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“Presenting” Arina J — introductory exposures…

Arina J: Presenting, by Anna Fox, new nudes in a splendid settingThis Metart erotic photo gallery introduces not just a new model, but a new photographer, as well. These “double-debuts” are far from unprecedented, but it’s always something I look forward to. And the fact that the artist happens to be a woman only serves to further pique my interest.

Anna Fox has chosen an exceptional setting for her first contribution to Metart. And she’s added props and costume elements to the verdant natural setting to create a rich and intriguing tableau. As the set opens Arina J, wearing a flower-bedecked summer hat and floral print dress, is reclining on a blanket and reading a book. She’s surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers in full bloom. A couple of pillows add to her personal comfort, and a basket of berries and fruit sits at the ready should she become hungry. Additionally, as the set unfolds, we see a thick forest in the background growing up to the edge of a picturesque pond. The mix of props and the natural splendor of the location in “Presenting” is rich with potential.

And our new 19-year-old model, Arina J, seems content and perfectly comfortable in this summery environment. She removes the two items of clothing she’s wearing at a relaxed pace that’s perfectly in keeping with the mood of that glorious day, and she presents emotions from thoughtful (#024) to subtly seductive (#080). While many of the images are of the tamer variety, just when one begins to hanker for more explicit images they are delivered generously and without reservation.

While the location and the stylish and painterly tableau the artist and model have created is extremely pleasing to the eye, the set is not a total success in technical terms. The bright, midday sun creates a problem the photographer has some difficultly dealing with. While the surrounding terrain is vividly and faithfully captured, the bright light on Arina J’s pale complexion results in detail-obscuring overexposures throughout the gallery. But I hasten to add that this technical flaw can be easily remedied and that the artist and model both impress in their debut pictorial, “Presenting” Arina J.

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“Cambio” starring Josephine — a fascination with feet and fingers…

Josephine: Cambio, by Rylsky, nude pix, toes, feet, and fingers featuredI’m not tasked with critiquing sets photographed by the erotic stylist Rylsky as often as I once was, so it’s nice to have the opportunity to discuss one of his more recent galleries, “Cambio.”

The first shot in the series catches me off guard. It’s not a headshot of raven-haired Josephine. Nor is it a clothed, full-body shot of the type many Metart contributors start their pictorials off with. No, it’s a detail shot, a close-up of the model’s feet and fingers. Unexpected? Certainly. Thought-provoking? Absolutely. An intriguing and off-beat way to introduce a model? To be sure! As I explore the set further I soon discover that Josephine possesses abundant physical beauty, but that extremities-centric intro image sets the tone for “Cambio” and those toes, feet, fingers, and hands play an out-sized role in this erotic photo collection. The foot-fetishists in the audience are going to love “Cambio,” I suspect, but the collection’s charms will appeal to the casual viewer, as well.

This is only Josephine‘s second appearance in a Metart erotic photo set. She’s confident and uninhibited, two qualities that certainly help when she’s only been given a shirt as her costume. Even as Rylsky moves Josephine through a range of poses, she remains in a somewhat narrow emotional range. She has a very pretty face, with exceptionally beautiful eyes — a headshot, #086 captures them particularly well — but I believe that if she “let her hair down” emotionally, she could be far more expressive. Still, there’s something intriguing about her restraint.

After I’ve viewed the entire set I read Josephine’s bio in which she declares: “I am very shy.” Those words may seem unlikely coming from a young woman who has posed nude for explicit erotic photos, but it makes sense, and helps explain certain inscrutable aspects of Josephine’s presentation. I, for one, am delighted that Josephine has chosen to address her shyness by sharing her beauty and body with Metart and the world!

I’ll conclude by calling out a selection of my favorite photographs in “Cambio.” #002 for cuteness, with a hint of the heat yet to come. The series of shots between #042 and #045 of Josephine’s feet and hands. The painterly composition of #090 and #092, with the model’s eyes averted. The four shots from #098 through #101, all of which capture the beauty of the model’s body. And #114, a topless shot in which Josephine treats us to a subtle little smile, a highlight of the collection.

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“Oraison” starring Zlatka A — genuine generosity…

Zlatka A: Oraison, by Cloud, explicit outdoor nude art photosIn my last post I discussed a pretty girl who was a touch reluctant about revealing her intimate anatomy. The pretty girl I discuss in this post has no such problem. Indeed, she’s quite the opposite. I consider this an extremely refreshing, not to mention invigorating, change of pace.

