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“Ortancia” starring Altea B — return of the magnificent two…

Altea B: Ortancia, by Erro - the return of 2 magnificent MetArt stars

Today we celebrate the unexpected but welcome reunion and return of two individuals with a long and prolific connection to MetArt. The star of “Ortancia” has posed in 56 erotic pictorials on the site, but her last appearance was almost exactly two years ago. And the photographer is a living legend in the field of erotic art photography with a particularly grand total of 370 photo sets and movies at MetArt — not to mention the vast catalog of his work presented at the site he founded, which is also a member of the MetArt Network.

So, the arrival of a set created by Altea B and Erro is a notable occasion and worthy of celebration. And, as one might rightly expect, “Ortancia” doesn’t disappoint. Because the model’s MetArt contributions ended not long after I came aboard this is the first time I’ve seen her. But, now that I have, I can — and will — go back and savor the many sets she appeared in between 2006 and 2010. Petite, with dark hair and eyes, Altea B is a delicate nymph with a kittenish spirit. And she’s more than willing to offer inviting explicit views.

Erro takes full advantage of his willing subject and several eye-pleasing extreme close-ups are among the standout images in the collection. And the master stylist also includes detail shots that are delicately beautiful — I’m thinking of #090, a close shot of Altea’s feet, and #112, a portrait of her toes. More conventional portraits, like #084, effortlessly create an intimacy between model and viewer.

That effortless quality extends to the design and execution of the entire series. The model poses on two simple white tables, backed on one side by a white wall, and on the other by the landscape. The lighting is natural, soft, slightly diffused. When he frames his subject against the white wall it’s almost as if she’s posing against a seamless backdrop in an artfully lighted studio setting (see #047 for an example of this effect). But, overall, the mood is casual and relaxed — a seasoned artist working with a beautiful and cooperative model.

There’s much to enjoy here, but I can’t resist calling out some additional images: #076 (adorable sideways headshot), #037 (close, really close), #098 (on all fours, beaming – a irresistible centerpiece), and  #095 (beautiful, intimate headshot).

Whether you’re already a fan of the model or artist, or if this is your first exposure to either one, “Ortancia” offers an unexpected opportunity to experience two uniquely talented MetArt contributors.

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“Presenting” Kolumbina A — a promising pair of premieres…

Kolumbina A: Presenting, by Alen Amadeus, new model + new artist

New models join the MetArt talent pool at an almost astounding rate. By my informal count, in the month of August, alone, 13 new girls debuted at MetArt. As I write, September is only five days old, and three new girls have already appeared this month. Impressive.

Obviously, it’s the talent in front of the camera that’s of paramount importance, but the artist composing the images is a critical part of the erotic art equation. And this MetArt erotic photo gallery is the first submitted to the site by photographer Alen Amadeus. So “Presenting” Kolumbina A is one of those happy occasions when we first meet a new model and artist simultaneously.

After examining only a few images I’m impressed, intrigued, and entertained. Kolumbina A with her lithe, lean, shapely body and long, wavy, pleasantly unruly auburn hair is a visual treat. She has particularly refined facial features, and she’s exceptionally expressive, conveying a wide variety of moods without a hint of stiffness or insincerity. She has a natural beauty that is enhanced by a relaxed ease in front of the camera. When she smiles one can’t help but smile along with her. I don’t know if she’s had prior modeling experience, but this 20-year-old knows what she’s doing and makes it look absolutely effortless.

Likewise, Alen Amadeus has a solid grasp of the task at hand. It’s an overcast day on the verdant banks of a river. He’s dressed the model in shades of red that adds visual snap to the images without looking the least bit contrived. He knows how to present and flatter Kolumbina to maximize her assets, and at the same time he fully satisfies the needs of the viewing audience. Modest, pretty headshots, figure studies, explicit anatomical close-ups, candid, spontaneous moments — he captures them all with a skilled ease and style that never draws our attention away from the model.

This MetArt photo series is a success for Kolumbina A and Alen Amadeus both as individuals and as collaborators. I look forward to more of their work, either together or apart.

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“Qualite” starring Feeona A — enticing and angelic…

Feeona A: Qualite, by Rylsky, adorable model/lovely erotic photos

I’ve had the pleasure of commenting on two previous MetArt pictorials starring Feeona A and she never fails to impress me (first impression, impression the second). And it’s not simply because of her physical beauty — this girl has an utterly charming and disarming personality that really comes across in photographs. Do you have ice water in your veins? You’ll need it if you choose to resist this model or this set!

