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“Cellier” starring Amelie B — tickling the ivories/tempting the eyes…

Amelie B: Cellier, by Alex Lynn, stunning nudes of blue eyed beautyThis is only the third Metart erotic photo series crafted by Alex Lynn that I’ve critiqued, but a pleasant pattern is emerging. This artist seems to prefer slightly unusual settings for his creations, but he has a knack for making them work. In “Cellier” he’s placed his subject at an electric piano. The model remains seated on the piano stool for nearly every shot, in many she’s wearing a pair of headphones, and in quite a few of the images she’s wearing eyeglasses. A model practicing the piano in the music room of a suburban home? Not exactly a typical Metart gallery, but Mr. Lynn, with the help of a truly impressive model, pulls it off.

Amelie B, whether she can play a single note or not, is a masterpiece in her own right. The refined features of her face are framed by long, lustrous dark brown hair, and set off by crystal blue eyes and full, luscious lips. Even in her cozy, casual “piano practice” outfit — plaid knee socks, panties, and sweater — you can tell her body is exceptional, and when she removes each piece we’re rewarded with visions of physical perfection. And when she’s wearing the bulky headphones and her glasses the unlikely props can’t detract from her beauty.

Amelie B’s beauty is polished and sophisticated, but she’s at ease and comfortable in the casual setting. While “Cellier” may not be the most anatomically explicit gallery of recent memory, Lynn does capture every aspect of his subject’s eye-pleasing physique. He includes a couple of “up-skirts” (see #083 and #085) captured from a “hiding place” under the piano to add a bit of titillating whimsy, but a rear-view of the model, panties down, kneeling with her assets aimed at the camera, serves up enticing erotic perfection in #047 to cite one tempting example.

One needn’t be a keyboardist to enjoy #079, a shot of Amelie’s pert breasted torso with her graceful fingers tickling the ivories. In #106 and #107 model and artist achieve painterly perfection with two beautifully posed and framed images. And headshots like #016 (complete with headphones and glasses) or #063 (reclining, face to the camera) capture this impressive model’s beguiling beauty with consummate skill.

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“Kenonia” starring Patritcy A — from Latvia, with love…

Patritcy A: Kenonia, by Koenart, hot nude pix of long-limbed LatvianAs is so often the case, the title of the Metart erotic photo gallery “Kenonia” is somewhat opaque and offers few clues as to meaning or intent. This isn’t a bad thing, because it allows the viewer to come up with his own interpretation. And the artist, Koenart, does us a favor by keeping the set simple and free of distracting (or confusing) props or other diversions. Two windows, dressed in sheer, patterned drapes, come together in the corner of a room. In front of this backdrop he’s placed a black leather chaise lounge on the hardwood floor. The light is soft and natural, and it gives his model, Patritcy A, plenty of pleasing options in terms of pose and position.

Although she has several sets in her Metart portfolio, this is my first experience of Patritcy A, and the lovely Latvian earns my full attention from the very first shot. High cheek bones, a dimpled chin, flowing honey-blonde hair, and those big blue eyes are all attributes I find hard to resist. And Patritcy displays a warmth of spirit and engaging personality that makes her physical beauty even more appealing.

Koenart, the photographer responsible for every set in Patritcy’s portfolio, takes his time with the model. She remains clothed in a flattering bra and panties set well into the series, and several of these nothing-showing shots are among my favorites in the set — #016 has a pleasing pin-up quality and beautifully captures her elegantly long-limbed physique as well as that particularly pretty face.

But when Patritcy begins to reveal more we quickly discover that everything this model has been blessed with is of exceptional quality. Her breasts are plump-nippled perfection (see #040, for one example among many). And when her panties come off still more flawless, enticing flesh is revealed (see #062, #063, and #082, a standing back shot that reveals all with stylish simplicity). While the explicit shots are pleasing, I find myself gravitating to tamer shots in “Kenonia” that somehow capture more of Patritcy’s alluring essence. In #066, nude, posed to perfection on the chaise the lithe beauty of her body and face are in full effect. In #085, on the floor in front of the chaise, legs, breasts, soft skin, and hair are highlighted. And in #096 Patritcy’s backside and beguilingly beautiful face are splendidly showcased — one of the finest images in a satisfying series.