My single prior experience with Zlatka A was a good one. And I quickly realize this time may be even better. In the previous set the sky was overcast and the sunlight flat and wan. In “Oraison” the light is bright and the colors vivid. It’s a beautiful day in an interesting location — the sloping concrete bank of a canal.

Photographer Cloud has provided Zlatka A with just one piece of “clothing,” a long piece of red fabric. The fabric ads a burst of vibrant color, and it’s also versatile, serving as a shawl, robe, hood, a flag riding the breeze when held aloft, and a comfortable blanket when spread on the ground.

#004 provides an overview of the location and of Zlatka A’s beauty as she stands on one foot holding opposite ends of the fabric in each hand. After Cloud zooms in and Zlatka A switches to a rear three-quarters view, the result is a fine showcase of her face and backside. Tightly framed in #029, with the sky filling the background, artist and model create another striking image. I will let explicit images like #047, #073, #089, #090, #094, explain themselves, but I will say there’s quite a lot of stylistic variety in these steamy shots. And #107, a headshot, artfully combines style with spontaneity. The shots I’ve mentioned, and numerous others, provide many reasons to enjoy Zlatka A in “Oraison.”

“Oraison” starring Zlatka A — genuine generosity… Comments (7)
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“Agnand” starring Olivia F — highway to heaven…

Olivia F: Agnand, by Matiss, gorgeous girl, stunning, sexy, sweet

The location chosen for this MetArt erotic photo gallery is exceptional. The model stands next to and then poses on top of a stone wall next to a sparsely traveled road high in the hills. Behind her lush green forest, and in the distance, rugged cliffs, below her the coastline and the deep blue sea. The sun shines bright and puffy clouds decorate the sky. One can easily imagine taking a leisurely afternoon drive along this beautiful road stopping along the way to take in the beauty of the landscape and the expansive vistas.

But even the most beautiful setting can be improved with the addition of a beautiful girl, and Olivia F is a perfect choice to enhance this particular landscape. Barefoot and wearing only a pale pink shirt and a pair of white short-shorts, and with her long, lustrous black hair being teased by the breeze, she’s extremely appealing. And she’s not simply physically beautiful — although she is absolutely that, in both face and body — Olivia F has a natural ease in front of the camera and a charming and engaging personality. In a shot like #003, which has a spontaneous, casual feel, her smile and expression are entirely natural, and completely unselfconscious.

The artist, Matiss, takes full advantage of the setting and his subject, and he’s included a generous 138 images in the series. And that generous quantity contains abundant quality and variety. So much quality and variety, in fact, that it makes narrowing my list of favorites down to a manageable number quite difficult. But here’s an abbreviated list: #007, standing, in profile, one pert breast visible, her face raised to the sky, her hair reaching her waist. #019, a quiet moment, eyes averted. #030 and #031 two topless shots, similar yet different, and both strikingly beautiful. #067, framed against the sky, the wind in her hair. #121, #122, and #124 — moving closer and closer to that enchanting visage. And #102, nude, standing, totally exposed and utterly adorable. Detail shots are also included, explicit close-ups as well — from beginning to end “Agnand” is simply grand.

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“Presenting” Yarina A — yet another newbie…

Yarina A: Presenting, by Goncharov, real beauty in trompe l'oeil room

The influx of fresh talent into the MetArt model talent pool continues unabated. Among the more recent arrivals we find Yarina A, a leggy, auburn-haired, 19-year-old newcomer from Ukraine.

This is a casual, off-the-cuff effort from contributing photographer Goncharov. There’s little, if any, attention to art direction, props, costuming, thematic content, or any technical complexity. This stripped-down, no-frills presentation doesn’t distract attention from the model and he captures her in enough different poses and compositions to allow the viewer to get a complete look at Yarina’s physical attributes as well as developing some sense of her modeling abilities.

The most distracting element of the set is the background. Yarina A poses in an arched doorway. The arch has been painted, in trompe l’oeil fashion, to resemble a brick masonry column complete with clinging vines. Another wall, this one with an actual (as opposed to virtual) mirror, is also painted in a stonework pattern. The main wall in the background is pale blue sky dotted with wispy clouds and soaring birds. It’s an unusual setting, to be sure, but I’m not certain it adds much to the collection. Still, at its most effective, in shots like #024 and #025, the mixture of actual, reflected, and fake elements is intriguing.

My favorite images from the series tend to be those that minimize the background and fill the frame with Yarina A. This young model — she’s only 19 — has a great shape and I suspect she may have some training in dance, or at least her posing suggests this. There’s virtually no background at all in #051, a headshot captured while Yarina is supine on the floor, and it’s a standout in “Presenting.” The model has a relaxed, natural countenance in #058, a shot that also conveys the sculptural elegance of her belly and hips. And while the background is somewhat cluttered in #073, it’s still lovely figure study of a truly lovely figure.

