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“Presenting” Mango A — pictures and an exhibition…

Mango A: Presenting, by Vlad Kleverov — new model + new artist

They don’t happen terribly often, but when a new MetArt erotic photo series marks the debut of two first-time contributors, it’s an event worth noting. “Presenting” Mango A not only presents a new model, it’s also photographer Vlad Kleverov’s premiere creation for the site, so I approach it with a two-scoop serving of anticipation.

And that anticipation is more than satisfied by what I find in the series. Mango A is a natural beauty and — particularly considering her age and lack of modeling experience — acquits herself quite well in her debut sitting. From her bio I learn that she’s “a true nudist,” and that certainly results in a relaxed and uninhibited on-camera demeanor.

Vlad Kleverov‘s concept and execution of the set, barring a couple of minor missteps, is inventive, unusual, and enjoyable. The model is nude throughout. She’s positioned on the hardwood floor of a naturally lit room with a package of mounted photographs — half a dozen urban landscapes. Much of the set features Mango scrutinizing and arranging the photos. It’s an interesting device, but it isn’t completely successful. Is she the proprietor of a nudist art gallery? Is she decorating her own living space? Some of these posing-with-pictures shots, #038 or #120 for example, verge on the silly.

Even if the idea isn’t entirely successful, I give the photographer credit for coming up with an interesting new approach to a set — it really was quite clever of him.

There are a couple of underexposed images, these could (and should) have been omitted (see #022) but I have no trouble choosing favorites from the remaining shots. In #029 the model assumes what I’m told is known in yoga circles as the “happy baby” pose with a pleasing result. I like the casual, thoughtful, naturalistic feel of #049. I like the explicit abstraction of #060. #061 is an interesting head-and-shoulders shot. #070 offers an explicit and creative pose. And additional explicit highlights include #089 and #091. “Presenting” Mango A is a promising debut, times two.

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  1. Not only is Mango a nudist, her boyfriend Vlad, presumably the photographer, is too. Their relaxed attitude to being naked and each other is what really comes across in this set. While this set is clearly designed to include more posing it continues their theme of living their lives on camera. They both take photos and as far as I can tell from their blog the theme of this set comes from sorting pictures they had taken on a trip to Barcelona. Mango has worked for other photographers but only with Vlad in attendance. While I hope we will get a lot more sets produced by them, the real test of their individual star potential would be how well they work with other photographers and models. Overall, a set I was very pleased to see since it brings what appears to be a very nice young couple into the spotlight.

    • Thank you Davey, I always enjoy your insightful comments. It seems to me that if there’s something about the world of nude modeling, models, photography, and photographers that you DON’T know…it’s probably not worth knowing! Cheers, and please keep the illuminating and informative comments coming!

  2. Their second MET Art set Calesma shows both the strengths and weaknesses of this double act. They state on their blog, that this is a hobby for them. The set has a certain amateur feel – take your girlfriend to a field and snap pictures of her – and some of the pictures have a “holiday snaps” feel to them. However, the use of shadows, the bicycle prop and depth of focus in others shows that Vlad has a real passion for photography as well as his girlfriend. Combine that with a girl as naturally pretty as Katya and you have a very pleasing result.
    A wide shot like #0046 should perhaps have been cropped or the background brought more into focus but then he starts to bring in the bike to balance the pictures. #0018 & #0019 bring a mixture of innocence and voyeurism as they more clearly display the lack of underwear noticed in a couple of earlier shots. Once naked there is a mixture of fairly standard model poses and more candid shots. I assume the use of grass shadows once she gets on to the rug at #0103 is deliberate and seems quite appropriate for a girl with a clover tattoo. The background of the bike works better in some of these than others.
    So we get a set where a professional would probably have discarded or cropped quite a few pictures but a subject good enough to merit including as many pictures as you can. Vlad and Katya may not be ready to become rich from this profession but I hope their work will become a regular feature at MET as an encouragement to other newcomers.

  3. Davey, Thanks for pointing out Calesma. I have to say that I very much enjoyed this set. Katya is quite delightful and so natural. You can tell that she is enjoying herself and the light casual feel on this set is a nice change from more polished pros. She is quite lovely and her body is definitely first class all the way. It is very stimulating to know that this is a couple and they are doing this because they truly enjoy it and want to share there good fortune with the rest of us. Vlad has every right to be proud of this lovely little lady. I most certainly would be. From me to Vlad — Thank You for sharing, and to Katya I feel very fortunate that someone of your natural beauty allowed me into your little bit of paradise.

    And to the MetArt staff please encourage this wonderful couple because I and I am sure a lot of loyal MetArt members want to watch them bloom into MetArt regulars.

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