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“Presenting” Milliki — the next new girl next door…

Milliki: Presenting, by Albert Varin, hot pix of first-time nude model

I can’t recall ever reviewing a Finnish Metart model before, so this debut photo series is a first in more ways than one. And it only takes a few images before 21-year-old Milliki has impressed me with her fresh, natural, and spontaneous girl-next-door beauty. “Presenting” really succeeds in capturing Milliki’s warm, lively, and approachable personality. For a young, amateur model she displays an easy confidence in front of the camera and one gets the real sense that she would be an engaging and easy-going companion — there’s nothing put-on or off-putting about this girl. To repeat, a fine example of the classical girl-next-door type.

And Milliki’s easy-going, cheerful demeanor is accompanied by a host of physical charms, all of which she’s eager and uninhibited about sharing. She starts off in a bra and panties but those come off relatively quickly revealing pert, stiff-nippled breasts and a pleasing hint of tan-line. The photographer, Albert Varin, earns praise for including a broad range of compositions. We see Milliki at full length, both “clothed” and nude, in a wide selection of poses, and with a plentiful array of detail shots. And this first-time model cheerfully provides explicit intimate poses — many of them captured at close range — that will more than satisfy the female anatomy enthusiasts in the audience, “butterfly” collectors, included!

As noted, Mr. Varin does a fine job here. If there is a criticism to be made it’s that some of the exposures are a bit erratic, with a slight under-exposure muting the effectiveness of several images. A slight bit of editing easily remedies this flaw, and that’s one of the benefits of such a generous quantity of photos — keep the best, lose the rest. But I suspect Milliki‘s admirers will be keeping — and cherishing — the vast majority of these erotic images.

My favorites? A selection of headshots — #075, #077, and #080 — showcase Milliki’s natural beauty. #038 is one of Varin’s most artful compositions in “Presenting.” And for eye-opening explicit views, the cluster of shots from #059 through #065 offer mouthwatering images of Milliki’s moist and inviting charms. If only she actually did live next door!

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“Rheede” starring Dominika A — hot, nude, but not really in the mood…

Dominika A: Rheede, by Luca Helios, explicit outdoor nude art photosI really, really like Dominika A. Every single time I have had the pleasure of critiquing one of her Metart erotic photo galleries, or a Metart HD erotic movie, I’ve come away impressed. She’s got the beauty, she’s got the body, she’s completely uninhibited, and she possesses a lively, seductive, engaging energy that really comes across in photographs. She’s versatile, as well. I’ve seen her in simple, natural outdoor settings as well as in highly stylized studio shoots and she’s equally at home in any and every environment.

Everything I love about Dominika A is present, to one degree or another in “Rheede,” but for some reason the set doesn’t impress me quite as much as those I’ve previously viewed. It took a while to decide what it was, but I think it has to do with the model’s mood. There’s a downcast quality, a certain moodiness on display in much of the set. Dominika A is still beautiful, and still magnetically attractive. But in many images I get the feeling she’s not entirely present. Oh, but when a smile lights up her face, everything changes! That’s the Dominika A I love! That’s the Metart model who has earned so many devoted admirers! The difference is really night and day. When Dominika A smiles in “Rheede” — as she does in #003, #038, #080, and #118, to cite four notable examples — the model and the photo series come alive.

We all have “off” days. And Dominika A on an off day is better than a less gifted model can deliver on the best day of her career, so there’s plenty in “Rheede” to appreciate and enjoy. In my notes I’ve called out several “nothing showing” shots that are particularly pleasing. These include #012, #025, a fine Luca Helios composition, and #074. The explicit shots, and they are plentiful, give the viewer unimpeded access to Dominika’s luscious charms. For #047 I’ve scrawled the notation: “nips and lips.” And, no, I’m not talking about the ones she smiles with.

Rheede” boasts a beautiful setting, a gorgeous and talented nude model, and a variety of pleasing images. Even when Dominika A isn’t really in the mood she’s still very, very good.

