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The Staircase… a tribute to Sabrisse

Sabrisse: erotic fiction inspired by Metart beauty

Erotic fiction inspired by Sabrisse

You stand there, perfectly composed, on the wooden staircase. On your tiptoes, knowing the arch of your pretty feet will stoke the surge of desire swelling inside me. Your white lace bodysuit is cut high over your hips, emphasizing your fine bones and giving a tantalising hint of what lies beneath. The swell of your cleavage, hair sweeping silkily across it, invites my touch. But not yet…

Confident you have my full attention, you bend over, wiggle your hips at me. Then you sit, lifting your toes high so I get a flash of white fabric between your sweet thighs. You slide one strap down over your shoulder, cupping your hand beneath your breast with a naughty smile. I let out an involuntary gasp… I want to touch you, I want to touch myself, but that would spoil your game.

Now you spread your legs and snap open the poppers at the crotch of your bodysuit, moving it aside so I can see your beautiful pussy. Your fingers brush downwards, grazing the fluffy line of hair that leads to those delicate pink folds. I inch closer, breathing more heavily, all my willpower focused on restraining the urge to reach out and touch your shiny hair, kiss those parted lips.

With a naughty giggle, you shimmy out of the bodysuit altogether and stand there naked, high on your pointed toes again, letting me feast my eyes on your smooth skin. You blush a little under the heat of my gaze, but you don’t look away. Instead you sink gracefully down again, spreading your legs wider, letting me see the full glory of that sweet pink haven. Is that a hint of moisture I see glistening within? My mouth waters at the thought.

You turn away, showing me your firm bottom, the curves daring me to move closer still. Your strong, slender frame excites me more than I can say. Teasing me now, you sink to your knees, legs spread, pussy gently opening like a flower. You laugh delightedly at the expression of naked hunger on my face.

Rising to your feet, you begin to sashay up the stairs, your hips swaying. Halfway up, you turn to beckon me. Is there any doubt I will follow?

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“Presenting” Ira J — a moody and moving debut…

Ira J: Presenting, by Natasha Schon — new model in erotic art photos

It’s purely coincidental — yet perfectly appropriate — that the subject of my first post of the new year is a new model. “Presenting” is Ira J’s first appearance in a Metart erotic photo series, and the newcomer was shot by a veteran artist, Natasha Schon. I’ve only critiqued three of Ms. Schon’s galleries, and the most recent one was over two years ago, so here I have a chance to become acquainted with a new model and reacquaint myself with a photographer.

I’m immediately reminded of Natasha Schon’s style when I begin looking at this collection. It’s a very distinct, highly stylized, and immediately recognizable visual language that gives Schon’s work a unique stamp. The dim lighting, the richly furnished set, the moody atmosphere, and a painterly approach to composition are Natasha Schon signatures and they’re all present here.

Schon not only has a distinctive and recognizable style, she also has a specific way of presenting her models. Real effort is spent in capturing the emotional essence of the model, and that’s very much the case here. When the set begins Ira J is wearing a denim vest, a headband, and a pair of ripped, low-rise jeans — she’s got a bit of an edge and more than a little punky-hippie flavor. No bubbly nubile, Ira J is moody, introspective, and extremely intriguing — the type of girl who might be hard to get close to, but who would reward those who took the time and expended the effort.

But as her clothes come off, and her hair comes down, she blossoms. When she discards the boyish denim she reveals a distinctly womanly form. And Schon captures that beautiful shape in some truly exceptional images – have a look at #110 and #111 and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Some of the poses may be a bit too posey. Some of the compositions a bit too stylized for some tastes. And there isn’t a single explicit shot in the series, which is a disappointment. But there is no question that “Presenting” is an involving and enjoyable work of erotic photographic artistry. And there’s also no question that Ira J is a model I look forward to seeing much more of, and I mean that in both senses of the phrase!

