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“Presenting” Rita H — it’s all about the girl…

Rita H: Presenting, by Egon Schneider, great girl, funky setting

I like this girl. I like this girl a lot. And I expect others will share my affection. But, having made that explicit declaration, I must admit, I like this girl despite this set, not because of it.

The level of effort expended here is minimal. The room and its décor is ugly. And busy. And distracting. Any “art direction” is so subtle as to be undetectable. The lighting? As far as I can tell, it’s limited to ambient room light, and a single, camera-mounted flash. No bounce, no fill, no diffusion. In fact, the set has a casual, almost candid feel. It’s almost as if Egon Schneider and his model were under the gun. Shoot this set, right here, right now. You will have no time to prepare, start now, finish, and that will have to do.

The fact that it does succeed is due to Rita H. For a newcomer, and a 19-year-old newcomer at that, she has a real poise and confidence. And her exotic beauty and voluptuous body are truly striking. The combination of professional poise, an engaging on-camera personality, and a voluptuous physique are more than enough to overcome the slapdash nature of the set.

The room is dark, cluttered, and the various patterns clash and clang. The colors are all wrong. In a shot like #041, with a nice pose and composition, Rita’s dark hair disappears into the dark background – an elementary level error. And the series is filled with similar compromised images.

There are, despite its handicaps, plenty of pleasing shots, most of them due to the model’s charm and beauty, and the photographer’s skill under less than ideal conditions. I like #018 for pure vah-voom. #011 packs a physical/sexual punch. #053, a reclining nude, is somewhere between a snapshot and a masterpiece. In #123, suddenly outside, on a balcony, the model is clothed, the background flattering, the light natural, and Rita H. is undeniably appealing, as is the entire image. More like this, please.

“Presenting” Rita H — it’s all about the girl… Comments (3)
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“Yallis” with Davon Kim — posing, poolside…

Davon Kim: Yallis, by Koenart, suburban setting, subtle artistic pix

This series by Koenart boasts a strict formality that is somewhat at odds with its setting. A backyard swimming pool, with its suggestions of summertime fun and carefree suburban life, is the backdrop. The model is placed in the foreground. She stands, she sits, she changes position. But she never moves away from her central position. Although the framing of individual shots changes, one gets the sense that the camera is fixed, on a tripod. It may be something of a conceptual leap, but there is an element of the automated photo booth to this set.

My single favorite image in the gallery is #088. Davon Kim, her arms crossed, hand on waist/hand on elbow, is framed from her hips up. Her expression is relaxed, neutral, but there is an unmistakable hint of mystery. The blue pool glows softly in the background. She is directly lit, from the front, bringing out the warmth of her skin. A strong sidelight creates a sharply defined edge on the right side of her body. This edge creates the illusion — the crisply delineated nude torso appears to almost float over a diffused, muted background. Cut-and-paste, the subtle suggestion of collage. Intriguing, to be sure.

While Davon Kim operates in a rather limited emotional range — at least in your not always humble blogger’s opinion — her style is well suited to the visual flavor of “Yallis.” If an exotic model, posing in a stylized suburban setting, appeals to your unique sensibilities, by all means, dive in.

“Yallis” with Davon Kim — posing, poolside… Comments (1)
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