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“Ambay” with Lucia D — on the sand, (mainly) in the shade…

Lucia D: Ambay, by Leonardo, explicit outdoor erotic art nude photos

Lucia D made her Metart debut in an HD erotic movie directed by Platon Averin. For her second outing she posed for a still gallery shot by Goncharov. And now, in “Ambay” she works with another still photographer, Leonardo.

The artist has chosen a scenic outdoor location. Lucia stands and lounges on the damp sand on the edge of what appears to be a lake. The sky is a soft blue, the vegetation which rims the body of water is lush and verdant, and the water glitters in the sunlight. Lucia, however, is mainly in shadow, and Leonardo, master manipulator of artificial lighting, provides supplemental illumination. The setting and the sunshine conspire to suggest a balmy day, but wind in the model’s hair and subtle cues in her complexion – not to mention a pair of persistently erect nipples – suggest that it was cold the day “Ambay” was shot. Lucia D, however, doesn’t seem to mind, and delivers a game and professional performance.

I hope it wasn’t actually too cold, though — all Lucia D has in the way of clothing is a sheer scarf wrapped around her slim waist and a pair of colorful earrings. Lucia D is eager and present, but she’s not the most expressive of models. She’s got beautiful eyes and a magnificent mouthful of gleaming white teeth, but she tends to pick an expression and stick with it. When she relaxes (see #006, for example), or when she unleashes a smile (see #002 or #040) the true Lucia D really comes across — if she could better connect with these natural, genuine, spontaneous emotions the results would be magical.

Trim, slender, elegantly proportioned, and sculpted to perfection, Lucia D’s body is a delight. And Leonardo takes care to capture the beauty of her figure as well as exploring the details. Those who crave a close-up view of the explicit goods will definitely enjoy the intimate shots in this collection (have a look at #055 or #056 for samples).

My favorite shot in “Ambay” combines the beauty of the subject with the skills of the artist. In #029 Lucia poses formally. Her hands — one holding her wrap — are placed just so, her torso is presented in three-quarter profile, and she looks right at the camera with those big, beautiful eyes. Behind her the scenery is brightly lighted and somewhat diffused. Lucia, however, is in crisp focus, her body bathed in reflected and strobe light. Her figure stands out sharply against the background, with an almost cut-out feeling. The photo almost looks like a composite, a combination of two separate images. An interesting effect, to be sure — and just one highlight among many in this Metart erotic photo series.

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“Tideni” starring Zemira A — maid in the shades…

Zemira A: Tideni, by Rylsky, Metart HD erotic movie

I don’t think I’ve ever critiqued two Metart HD erotic movies back-to-back in the history of this blog. That fact, in and of itself, seems reason enough to go ahead and do just that. There was no rhyme or reason to my selection method, which isn’t always the case. Here I simply chose the most recently released movie and pressed “play.

I don’t go into “Tideni” completely unaware and uninformed, however. I’m familiar with the star of the piece, Zemira A, because I had the pleasure of reviewing her very first Metart erotic photo gallery, and I liked it quite a lot.

As it happens, the artist who shot Zemira A’s debut, Rylsky, also directed “Tideni,” and his involvement is enough to create interest and heighten anticipation.

Rylsky is a thoughtful, opinionated, and insightful artist. He’s part technician, part sculptor, part psychiatrist, and part psychic. He not only captures the outside of a model, he strives to get into her mind to expose her emotions. In “Tideni” he takes on the role of storyteller, and adds a bit of mystery and magic to the mix.

Zemira A, elegantly dressed, strides down the street. She enters a café and takes a seat. She notices a pair of sunglasses on the table before her, then picks them up and tries them on. Instantly her view — and the viewer’s — changes. Now Zemira is totally nude and lounging on a bed. Surprised by what she’s seen she takes the sunglasses off, we return to the café, her curiosity is piqued once more, she puts the shades back on, and we return to the nude bedroom scene. It’s a cleverly devised and executed little trick!

The nude scenes — which constitute the bulk of the film — find Zemira A in that previously mentioned bedroom, and then in a living room. The camera takes its time lingering over the details of Zemira’s body. Her breasts — those sensationally shapely, firm and inviting orbs with their perfect plump nipples — are featured, as well they should be. In the living room setting we also get a long look at the model’s backside and her long-limbed body.