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“Presenting” Marta E — temptingly top-heavy tyro…

Marta E: Presenting, by Matiss, busty young beauty's MetArt nude debut

Admirers of amply-endowed young women will find much to celebrate in this debut MetArt erotic photo gallery. Blue-eyed brunette beauty Marta E boasts a luxuriously curvy physique and her generously scaled bosom is bound to turn a lot of heads. Yes, I’m aware that not everybody likes busty girls, but those who do can’t help but be impressed by this temptingly top-heavy tyro.

There are elements of Marta E‘s performance that reflect her lack of experience, but her assets far outweigh her liabilities. She has a lot of personality, a ready and enthusiastic smile, and she does display a wide range of looks even if the set is somewhat limited in style and scope. I’ve enjoyed work by Matiss in the past — and he clearly has a keen eye for spotting fresh talent — but, without being overly critical, I can say that this series is far from his best.

Matiss has chosen an indoor location, for one. The majority of this artist’s pictorials are shot outdoors and his mastery of the challenges inherent in location work is obvious. This room is somewhat cluttered, the wall behind a sofa draped with two random blankets is a grid of square niches filled with ceramic curios, and Matiss shoots many of the images off-horizontal. Not his finest work, but there is still much to enjoy here.

Between the so-so setting and the model’s inexperience there’s something of a casual, snapshot quality to some of these images. But even in the most spontaneous images there’s an admirable level of visual polish. And Marta E is a genuine cutie. Compare #006 and #011. Two similar poses, the first cheerful, the second a touch more “modely.” There’s range on display in “Presenting,” and real potential. And while her big, beautiful breasts may dominate the frame, blue eyes, flawless complexion, and cheerful, spirited energy give her a lot to work with in future pictorials. I welcome the opportunity to see what Matiss could do with her in a picturesque outdoor location, and I’d also be curious to see what other artists can coax out of this physically gifted newcomer as she gains experience.

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“Solbao” with Candice Luka — choose your views…

Candice Luka: Solbao, by Luca Helios, scenic locale, explicit nude pix

The setting of “Solbao” is quite striking. We’re on a patio, bordered by a plate glass partition, and in the distance the vivid blue sea under bright, cloudless skies. It’s simple and appealing, the kind of natural vista one could easily gaze at for hours at a time, day after day. Photographer Luka Helios places a single chair, fashioned from rustic, sun-bleached tree limbs against this beautiful backdrop, and sits his subject in it.

I’ve commented on this particular subject — Candice Luka — once before, and on that occasion I was thoroughly impressed by her beauty and personality. That set was also crafted by Mr. Helios, and much of what made the earlier series a success is present here.

Above and beyond her splendid physical architecture, Candice Luka has a warm spirit and an inviting smile. I haven’t performed a statistical comparison, but I think she’s a bit more reserved with her smile in “Solbao,” but when she shares it with us — #024 and #084 are two prime examples — it’s sincere and very nearly irresistible. And Candice Luka is, as I noted in my previous critique, not the slightest bit shy. She’s confident and proud of her body and we’re treated to numerous explicit poses as well as some high-impact extreme close-ups (#040, #051, #093, and #094 provide a representative sample).

With the summer sun high in the sky, Luka Helios has taken care to keep his model sheltered by an unseen overhang and she’s completely in shadow for virtually all of the pictorial. At times a tiny beam of sunshine kisses her lustrous hair (see #062). I understand the choice, but I can’t help but feel that the uniform shade dampens the tonal palette and the overall mood to some small degree. (A handful of images — #116 through #120 — at the very end of the series are shot in an entirely different setting, against a bright beige background, and they don’t suffer from this effect, perhaps validating my observation.)

A beautiful and charming model, a scenic location, and a wide variety of compositions — from figure studies to eye-popping extreme close-ups — all contribute to the success of “Solbao.” All that’s left for the viewer is to choose his or her preferred views.

