chance of them being corrected?

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