Zemira’s personality is on display throughout. There’s something slightly self-conscious, but entirely charming, about her performance. She’s not quite shy, but there’s a tentative, somewhat uncertain aspect to aspects of her performance. Make no mistake, Zemira A is nothing less than adorable — perhaps she just needs to appear in a few more movies to hone her motion picture performance style.

In “Tideni,” Rylsky has created an engaging and clever little story to showcase an eye-pleasing and libido-teasing beauty to excellent effect. Well done.

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“Pedentes” starring Halena A — not perfectly polished, but powerfully pleasing…

Halena A: Pedentes, by Alex Sironi, MetArt HD erotic movie

This is my first experience with Halena A. She has previously appeared in just three MetArt erotic photo galleries, and “Pedentes,” her first MetArt HD erotic movie, is the latest addition to her portfolio. It is an arresting and extremely enjoyable film — and perhaps the perfect introduction to this very beautiful, very sexy model.

While I admire the work of Alex Sironi, until now I have only seen his still photography — this is the first of his films I’ve viewed or commented on. It differs subtly from his still work, but “Pedentes” reveals additional, admirable, skills of this versatile artist. When I think of Sironi I think of simplicity, and this movie is, at least on the surface, an exercise in simplicity. And it also happens to be a fine showcase for an absolutely enchanting model.

Sironi doesn’t waste any time. He has Halena A exposing one of her beautiful breasts after just 20 seconds, she’s completely nude 20 seconds later, and we get an enticing explicit full-frontal view 20 seconds later — after one brief minute, “Pedentes” is at full operating temperature. And that temperature is high!

Make no mistake, Halena A is a striking beauty. Her body is without flaw, perfectly proportioned, and her intimate anatomy is particularly enticing. Her performance her isn’t what I would describe as polished, though. There’s a slightly self-conscious quality to her screen presence. But, in Halena’s case, it’s completely endearing — if she’s not entirely at ease in front of the movie camera it only makes her more appealing. If that doesn’t make complete sense, all I can say is screen “Pedentes” and you, too, will be charmed by Halena’s natural persona.

As I mentioned, “Pedentes” is a perfect introduction to Halena A. Her physical and emotional charms are wonderfully revealed here, and a skilled and talented artist has captured the tangible as well as the intangible aspects of this auburn-haired vixen. I look forward to seeing more of Alex Sironi’s films, and more of Halena A in whatever format I can find her!

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“Disteso” starring Patsy A — sultry succulence…

Patsy A: Disteso, by Rylsky, stunning explicit erotic nude art photosPatsy A: Disteso, by Rylsky, stunning explicit erotic nude art photosI’ve followed the MetArt careers of models who were demure in their debut galleries, but who grew bolder and more daring with each subsequent appearance. I can also think of a model or two who’s grown more reserved as her portfolio has expanded. Neither of those profiles applies to the star of “Disteso.” Patsy A delivered stunningly explicit poses in her MetArt debut (I blog about it here), and she may be even more uninhibited in this, her second pictorial. And that’s really saying something!

Rylsky shot Patsy A’s debut, and he’s behind the camera here, as well. The artist has a unique insight into the personalities and emotions of his subjects, and I can only imagine how rewarding it must be for him to work with such a confident and uninhibited model. I do take issue with some of his design choices in “Disteso” however. The back wall and floor of the studio are draped with sheer fabric in a rich reddish brown shade, and this is pleasing to the eye and proves versatile as the set unfolds. But the single piece of clothing the model wears – a backless, pink lace mini-dress — clashes with the background and is also slightly out of synch with Patsy A’s personality. Once she’s taken off the dress and moved it out of frame the series is dramatically improved.

I find this model particularly interesting. Patsy A is toned, fit, and graceful, and one senses a strength of personality that fits well with her physical attributes. And the long legs, long arms, long hair, and her overall proportions are extremely appealing. The ever-stiff nipples of her petite breasts and the glory of her femininity both serve to enhance the package. And in addition to all that, we have this confident, proud, eager model who is utterly without inhibition. It’s not something we necessarily expect from a girl next door type, but it is a joy to behold, nevertheless.

