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“Mezitay” starring Cathleen A — let’s talk about sex…

Cathleen A: Mezitay, by Arkisi, super-sexy explicit nude art photosCathleen A is cute, adorable, kittenish. She can project sugary sweetness and there’s often a lively, animated, playful energy in her eyes and general demeanor. But cuteness is just one aspect of the Metart erotic photo series “Mezitay.”

I can also say that the artist Arkisi is a skilled technician and that he has a knack for simple, natural set design and art direction. Or that he’s careful to include a broad range of compositions, and that he inspires and instructs his subject to attempt a variety of moods, emotions, and styles through her poses. But technical and artistic ability are not what “Mezitay” is about.

Cathleen A’s performance here, and Arkisi’s presentation in “Mezitay,” are about one thing, and one thing only. And that thing is sex. This can’t be surprising, it is an erotic photo set, after all. Cathleen A is nude throughout, and images of a beautiful naked woman are bound to inspire sexual thoughts. But there’s more to it than that. It’s a spirit, an attitude, a state of mind that’s instantly recognized and irresistibly attractive. Beautiful girl, yes. Pretty photographs, yes. But spend a bit of time perusing these photos and I expect most viewers’ thoughts will take a sharp turn in a prurient direction.

And it’s not just about detailed explicit close-ups and a variety of bold and brazen poses. “Mezitay” is filled with both, and by the time it’s over a skilled artist could probably draw a perfect rendering of Cathleen’s profoundly pretty pudenda from memory. But more than the obvious physical aspects, it’s the look in those big beautiful eyes. The sly smile on those luscious lips. A tilt of the head and a roll of the hips. Cathleen A has a gift for loading these revealing poses with animal emotion that can’t help but heat up the most jaded libido.

It would probably be easier to list the images in “Mezitay” that are not great than to list those that are. I do think there’s a little too much emphasis on the “I’m sucking my finger, what does that remind you of?” pose. Apart from that, pleasing images are plentiful. #001, a tame, full-length body shot is a fine introduction, and the corner of the bed in the foreground provides a hint of the heat soon to come. In #038 Cathleen is on the bed, posed to perfection, and giving fresh meaning to the term “bedroom eyes.” An invitation to erotic ecstasy is extended in #049, a rear view with sultry attitude. Getting as close as can be in #078 provides enticing anatomical detail.

Talk about beauty. Talk about art. Cathleen A in “Mezitay” will quickly turn the subject of the conversation to sex.

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“Presenting” Sabrisse A — cool start/fiery finish…

Sabrisse A: Presenting, by Luca Helios, explicit erotic art photos

In the first several images of “Presenting,” Sabrisse A’s very first Metart erotic photo gallery, the model displays a range of expressions. In #001, the first shot in the set, she appears pensive, thoughtful, even aloof. And for the next few photos she looks somewhat distant and cool. Based on those first impressions I can imagine that some viewers might feel put off, and that they might exit the set in search of a warmer, more engaging model. But judging this gallery by a handful of images would be a mistake, and anyone who doesn’t take the time to enjoy the entire collection — and this enticing model — is doing themselves a disservice.

The pictorial takes place next to and on top of a heavy wooden table in a modern kitchen. The wall in the background is a vivid shade of red, orange and red candles provide accents, and stainless steel fixtures and contemporary furniture complete the set. The colors are bold, but they don’t overwhelm. In fact, combined with the white of her shoes, lace panties, and top, the art direction is particularly flattering to the model’s coloring and complexion. With the details of the set skillfully taken care of, Luca Helios proceeds to give us a detailed and varied view of this appealing newcomer.

After a somewhat chilly introduction Sabrisse A warms up considerably. She does have depth, there’s a wonderfully moody quality to a lot of her expressions, but she’s also got a bright and lively smile and plenty of spontaneous energy. Even when Helios suggests posing with a couple of oranges Sabrisse makes the best of an awkward situation. But there’s nothing at all awkward about her explicit poses, and there are many of them here. Sabrisse shares her body freely and generously and Helios gets in extremely close to capture the delightful details — for examples see #044, #045, #077, and #094.

