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“Netto” starring Betty C — striking a pose in fishnet hose…

Betty C: Netto, by Majoly, sexy, explicit, lingerie, hosiery erotica

I enjoy those times when I’m able to decode and understand the sometimes obscure titles of MetArt galleries. In this case, because the model’s black fishnet stockings remain in place on her shapely legs for the entire set, I think it’s safe to say that “Netto” is a shortened, stylized version of “Fishnets.” And I will go further and give the title my full endorsement. Somehow “Fishnetto” doesn’t sound terribly appealing.

Betty C. is certainly appealing, however. In two previous posts (here and here) I’ve been pleased by what I’ve seen, and “Netto” extends the model’s run. Betty C. is a bit more glossy and glamorous in her presentation than many other MetArt models. This must surely have something to do with her day job — she’s a make-up artist, as I’ve previously noted.

“Netto” may be the third set I’ve seen from this model, but each one has been shot by a different photographer, and each one has its unique virtues. While it’s not immediately apparent, the setting Majoly has chosen is a luxurious bathroom with travertine tiles and a dramatic, abstract paint scheme. In addition to her fishnets, Betty is wearing a stylish bustier with matching panties, and stiletto heeled sandals. While much time is devoted to getting her out of her costume, once she’s nude (but still wearing her shoes and stockings) the set takes a not entirely expected turn toward the explicit.

While I have noted something mysterious and brooding in Betty’s demeanor in the past, here she’s generally bright and sunny, a smile never far from her beautiful lips. And the combination of that cheerful spirit with the more blatant poses and exposures blends happiness with heat in a most engaging manner.

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Water? Works…

Katy AU: Tangkuei, by Zyr, serene beauty, explicit Asian eroticaA spa tub is the primary prop in Zyr’s “Tangkuei,” starring Katy A.U., in what is only her second MetArt appearance. And, quite frankly, little more is needed. The model begins her soaking session clad in a simple bra and panties, and lets the bubbles work their soothing magic. This is an understated set, and the mood is absent any great drama, but the temperature certainly climbs when Katy eases out of her under things to reveal her shapely figure.

There are many images in which the model’s body is partially submerged, thus putting the visual emphasis on her plump breasts and soulful facial expressions. But subtle portraiture is only part of this pictorial package, and several achingly explicit frames capture the ripe, rounded contours of her ass — and other moist and inviting features — just above the water’s bubbling surface.

Towards the end of the series, Katy steps out of the water and gives us an unobstructed view of her perfectly proportioned body, but for sheer erotic impact, those shots of her in the water — #0078 is one eye-opening example — pack a wonderfully wet wallop.

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Fire and water…

Ilze A: Calef, by Rylsky, curvy, sexy, nude girl erotica, explicit art pics

The opening “sequence” of Rylsky’s “Calef,” starring Ilze A., takes place before a roaring fire. The model is lively, she is lovely, and her body is entirely luscious. Some of the posing, however, is curious. Do we need to see Ilze put a log on the fire when she can generate so very much heat without such histrionics?

Perhaps to answer the question, the set next moves to a lavatory equipped with a spacious spa tub. Posing next to and in the bath, Ilze now is in a far more flattering and versatile setting. The model is gifted with a firm and ripe rump, and several shots capture this particular asset particularly well — on all fours in the water, in #0074, it’s a double-bubble delight. Ilze’s physical charms don’t “end” there, however, and her entire erotic arsenal receives ample exposure.

This is a playful set, and while some of the posing feels just the slightest bit forced or contrived, Ilze appears to be having so much fun — and is so much fun to look at — that one wouldn’t dream of complaining. When Rylsky mixes Ilze A. with fire and water the results are nothing if not steamy!

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What becomes a legend…

Eloise A: Roy Stuart, by Roy Stuart, erotic art photos by a living legend

A newcomer might wonder why this set starring Eloise A. bears a man’s name. More experienced enthusiasts, however, will instantly recognize the name, the man, and his legendary stature. Fashion photographer, artist, rebel, actor, film maker, sexual explorer, erotic icon — Roy Stuart is all these things, and many more. He has directed two feature films, and his art photo books are published by also-legendary art house, Taschen. And he’s no stranger to MetArt, either. In fact as I write this he has no fewer than 76 series in our archives, some dating back to the very earliest days of the site. An American who left his home, first for England before settling permanently in France, Roy Stuart is an erotic artist’s erotic artist, and a photographer’s photographer.

This series could not have been created by anyone but Roy Stuart. His indelible signature is all over it. There is a stark, natural, almost documentary quality to the lighting and camerawork. The model is the very picture of natural — relaxed, dressed as she would in “real” life, without make-up and unshaven. No designer lingerie, she wears cotton panties. No stiletto heels, her shoes are high-top Converse All Stars. No stockings here, just socks. Imagine a lazy day, in and out of bed, with an uninhibited girlfriend — this pictorial is rich with that kind of “day in the life” realism.

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Cute (kyoot) adjective…

Alina F: Romantica, by Antonio Clemens, sweet, adorable, cute, eroticaMy dictionary defines the word as: “pretty or attractive, esp. in a lively, wholesome, or dainty way.” And I define it as: Alina F., the eye-pleasing, libido-teasing star of “Romantica,” by Antonio Clemens.

There is something about that face, framed by that hair, and the look in those eyes — I can’t help but smile when I study her pixieish expressions. And I can’t restrain my heart rate when I peruse the delicate curves of her slender physique. Alina simply “does it” for me in a way that I can’t adequately explain and which is impossible to deny.