Yes, the explicit shots in “Disteso” are my favorites, but other less revealing images also make the list. #015, framed from the waist up, captures Patsy’s lean, toned beauty nicely. #068 may be the most strikingly stylish composition in the collection, a true gem. I also love the one-legged pose of #096 and how the details of her body are so wonderfully rendered.

And then there are the hot, explicit shots. #050, ripe, lush, and enticingly moist. I love the way Patsy thrusts herself at the lens in #045, but what I love even more is how she blossoms in the two shots that follow — what lover of the female flesh could possibly resist? The glistening fingers in #086 add additional impact to the glistening flower. And in #092 we have a dreamy, as well as daring, invitation. Oh, Patsy!

“Disteso” starring Patsy A — sultry succulence… Comments (2)
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“Fond” with Nastya C — back to the beginning…

Nastya C: Fond, by Luca Helios, slender blonde with a haunted look

This is a downbeat, moody MetArt erotic photo series. Some of this is due to the style employed by the photographer, but much of it comes from the model’s restrained performance and her haunted expression. And as I worked my way through the set I became haunted by a sense of déjà vu. A brief stroll down memory lane explained the feeling: I had “been here before,” for the very first post on this blog.

Nastya C starred in a Luca Helios set, “Seasons,” that was the subject of my first critique when the MetArt blog was launched back in November 2010. Today, 652 posts later, I sit down to evaluate “Fond,” with Nastya C, and also photographed by Luca Helios. And not much has changed. I have no way of confirming this, but I suspect the two sets were shot at the same time, in different areas of the same location. And while Nastya wears a different dress in each series, her styling is virtually identical. So, two sets, “separated at birth,” or so it seems.

As similar as the two sets are, my reaction to this one is quite unlike my response to the first. While the model is physically appealing, her restrained performance and limited emotional range creates a sense of distance in this pictorial. Even when she manages something approximating a smile, in #043, there’s a certain lack of warmth. In other shots she seems oddly angry (#012) and distracted (#024). I’m not suggesting that Nastya C should be grinning from ear to ear and radiating cheerful joy, but there’s a certain detachment and lack of energy that diminishes her considerable beauty in “Fond.” Maybe she needs to get out of that hotel room and into a more convivial environment?

“Fond” with Nastya C — back to the beginning… Comments (7)
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“Presenting” Rinna A — locked lips and stiff nips…

Rinna A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, MetArt model makes nude debut

The first three images in this debut MetArt gallery provide an inviting introduction to first time model Rinna A. It was only after viewing the series in its entirety that I realized those three shots also foreshadow one of the model’s signature traits that I mention in the title of this post.

Rinna A has exceptionally beautiful lips. They’re ripe, they’re full, they’re shapely. But with only a couple of exceptions, those lips remain firmly closed — by my casual count she opens her mouth only two times in the entire pictorial. So resolute is her refusal to part those pretty lips that I got the feeling that she might have a mouthful of braces. She does smile broadly enough in #074 to reveal a gleaming row of pearly whites, however, so I am at a loss to explain exactly why those lovely lips are locked.

I can’t explain with certainty why the nipples of Rinna’s pert and petite breasts are so prominently and eye-catchingly erect throughout the set, either, but this feature is far easier to enjoy than the mystery of this model’s mouth. While those prominent protuberances are visible in nearly every topless or nude shot in the set, Alex Sironi devotes several detailed images to the tantalizing twins, of which #090 is one fine example.

In “Presenting,” Rinna A projects a surprisingly wide range of expressions for a (presumed) first-time model — a fact made even more surprising when one considers the limited expressive options her locked lips create. She can look polished and glamorous, she can look relaxed and casual, and she peppers the set with many unexpected and varied looks. I’m intrigued by her expression in #021, even if (or perhaps because) I can’t quite tell what she’s thinking. I love her glamorous look in #023, with her lips just barely parted. And her green eyes and luscious lips are highlights of #068 and #108. If she can better integrate her mouth into her modeling I expect Rinna A to earn a devoted following in the future.

“Presenting” Rinna A — locked lips and stiff nips… Comments (2)
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