As inspiring as her intimate anatomy is in close-ups, Sabrisse A looks good at any range: fully dressed, totally nude, or anywhere in between. There are several pleasing headshots, for example (#097 is one), and even when she’s concealing the naughty bits and simply gazing at the camera, as she does in #105, the effect is powerfully charming. She can be cool, and she can be fiery, but no matter her mood, Sabrisse A is a pleasure to look at, and “Presenting” is an impressive debut.

“Presenting” Sabrisse A — cool start/fiery finish… Be the first to comment!
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“Lakini” starring Lukki Lima — sweeter in a sweater…

Lukki Lima: Lakini, by Albert Varin, explicit pix of a tasty tiny-top

I missed this model’s first Metart erotic photo set, but after spending some quality time with “Lakini,” her second gallery, I’m going to correct the omission as soon as possible. Lukki Lima is a very beautiful girl, a skilled and enthusiastic model, and she’s got a warm, natural charm that’s a delight to experience.

Lukki Lima has a particularly appealing look — it’s easy to imagine her in a glamorous, high-style environment, but her natural beauty shines even when she’s in a mundane setting with barely a hint of make-up. Albert Varin understands this, and the only bit of costuming or decoration he’s given his subject is a cozy sweater — no jewelry, no props, no fancy art direction, furniture, or elaborate lighting is needed. He shoots her up against a wooden storage unit, and down on the floor in front of it, and lets Lukki charm his camera and the viewer — nothing more is necesary and “Lakini” is a success from start to finish.

I have admitted to having a certain weakness for freckled redheads in the past, and Lukki Lima is a fine specimen of the breed. Lukki has a slim but supremely womanly body — her hips are full, her waist narrow, and her petite and perky breasts are capped with proudly puffy nipples. If you have a taste for tiny-tops, you’re going to want to get a good long look at Lukki!

It’s one thing to be a natural beauty, and quite another to be a natural model — Lukki Lima is both. She’s completely uninhibited, for starters, and she’s eager to try any and every pose she or Varin can come up with. She’s an absolute doll in demure, nothing-showing headshots (#001 or #023 or #061), she enthusiastically offers her sex to the camera with a smile (#050), and she readily allows the photographer to move in for explicit shot after explicit shot, including some impressive extreme close-ups (#056 and #057 for example).

Lakini” doesn’t only give us a varied and extremely detailed look at the enticing details and inviting beauty of Lukki Lima, it also gives the viewer a vivid sense of this model’s personality. Whether she’s being thoughtful, playful, serious, flirtatious, or simply smiling happily (#021) few girls I can think of are sweeter in a sweater — or out of one — than Lukki Lima.

“Lakini” starring Lukki Lima — sweeter in a sweater… Comments (2)
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“Solbao” with Candice Luka — choose your views…

Candice Luka: Solbao, by Luca Helios, scenic locale, explicit nude pix

The setting of “Solbao” is quite striking. We’re on a patio, bordered by a plate glass partition, and in the distance the vivid blue sea under bright, cloudless skies. It’s simple and appealing, the kind of natural vista one could easily gaze at for hours at a time, day after day. Photographer Luka Helios places a single chair, fashioned from rustic, sun-bleached tree limbs against this beautiful backdrop, and sits his subject in it.

I’ve commented on this particular subject — Candice Luka — once before, and on that occasion I was thoroughly impressed by her beauty and personality. That set was also crafted by Mr. Helios, and much of what made the earlier series a success is present here.

Above and beyond her splendid physical architecture, Candice Luka has a warm spirit and an inviting smile. I haven’t performed a statistical comparison, but I think she’s a bit more reserved with her smile in “Solbao,” but when she shares it with us — #024 and #084 are two prime examples — it’s sincere and very nearly irresistible. And Candice Luka is, as I noted in my previous critique, not the slightest bit shy. She’s confident and proud of her body and we’re treated to numerous explicit poses as well as some high-impact extreme close-ups (#040, #051, #093, and #094 provide a representative sample).