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“Mojo” with Night A — the skin she’s in…

Night A: Mojo, by Rylsky, moody, cream-skinned beauty in explicit pix

The subject of this MetArt erotic photo gallery wears a black, lace-up alligator leather corset for much of the series. And she also spends a good deal of time posing on furnishings upholstered in a copper colored alligator. But the exotic nature and rich patterns of those dramatic natural materials isn’t the skin I refer to in the title of this post. No, the skin that is one of the outstanding attractions of “Mojo” belongs to the model. Night A’s creamy, virtually flawless complexion is lighted to perfection and photographed with such skill and finesse that it seems to emit its own glow, and fairly begs to be touched.

But, even if one could reach into these images and stroke that seemingly soft skin, caution might be advised. Night A exhibits a lot of personality in these pictures, but isn’t what one would describe as sunny, warm, or particularly friendly. Although the first line of her bio finds her declaring “I am cheerful…” I find her personality much more complex. Indeed, for a “cheerful” girl, Night A barely cracks a smile in “Mojo,” and even in those couple of photos the smile is subtle, restrained (see #098 for an example). This is no bubbly, giddy girl — Night A is a thoughtful, moody, sophisticated, and somewhat mysterious young woman. An acquired taste, perhaps, but those dark eyes tell many tales, and I have no doubt they are well worth discovering.

As I mentioned, Rylsky has done an exceptional job in lighting and photographing Night A. In #021, an explicit rear view, the skin of her derrière glows with soft warmth while the dusky bits beckon from the shadows. Explicit shots are plentiful, and in many of these brazen poses Night A seems to be issuing a challenge. This isn’t a flip or casual offering — Night A may be saying “If you like what you see I’m going to make you work at getting it!” And yet, after examining the entire series, I have absolutely no doubt that effort would be well worth the rewards!

Among my favorite shots in “Mojo” are the following: in #025, seated, legs spread, and with plenty of enigmatic attitude on that inscrutable face; #031, among the most stylish and “prettiest” headshots in the collection, again with attitude; #071, #072, and #073, clever “graphic” headshots with Night’s face overlain with the laces of her corset; and #106, a lovely figure study that captures that supple, creamy, flawless skin she’s in with graceful style.

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“Deusa” starring Candice Luka — not short, not shy…

Candice Luka: Deusa, by Luca Helios, brazen brunette beauty bares allStanding 5-foot-7, Candice Luka may not be basketball-tall, but she’s absolutely long, lean, and unquestionably lovely. And her slender build and long legs enhance the appealing impression of height. And this tall doll quickly proves, after only the briefest of delays, that she’s not at all shy. The pretty matching panties and bra she models so effectively in #001 are teased off and discarded in short order — she’s topless by #006, proudly revealing her beautiful breasts. And by #021 she’s totally nude, thighs spread, revealing all.

So, Candice Luka is neither short nor shy, but she is beautiful, seductive, and has a lively, engaging on-camera personality. This is the first MetArt erotic photo series I’ve seen her in, and it inspired me to do a little research. Candice has appeared in five total sets so far, and she hasn’t even celebrated her first anniversary on the site, so I hope we can look forward to seeing much more of her in the future. And there’s a bit of mystery here, as well — for her MetArt debut she used the name “Lennox A,” but in all her subsequent sets she’s billed as Candice Luka. A fun fact, even if the reason remains a mystery.

There are a lot of explicit shots, many of them close-ups, in this Luca Helios creation. But there’s also variety and balance to the compositions and poses. As a bonus, I think that viewers with a specific interest in female feet will find a few special standouts in “Deusa,” as well.

With so much coverage devoted to Candice Luka’s below-the-waist attributes her personality still remains front and center. This model has a warm, playful quality that makes her seem real and down-to-earth even when she’s projecting sultry eroticism. I get the feeling that she’s got a ready laugh and that a smile is never far from her luscious lips, and that gives these photos an extra bit of personality. Yes, she does a lot of “proper modeling” here, but not at the expense of her natural personality. That this beautiful, tall, and uninhibited young woman shares her body and her personality so completely in these photos makes “Deusa” delectable.