Take a look at image #0062, in which Alina is peeling a sheer, white stocking from her right foot. Oh, look at all she’s exposing — how could you resist? Examine the composition of the photo, the lighting. But, after all that, look at that face!

Cute? Oh, you’d better believe it!

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Flex appeal…

Melisa A: Tribute, by Luca Helios, nude beach, legs, ass, arty erotica

Another beach, another balmy evening, another girl. Viewed from a rather blinkered perspective, yes, that assessment holds some truth. But look closer. This is a black sand beach, far from typical. And, due to the natural light of the setting sun combined with a skillful use of diffused front-light via flash and reflector, one assumes, the night takes on a slightly stylized, craftily manipulated air. And the girl? Melisa A. is a stand-out, hardly a face or physique that would blend in with the crowd.

Melisa has a toned, superbly shaped and proportioned body. Whether she’s striking a formal pose (as she does in the very first image in the series), or when she jumps high in the air (as she does in the very last surprising shots) she radiates an energetic vitality. Many of the poses are evocative of a ballerina, others bring to mind a limber — and extremely uninhibited — gymnast. Highlights include the sequence beginning with #0021 and ending with #0027 in which the beauty and power of her legs and ass are exquisitely expressed. And #0115 which not only captures her stunning bodily architecture, but also the refined elegance of her face in profile.

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Candy floss…

Mirelle A: Visentia, by Rylsky, unshaved, voluptuous, nubile erotica

I refer, of course, to the fur. In this epoch of wide spread epilation and depilation, and the seemingly skyrocketing popularity of hairless epidermis, the simple sight of an unshaven she can cause both shock and awe. The topic — hair versus none — can incite heated debate, but I think that we can all agree that Mirelle A. is a ripe, feminine delight, and if her unshaven state causes offense, perhaps the offended party should indulge in the imagining of how much fun it would be to help her shave herself to their particular standards.

Yes, this voluptuous little minx sports silky sproutings in her arm pits and across her nether regions. But take a look at the body that those hairs are growing on! This is a truly blessed young lady. Whether you enjoy breasts or butts, or simply an stirring example of youthful beauty, Mirelle is a man-pleasing miracle. When she turns up the adorable, as she does in #0001, she’s disarmingly delicious. And in the final image of this (regrettably short) series, as she lies, eyes closed, on a bed, as if asleep, she is a living dream.

With a beauty such as this, who gives a care about a bit of hair?

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I’m glad you assed…

Carina A: Jinhens, by Luca Helios, tanned, professional, ass, photographyWhen I sat down to examine “Jinhens,” starring Carina A. I was struck by several things. Her skin tone, for example. Carina has obviously spent many hours basking in the sun, absent any clothing, and the result is quite appealing. She is also lean, fit and obviously toned, and that implies a type of physicality I find pleasing. Petite of breast, slim, firm — none of that prepared me for the treat I received when she turned around. To borrow a phrase from a once popular song, this baby’s got back. Oh, it’s not a huge heiney, but it’s full, round and exerts a particular power.

The series has a casual vibration. The mood is easy and relaxed. This is a professional model doing what she knows how to do. She breaks character, if only for an instant, in #0029. Legs up-thrust, totally exposed, she smiles with glee. I like it!

This moment, this single image, captures the flavor and spirit of the model in ways words can’t quite capture. See it for yourself and let me know if you agree. Or not. Either way, I welcome the exchange of ideas!

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Fit to be…

Melisa A “Hevian” by Luca Helios, outdoor, erect nipples, erotic photosThere is a lively look in Melisa A.’s blue eyes that gives this series a sustained spark of energy. Of course, with her face and body there is never any shortage of energy no matter where or when this magnificent model appears.

Here she’s posing outdoors, perhaps on a rooftop deck or patio. She obviously loves modeling and the camera. And the camera — in this case wielded by Luca Helios — loves her in return. Those ever-erect nipples, those hand-filling breasts, that shapely ass, that trim, toned torso, those endless legs — truly, the inventory of physical excellence this pretty lass possesses is virtually without end!

My one complaint, and it is exceedingly minor, is that there is a certain “modelishness” to the set. Melisa is naturally beautiful — have I mentioned her outlandishly long and lustrous hair? — but, in this outing, there is the slightest lack of relaxation or ease in her manner. She does, however, break character in the final shot, raising her hand in a cheery wave. I choose to believe she doesn’t mean “Farewell,” but rather, “See you again, soon!”

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Smiley smile…

Fergie A: Lächeln, by Dolce, blue eyes, fishnets, tasteful eroticaFrom the moment I first saw the cover of this set, and throughout the viewing, I kept thinking: What a great smile Fergie has! Oh, everything else she has is great, as well, but her smile is really exceptional. It was only when I sat down to write this blog entry that I bothered to decode the set’s title and realized I was a little bit late to this particular party. Lächeln, my non-German speaking friends should know, means smile. As I said, Fergie’s got a great one, no matter what language you say it in!

I found some of the shots with the hanging beads just a tiny bit distracting, but photographer Dolce’s set decoration is otherwise quite pleasing. The matching black on white print of the upholstery and wallpaper is visually interesting and brings Fergie’s warm skin tones and extra-blue eyes to the fore.

That bright smile remains even as the model works her way through a wide variety of poses and expressions, and in one of my favorite shots, #0056, she’s hardly smiling at all. In portraits, body shots, or close-ups of her most precious parts, Fergie A. is bound to put a big smile on the viewer’s face!

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