With the summer sun high in the sky, Luka Helios has taken care to keep his model sheltered by an unseen overhang and she’s completely in shadow for virtually all of the pictorial. At times a tiny beam of sunshine kisses her lustrous hair (see #062). I understand the choice, but I can’t help but feel that the uniform shade dampens the tonal palette and the overall mood to some small degree. (A handful of images — #116 through #120 — at the very end of the series are shot in an entirely different setting, against a bright beige background, and they don’t suffer from this effect, perhaps validating my observation.)

A beautiful and charming model, a scenic location, and a wide variety of compositions — from figure studies to eye-popping extreme close-ups — all contribute to the success of “Solbao.” All that’s left for the viewer is to choose his or her preferred views.

“Solbao” with Candice Luka — choose your views… Comments (1)
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“Provalo” starring Mila I — flower power…

Mila I: Provalo, by Tony Murano, hot, explicit erotic nude art photosCalling a model in her early twenties a “veteran” seems a bit odd, but “Provalo” is Mila I‘s forty-ninth appearance at MetArt so the description is fitting. And it’s quite easy to understand this beautiful blonde’s enduring appeal. She’s physically enticing, of course, but Mila I also has a spirited, lively personality that is easily captured in still photos or on video.

In looking at Mila I’s impressive catalog I notice something interesting. Although she’s worked with a diverse assortment of MetArt contributing photographers, eight of her ten most highly rated pictorials were created by one artist, Tony Murano. With “Provalo” I have a chance to see for myself why this particular team has proven to be so popular and successful.

Although the very first image is tilted for no obvious reason (a pet peeve of mine), the lighting and set design is pleasing, and Mila’s styling is a bit more polished than usual, which is also pleasing — Mila is nothing if not versatile, and here’s yet more proof. Then model and artist begin to experiment. In #005 we Mila is in a thoughtful mood, but by #009, still fully dressed, she expresses sexual ecstasy.

Explicit and unashamedly sexual imagery is a Tony Murano trademark, and as “Provalo” progresses it offers ever-increasing eroticism. While Mila I is undeniably cute with a bright and charming spirit, she’s also powerfully sexy, and this series captures that aspect of her personality quite impressively.

Yes, there are “tame” yet stylish photos here – #047, a study of Mila’s breasts with several flowers slightly out of focus in the background is one example. And the architecture of her body is rendered to striking effect in #072. Here Mila’s shoulders are on the floor and her body arches upward, supported by her legs up on the bed.

But the main course here is flowers — of two distinct varieties. Toward the end of “Provalo” Mila’s is in glistening full bloom as it is showered with yellow petals. And in the final shot, an extreme close-up, a single golden petal is held near a pink blossom of incomparable beauty. That’s what I call flower power!

“Provalo” starring Mila I — flower power… Comments (1)
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“Pecado” starring Violla A — a wench in the woodlands…

Violla A: Pecado, by Matiss, explicit poses and extreme close-ups

The first time I commented on a MetArt erotic photo gallery featuring Violla A she had dyed her hair a particularly vivid shade of orange. Although I quite enjoyed her performance and the set in general, I felt that her hair color might put some viewers off the series. In this pictorial I’m happy to say that Violla now sports a somewhat more natural color, one that flatters the model rather than drawing attention away from her other attributes.

Generally speaking, there are very few distractions in the photographer’s design and execution of “Pecado.” The model is totally nude and barefoot throughout. She does use a piece of fabric or clothing as a ground cover in several images, but other than that, a colorful manicure and earrings made of a single feather complete her costume.

The location is a forest. Much of the gallery has Violla situated among the gnarled branches and roots of a toppled tree. There is much visual interest and texture to work with here, and, to her credit, Violla seems completely comfortable in what isn’t necessarily a comfortable area. Violla A has a warm, lively, and fun-loving personality that really comes across in these photos. She laughs, she smiles, and she speaks volumes with her exceptionally beautiful eyes.

She is also completely free and at ease with her body and she seems to delight in striking the most explicitly revealing poses possible. Even at some distance these poses are bold and enticing, and when Matiss moves in for intimate close-ups the detail is truly exceptional. Better keep the fire crew on high alert — in “Pecado” Violla A is more than capable of igniting an erotic inferno.