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“Presenting” Mika B – baring means sharing…

Mika B: Presenting, by Catherine, 19-year-old beauty in first nudesWhen a beautiful young woman decides to pose for erotic art photos in the nude she deserves our respect, admiration, and gratitude. Appearing totally nude in the digital age means that those images will be seen by millions of people, all around the world, and will be accessible and available for countless years to come.

Mika B — a 19-year-old first time MetArt model — has made this weighty decision, and she’s placed herself in the sensitive and capable hands of a female photographer, frequent and respected contributor Catherine.

I’m quite accustomed to giving new models a little leeway with their debut efforts. There are certain skills that only come with practice and experience, so I don’t expect a new model to perform at the same level as a model with dozens of sets in her portfolio. And in virtually every way — physical and emotional — Mika B’s debut is impressive. She has a great shape, lean but curvy, and her pert breasts and stiff nipples are tantalizing. Her face, framed by long, straight brown hair is also appealing — here she’s made up in an understated style, but I suspect she could also excel with a more polished, sophisticated cosmetic treatment.

And Catherine‘s design and execution of the series is pleasing, as well. The indoor setting, the soft, even lighting, and the colors selected all flatter the model, and there’s plenty of variety in terms of poses and compositions. One thing that is missing, however — and I blame both artist and subject — are any truly explicit images. As I suggest in this post’s title, baring means sharing, and when a nude model is as pleasing as Mika B, viewers expect her to share everything. There are a couple of shots of Mika’s beautiful behind, and details can be seen in the shadows, but these few glimpses only whet the appetite.

There are numerous beautiful images, thoughtful poses, and artfully framed photos in “Presenting,” but I wish Mika B hadn’t held back. When I come to a totally nude shot like #102, in which the model is seated, one leg resting on a nearby table, her other foot folded under, thighs parted, with one hand raised to her hair, the other one hiding her intimate bits, all I can think of saying is: “Mika, please move that beautiful hand!” I certainly hope she chooses to bare all and share all in future offerings — I very much like what I see here, I just want to see the rest!

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“Neotita” starring Gwen A — moody, mysterious, and mouthwatering…

Gwen A: Neotita, by Samo Mervar, moody and mouthwatering MetArt model

This is one of those MetArt erotic galleries that took a while to make sense to me. And that’s surprising in view of the fact that I had nothing but praise for a previous set produced by this model and artist.

I made note of shot #006, describing Gwen A’s attitude and expression as “dour” and “serious.” And that impression stayed with me through much of the set. But as I grew accustomed to Gwen’s somewhat somber presentation I was able to focus on her physical beauty  and the quality of the photography. If my first reaction to “Neotita” was cool, by the time I’d reached the end of the gallery it had warmed up considerably!

I was so intrigued by Gwen A‘s muted performance here that I took a quick look at her portfolio. And I must tell you I was surprised to see a handful of her covers in which she’s smiling exuberantly. In several early sets she appears totally nude in public settings, and gleefully exposes her beautiful all to dozens of lucky passersby. While she may be in a somewhat serious mood in “Neotita,” this model is one high-spirited, adventurous, daring, and playful individual.

And the word “shy” doesn’t appear to be included in her vocabulary, either. Gwen A’s intimate anatomy is delicate and inviting, and Samo Mervar accepts that invitation to create some truly mouthwatering explicit close-ups. But Mervar also takes time to capture the entire woman — from tight shots of feet and sexy shoes (#004 and #005) to Gwen’s beautiful breasts (#025), to intriguing figure studies like #049 which captures her hips and torso artfully, and on to full-length images (#031 and #034, both standing shots) that showcase Gwen’s lean yet shapely build.

Let me mention two additional favorite images in “Neotita.” #015, a frank, direct headshot, fully captures the moody intensity Gwen displays through much of the series. And #055, a beautiful, almost painterly composition, shot from above, with her eyes hidden, captures the quiet mystery that makes this model and this set so intriguing.