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“Bregdet” with Irina K — nude girl on a blustery beach…

Irina K: Bregdet, by Ivan Harrin nude girl on a blustery beach

The term “nude beach” calls to mind sun-kissed bodies, the warmth of the sea and sand, and a sense of freedom both personal and sexual. In the MetArt erotic photo gallery titled “Bregdet” we have a nude girl, and we have a beach, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, but there is a chill in the air and the wind gusts and buffets the model and reddens the tip of her nose. A beautiful fall or early winter day, yes, but perhaps not exactly ideal for nude, erotic photography.

To her credit, Irina K performs like a complete professional throughout the gallery. To my eyes she absolutely looks like she’s cold, but she never once indicates or signals that she’s chilly. And considering the fact that a chunky bracelet is her sole piece of “clothing” for the entire set, that’s quite a performance.

Ivan Harrin places his subject in three distinct zones on this desolate and windswept stretch of pebble-strewn shoreline. Initially Irina strolls and lolls down at the water’s edge. Perhaps my favorite shot from this group is #002 as Irina walks along, both hands in her hair, eyes averted. Next Irina moves to a white towel on soft sand backed by a grassy thicket. These are the “warmest” shots in the collection, both in terms of ambient temperature and in explicitness. For the conclusion of “Bregdet” Irina moves to the top of the bluffs overlooking her two previous locations. The natural beauty and drama of the setting makes a fine backdrop in a shot like #108, but the sense of chill is very nearly palpable. I can easily imagine Irina K, bundled up and in the car after the shoot turning to the photographer and suggesting, politely, that their next session together be in the cozy confines of a well-heated studio.

“Bregdet” with Irina K — nude girl on a blustery beach… Comments (2)
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“Sciroppo” starring Irina B — looking sweet in a window seat…

Irina B: Sciroppo, by Rylsky, dark-haired beauty in explicit nude pix

Irina B spends much of this set sitting in a chair positioned in front of a large, open window. In many of the shots one gets a real indoor/outdoor feeling — the naturally lit interior in the foreground, the vivid mid-day sunlight on the trees in the background (#013 captures this division quite effectively).

While it’s certainly a beautiful day outdoors in “Sciroppo,” the beauty we (and, of course, photographer Rylsky) are focused on belongs to the model, and it is considerable. Irina B starts out the set wearing a clinging coral-colored tank top, doubling here as a dress. The tight garment is flattering both to her svelte body and to her coloring, as well. #029 illustrates this point, and the indoor/outdoor influence is also pleasantly noticeable, particularly in the sunny highlights in the model’s dark hair.

Some of the posing in this set feels a little bit stiff and unnatural, but Irina B’s beauty and personality are so appealing that it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the series. Look at the hands (or hand) in #002 or #008 and I think you’ll agree there’s something awkward in the poses, but it’s difficult to complain or protest too enthusiastically. And then she delivers a pose like the one in #081 and there isn’t a single critical comment to be made.

Some of the most interesting and effective images result when Rylsky moves the model onto a glass tabletop. Here we find a group of exceptionally beautiful headshots (#119 and #122 are personal favorites), and enticing explicit images (#104 is just one of several such shots in the pictorial) in which the model seems to be saying: “Well, what are you waiting for?” Whether she’s clothed and looking sweet in her window seat or on the table displaying her sultry side, Irina B makes “Sciroppo” both interesting and enjoyable.

“Sciroppo” starring Irina B — looking sweet in a window seat… Comments (2)
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From the MetArt Mailbox…

Indiana A: Panakia, by Luca Helios, commentary from a MetArt member

[MetArt member — and frequent blog commenter — hipshot13 recently submitted the following detailed evaluation of a MetArt erotic photo gallery. Whether or not you share his opinions, you can't help but appreciate the thought and effort that went into crafting this critique. And, whether you agree or disagree with hipshot's observations, please feel free to share your own opinions in the comments section following this, and every other post, on this blog. The more MetArt members we have participating in the dialog, the more valuable the conversation will be to one and all. — Adam]

In my time on MetArt I have seen many girls come and go. Some fade as they get older, a lot just disappear, while others seem ageless and don’t lose that glow at all. Some are very popular and then fade away, some linger for a good time. And there are a very, very small number that actually mature and become even better the longer they stay.