“Pecado” starring Violla A — a wench in the woodlands… Comments (8)
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“Ortancia” starring Altea B — return of the magnificent two…

Altea B: Ortancia, by Erro - the return of 2 magnificent MetArt stars

Today we celebrate the unexpected but welcome reunion and return of two individuals with a long and prolific connection to MetArt. The star of “Ortancia” has posed in 56 erotic pictorials on the site, but her last appearance was almost exactly two years ago. And the photographer is a living legend in the field of erotic art photography with a particularly grand total of 370 photo sets and movies at MetArt — not to mention the vast catalog of his work presented at the site he founded, which is also a member of the MetArt Network.

So, the arrival of a set created by Altea B and Erro is a notable occasion and worthy of celebration. And, as one might rightly expect, “Ortancia” doesn’t disappoint. Because the model’s MetArt contributions ended not long after I came aboard this is the first time I’ve seen her. But, now that I have, I can — and will — go back and savor the many sets she appeared in between 2006 and 2010. Petite, with dark hair and eyes, Altea B is a delicate nymph with a kittenish spirit. And she’s more than willing to offer inviting explicit views.

Erro takes full advantage of his willing subject and several eye-pleasing extreme close-ups are among the standout images in the collection. And the master stylist also includes detail shots that are delicately beautiful — I’m thinking of #090, a close shot of Altea’s feet, and #112, a portrait of her toes. More conventional portraits, like #084, effortlessly create an intimacy between model and viewer.

That effortless quality extends to the design and execution of the entire series. The model poses on two simple white tables, backed on one side by a white wall, and on the other by the landscape. The lighting is natural, soft, slightly diffused. When he frames his subject against the white wall it’s almost as if she’s posing against a seamless backdrop in an artfully lighted studio setting (see #047 for an example of this effect). But, overall, the mood is casual and relaxed — a seasoned artist working with a beautiful and cooperative model.

There’s much to enjoy here, but I can’t resist calling out some additional images: #076 (adorable sideways headshot), #037 (close, really close), #098 (on all fours, beaming – a irresistible centerpiece), and  #095 (beautiful, intimate headshot).

Whether you’re already a fan of the model or artist, or if this is your first exposure to either one, “Ortancia” offers an unexpected opportunity to experience two uniquely talented MetArt contributors.

“Ortancia” starring Altea B — return of the magnificent two… Comments (8)
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“Protasi” starring Sinia A — from zero to sexy in nothing flat…

Sinia A: Protasi, by Arkisi, achingly erotic, explicit art images

Pacing is a term that I often use when discussing MetArt — or SexArt, for that matter — HD erotic movies. But the notion of pacing also applies to erotic photo galleries. A pictorial containing well over one hundred images allows the artist to tell a bit of a story as the model disrobes, for example, or as her posing becomes more and more frank over the course of the pictorial.

In “Protasi,” created by the artist Arkisi, the pacing is akin to a starter’s pistol. On your mark, get set, go! We have four images of the model, topless, barefoot, and wearing a skirt. Then in image #005 — bang! A boldly explicit rear view hits us right between the eyes. There’s virtually nothing in the way of build up, the merest hint of tease, and “Protasi” explodes with exuberant, up-close, detailed, and energetically erotic imagery.

Sinia A is no shrinking violet, that much I can assure you! This beauty is unabashed and unashamedly sexual. She is sweet and thoughtful, as well. And there’s an undeniable warmth and a playful intelligence in her gorgeous eyes, but her sultry, playful, “come and get it” sexuality is the most striking element of this bold and beautiful erotic offering.

I understand that some MetArt members have a limited interest in explicit intimate close-ups. But if you enjoy them, I think you’ll agree that the subject — delicate, pink, and succulent — is more than worthy of detailed scrutiny. And these aren’t simply pin-sharp pictures of Sinia’s (formerly) private parts. Each of these plentiful explicit images is a self-contained sexual story. I have far too many favorites to list, but one doesn’t often find photos as achingly erotic (and strikingly beautiful) as image #039. Go ahead, use your fingers and toes — you’ll soon see that there are too many super-hot shots in this collection to count.

Now, there are cute shots, sweet shots, and beautiful headshots, as well (see #109). Oh, she’s cute, charming, and engaging, alright. But in “Protasi” Sinia A simply sizzles with sexuality.