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“Sciroppo” starring Irina B — looking sweet in a window seat…

Irina B: Sciroppo, by Rylsky, dark-haired beauty in explicit nude pix

Irina B spends much of this set sitting in a chair positioned in front of a large, open window. In many of the shots one gets a real indoor/outdoor feeling — the naturally lit interior in the foreground, the vivid mid-day sunlight on the trees in the background (#013 captures this division quite effectively).

While it’s certainly a beautiful day outdoors in “Sciroppo,” the beauty we (and, of course, photographer Rylsky) are focused on belongs to the model, and it is considerable. Irina B starts out the set wearing a clinging coral-colored tank top, doubling here as a dress. The tight garment is flattering both to her svelte body and to her coloring, as well. #029 illustrates this point, and the indoor/outdoor influence is also pleasantly noticeable, particularly in the sunny highlights in the model’s dark hair.

Some of the posing in this set feels a little bit stiff and unnatural, but Irina B’s beauty and personality are so appealing that it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the series. Look at the hands (or hand) in #002 or #008 and I think you’ll agree there’s something awkward in the poses, but it’s difficult to complain or protest too enthusiastically. And then she delivers a pose like the one in #081 and there isn’t a single critical comment to be made.

Some of the most interesting and effective images result when Rylsky moves the model onto a glass tabletop. Here we find a group of exceptionally beautiful headshots (#119 and #122 are personal favorites), and enticing explicit images (#104 is just one of several such shots in the pictorial) in which the model seems to be saying: “Well, what are you waiting for?” Whether she’s clothed and looking sweet in her window seat or on the table displaying her sultry side, Irina B makes “Sciroppo” both interesting and enjoyable.

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“Presenting” Zsanett Tormay — a promising premiere performance…

Zsanett Tormay: Presenting, by Arkisi, pretty, sexy, new MetArt model

I make a concerted effort to evaluate every MetArt erotic photo gallery, and every MetArt model, on its or her individual merits, and the same is true for every MetArt photographer. Still there are times when it is impossible not to compare, contrast, and refer to another model in a different set photographed by a different photographer.

In yesterday’s post I reviewed a model’s first MetArt series. As you will see (scroll down or click here), she was a particularly pretty girl, and the photography was pleasing, as well. My single greatest complaint was that the model exhibited a rather limited expressive range. That is most definitely not the case with the set I address in this post, Arkisi’s “Presenting” Zsanett Tormay.

Of course, a model’s expressiveness isn’t normally the first thing I notice in any pictorial, and it wasn’t the case here, either. What struck me first was this dark-haired beauty’s big, almost impossibly blue eyes. I’ve mentioned in the past how powerful I find the combination of dark hair and blue eyes and here’s a perfect example of the effect. It certainly doesn’t hurt that those azure orbs are set in a face that is refined and elegant, with ripe lips, and that her slender body is so appealing, either.

What emerged as I viewed the series was the broad and varied range of facial expressions and body language Zsanett Tormay employs in what may well be her first nude erotic photo set. She can be perfectly formal in pose and expression in one shot, and then entirely spontaneous and candid in the next. Here thoughtful, and there giddy. Seductive, teasing, sly, mysterious, flirtatious, frank, pensive, playful — these are just a few of the many expressive moods Zsanett presents to us here.

I can’t say what role the artist Arkisi played in getting his subject to share so many moods, but in terms of style and technique there is much to admire in the photographer’s approach to this pictorial. In #018, to cite one example, he shoots Zsanett from behind, her head in profile, while she’s leaning against a wall that is sharply divided between light and dark — just one of many beautifully composed images here.

Notice the little patch of bright light on the floor near the model’s right foot in #042 and the unusual “X” formed by her artfully positioned arms and legs. I love the sly expression on Zsanett’s face in the background while her toes and feet blur in the near field and her sex occupies the middle. From explicit to demure, from pose, to composition, to the many varied moods and intriguing expressions (#085), “Presenting” Zsanett Tormay signals the arrival of a beautiful and particularly talented new model.

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