Indiana A is one of those rare women that improve over time. She’s been here for 4 years, done 42 galleries, and she’s always stayed near the Top 10. When she started, way back in December of 2008 at 19 years of age, she was a cute, feisty, somewhat devilish young thing. Red hair, fresh face, and a talent for making you think that she could really turn your world upside down. At 5’7″ and just over a hundred pounds she was the classic sugar and spice type. She was, and is, pretty, and she looked like someone who would be fun to be with. I found her to be as cute as a button, but I am a stickler for small firm breasts and hers never were. I was quite enamored with her for awhile but that one thing finally won out and I moved on to girls that fit my ideal more closely. Of course this is easy on MetArt because there are always new and even prettier models coming on board.  Then yesterday Indiana A had yet another series debut and I realized that I had missed a bunch by simply passing over her sets.

Panakia,” featuring Indiana A, and photographed by Luca Helios, opened my eyes and made me realize that this little teen sprite has flowered into a sophisticated “new” model that I hardly recognized. All the impish, youth-driven cuteness has morphed into a stylish, elegant, wistful young woman with tons of wow factor. That cute little redhead is still there when she smiles, but she has so much more depth now and this makes her so much more mysterious and alluring. Luca Helios really did everything right in this set. The simple white backdrop with only a large vase of dried flowers highlights her beautifully oiled body in a very sophisticated way that really accents this new Indiana and brings out an innocent sexuality that is very moving, indeed. Even her breasts are better and I didn’t think that could happen. Time does indeed change things, and sometimes it is definitely for the better.

I like this “new” girl. A lot!

From the MetArt Mailbox… Comments (1)
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“Persy” starring Nelly A — a blonde delight in the twilight…

Nelly A: Persy, by Nudero, beautiful blonde in erotic outdoor art pix

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve had the distinct pleasure of viewing this model as well as the work of this photographer. And in the case of Nelly A and the artist with the descriptive name of Nudero, two years is too long!

Both model and photographer earned my admiration and respect when I commented on one of their collaborations, and they’ve returned to do exactly that once more in “Persy.” Shot in a grassy meadow in the fading light of the setting sun (with some artful assistance from a well utilized strobe light), this MetArt erotic gallery provides a fine natural setting for a truly fine blonde beauty.

There’s not a single prop to be found here, and Nelly A wears but a single piece of clothing — a man’s undershirt — and only briefly as the set opens. After that it’s the beautiful nude blonde interacting with Nudero‘s lens for the duration of the series. Facially, bodily, and in the strong but warm personality she projects, Nelly A is a treat. Her oval face is exceptionally pretty (#005), and her body is perfectly curvy without being overstated. She can deliver formal, stylized poses, but when she relaxes and follows her natural instincts (#049) her beauty and personality are magnetic (#060).

Whether she’s sitting ever-so-pretty and calmly regarding the lens (#033), jumping for joy (#102 and #103), or boldly displaying her succulent charms in detailed close-up (#108), I find it impossible to look away. And why would I? As I revealed when I first discovered Nelly A, I am quite fond of blonde. And in “Persy” Nelly proves, once more, that she’s a fine example of the breed.

“Persy” starring Nelly A — a blonde delight in the twilight… Comments (1)
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“Pecado” starring Violla A — a wench in the woodlands…

Violla A: Pecado, by Matiss, explicit poses and extreme close-ups

The first time I commented on a MetArt erotic photo gallery featuring Violla A she had dyed her hair a particularly vivid shade of orange. Although I quite enjoyed her performance and the set in general, I felt that her hair color might put some viewers off the series. In this pictorial I’m happy to say that Violla now sports a somewhat more natural color, one that flatters the model rather than drawing attention away from her other attributes.

Generally speaking, there are very few distractions in the photographer’s design and execution of “Pecado.” The model is totally nude and barefoot throughout. She does use a piece of fabric or clothing as a ground cover in several images, but other than that, a colorful manicure and earrings made of a single feather complete her costume.

The location is a forest. Much of the gallery has Violla situated among the gnarled branches and roots of a toppled tree. There is much visual interest and texture to work with here, and, to her credit, Violla seems completely comfortable in what isn’t necessarily a comfortable area. Violla A has a warm, lively, and fun-loving personality that really comes across in these photos. She laughs, she smiles, and she speaks volumes with her exceptionally beautiful eyes.

She is also completely free and at ease with her body and she seems to delight in striking the most explicitly revealing poses possible. Even at some distance these poses are bold and enticing, and when Matiss moves in for intimate close-ups the detail is truly exceptional. Better keep the fire crew on high alert — in “Pecado” Violla A is more than capable of igniting an erotic inferno.

“Pecado” starring Violla A — a wench in the woodlands… Comments (8)
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