“Protasi” starring Sinia A — from zero to sexy in nothing flat… Comments (4)
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“Favor” starring Toxic A — slim, rich, and rewarding…

Toxic A: Favor, by Arkisi, the fine art of erotic photography

This is a very good set. That’s the condensed version of my initial impressions, and if it’s enough to get you to take a close look at the MetArt erotic gallery titled “Favor,” then I consider my job here complete. For those who require further persuasion, however, I will elaborate.

When this model made her MetArt debut I was immediately smitten. It was a beautifully shot gallery, to be sure, but what won me over was the model’s beauty and personal warmth. My only difficulty with the set was the model’s name — I still don’t know why she’s named Toxic A, and I doubt I ever will. “Favor” her sixth series, offers ample proof that my “love at first sight” was no fluke.

And when I say that “this is a very good set” I’m referring to more than the model, much more, in fact. Arkisi photographed “Favor,” and it is a rich, varied, and truly impressive demonstration of artistry. It falls, roughly, into two segments. The first of these takes place before large windows looking out on tall trees. The lighting is complex and tricky, but Arkisi masters the challenges it presents. Notice, for example, how the backlighting in #021 brings out the details of Toxic’s slender body while shrouding her sex in darkness. Another, entirely different effect is achieved in #050, where bright light shines on her hand and hip while her smile radiates softly from the shadows.

In the second section, Toxic A moves away from the windows and into what we now learn is a bedroom. Here the rich, warm colors of the furnishings and subdued light create a romantic and inviting setting in which Toxic’s charms — both physical and emotional — bloom vibrantly. An eager and inventive poser, Toxic A delivers and energetic and lively performance. In a calm, pensive mode she helps Arkisi create a painterly gem in #058. In #097, her body striped by vivid light and shadow her smiling face fairly glows. And in more than a few of these diverse and delightfully artistic images Toxic A‘s luscious intimate anatomy is fully and explicitly revealed.

On further thought, “this is a very good set” seems to be a bit of an understatement. In considering the model’s natural beauty and ability, and the photographer’s technical skill and artistic talent, I have to say that “Favor” is fine, indeed.

“Favor” starring Toxic A — slim, rich, and rewarding… Comments (6)
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“Veritat” with Bella C — c’mon, get happy…

Bella C: Veritat, by Koenart, curvy model, nude photographs

Sharp-eyed readers — well, even one-eyed readers — will immediately recognize the location of this set. I wrote about a series created in the same space by the same photographer just the other day. It’s a pleasant room, with lovely light, the only question is, will this MetArt gallery be as pleasing as the previous example?

I could make you wait and turn my attention to the more pleasing elements of “Veritat,” but I will spare you the wait. After all, the set’s title is the Latin word for truth, so I have no choice but to be honest. The answer is: no.

In technical and stylistic terms Koenart is consistent from the previous set and this one. He’s rearranged the room slightly, moved out the chair and replaced it with an ottoman. So, why is this set less successful? Who gets the credit, or the blame? Our choices are limited. Would anybody care to venture a guess?

Yes, a gold star for those who picked the model. What is it about her, what she’s done, or what she hasn’t done, that makes this series less than satisfying? It can’t be her body, she’s voluptuous, shapely, and otherwise inviting. It can’t be her tattoos — Koenart studiously avoids including them in his compositions and they are only visible in a few shots. And it’s not her face, not exactly.

It’s her smile, or absence of same. It’s her attitude. Truthfully, I can only say that I get the distinct feeling Bella C isn’t enjoying posing for this set. When she attempts even a shadow of a smile, as in #032, the result is faint and forced. And in #058 her expression is almost one of resentment.

I don’t mean to suggest that all models should always be happy and smiling broadly – far from it! Some of my favorite MetArt galleries feature models in contemplative, thoughtful, understated moods. But in shot after shot, no matter how appealing Bella C is physically, I get the feeling she’d rather be somewhere, anywhere, else.

As it happens, the last few shots feature the fully dressed model outdoors. In these shots Bella C is happy! She is smiling, naturally and genuinely. I only wish she’d brought some of that cheerful spirit to her nude sitting.

“Veritat” with Bella C — c’mon, get happy… Be the first to comment!
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