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A simple sitting with Izolda A….

Izolda A: Ganiki, by Ingret, simple, unembellished, erotic photographyThere really isn’t a lot going on in this, the seventeenth series Ingret has shot of Izolda A. The lace garter belt, stockings, and necklace she is wearing at the start are still in place at the end. There is a variety of poses – on a stool at a vanity, on the vanity, and on the neighboring bed, but the mood and the model’s expression is confined to a rather narrow range.

Izolda has a slim yet curvy build and she is captured from enough different angles to appreciate her nubile beauty. I thought #0045 was a particularly cute, full-length portrait. And #0099 offers a pleasing combination of pose, expression, and composition.

In its own right this is a fine set, and will no doubt please a variety of tastes, but I’m left wondering if another photographer might be able to extract a bit more from this model.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, reactions, and opinions.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly something is seriously missing in that photo shoot, and the girl is beautiful but she doesn’t deserve a 9.7 rating .. Does anyone know if Ashanti has had any of her photos of other models posted and if so what name does she use to tag her photos with ?, Budvv2

  2. Love the mirror-play.

    I believe Adam addressed a particular “static” quality that was present in the other Izolda-Ingret set released around Christmas time. While it is true that not much is “going on” in this set either, I view it as a quality of tranquility as opposed to one of boredom or lack of inspiration. Perhaps my imagination is running a bit too carelessly, but if one were to add some flowers in an Izolda-Ingret set, the natural, languid (in only the most positive sense of the word) feel would stir notions of a wonderful Art Nouveau piece. This crazy dream is reinforced by what I am sure many of us would agree is an obvious strength of these sets: Izolda and her brimming natural beauty, svelte frame, and overall youthfulness. The model’s dancer-like grace and posture also add to this vision.

    One last thing I would like to address is Izolda’s range of expression. I do not believe myself qualified to judge a model in that manner, but I do enjoy those brief peeks into her more playful, impish, and–above all–girlish side, such as in #0054. A few of these gems catch one’s eye in each of her sets. I do believe, however, that these gems are made much more interesting and valuable because Izolda typically expresses a more placid and professional demeanor.

    But, I’m just a fan. :)

  3. A very sweet, young and cute blonde girl with beautiful green eyes. Izolda A has a charming look on her face.
    All her galleries are captured by Ingret and IMO she has done a great job. Nice to see the two galleries where Izolda has put her hair in a ponytail, especially photos like in Ganiki; #58 and #92, and in Likeable; #49 and #52, which also shows her very cute, small breasts (perfect breasts) in a beautiful side view.

    Now, I really wish there were a video with Izolda, but hopefully we will see that in the future.

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