The series is composed of three basic segments. This isn’t always an effective approach, I must say. Sometimes one section stands out and the additional material seems weak in comparison. But in “Qualite” the three separate sections combine to create a unified whole that is even greater than the sum of its parts.

Rylsky‘s photo essay begins in the make-up room as Feeona A prepares herself for the work ahead. Topless but wearing a tight pair of jeans, the model works with powder and a brush as well as a curling iron. These casual images are a delight, and there are some truly beautiful photos here. #034, for example, is as beguiling a headshot as one might want. Feeona also displays her playful side here, and whether she’s sticking out her tongue (036) or having impure thoughts about her curling iron (029) she delivers a natural and spontaneous performance.

The second section reveals the results of the pre-show preparation. Here her appearance is polished and more formal, but her spirit is still sweet and lively. Seated, quite gracefully, on a banister in #039 she gives the photographer all he needs to create a beautiful image. There are a few explicit shots in the mix, as well as two beautiful butt-shots (101 and 102) as well as an absolutely angelic headshot (095).

Qualite” concludes with a group of shots taken during a mid-day meal. These are the least erotic images in the collection, but they’re enjoyable nonetheless because they allow us to see Feeona A in an entirely different setting and style, which gives us a finer sense of her enchanting personality.

“Qualite” starring Feeona A — enticing and angelic… Comments (7)
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“Sebille” starring Sharon D — smiling face, parted lips, and happy feet…

Sharon D: Sebille, by Rylsky, explicit pix with foot fetish flavor

I am not a “foot guy.” There, I’ve said it. I freely and truthfully admit that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a foot fetishist. When it comes to a pretty girl’s feet I am neither repulsed or attracted. I maintain a strict neutrality on the general subject of pedal extremities. All I ask is that they are neither too big or too small (I suppose), that they are well formed, groomed, healthy, and firmly attached to a pair of shapely legs.

Either by accident or design, the feet featured in this MetArt erotic pictorial seem determined to attract my attention. They creep in from the edge of a frame. They pop up, arched or pointed, in the background. They hover in the general vicinity of other far more intriguing pieces of anatomy. Sharon D is the main attraction here, but her feet seem to be demanding equal time in the spotlight.

Now, if you are a “foot guy,” this has got to be a very good thing! Not only do you get a beautiful, playful, uninhibited, and engaging model, you also get an extra emphasis on her tempting tootsies.

While photographer Rylsky may have consciously decided to put additional visual stress on Sharon’s feet here, he hasn’t done so at the expense of the rest of her body. Her trim physique is showcased in full length portraits (#054 is one fine example), as well as explicit, detailed close-ups of her moist and succulent femininity. We have beautiful headshots like #112 (and a variation with more body in #077). And, as mentioned, no matter how pretty the face, how warm the smile, or how explicit the pose, Sharon D’s feet are ready for their close-ups. In #075 Sharon’s head and upper body fill the right side of the frame with glowing beauty…even as her right foot occupies the other half of frame begging for (and perhaps receiving) attention. I think Sharon D’s most fetish-worthy feature lies roughly halfway between her head and her toes, but no matter what you prefer, you’ll find it in “Sebille.”

“Sebille” starring Sharon D — smiling face, parted lips, and happy feet… Comments (2)
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“Idéale” starring Aprilia A — a familiar ring…

Aprilia A: Ideale, by Koenart, blue-eye beauty, explicit erotic art pix

Dark hair and blue eyes makes for an alluring combination on an attractive woman. One of the great screen sirens of cinematic history, Elizabeth Taylor, is a singular example of the legendary beauties blessed with this comely combination and it certainly did nothing to hamper her success.

Dark-haired, blue-eyed Aprilia A. uses these two pleasing physical assets — along with several others — to potent effect in this MetArt erotic photo gallery. It may not be to every viewer’s liking, but if you find the look attractive, you will find much to enjoy here.

Obviously, the hair and eyes receive the most attention in dedicated headshots, and Koenart includes a selection of pleasing portraits in his photo series. Early on, before she disrobes, in #004 he captures Aprilia A. in a somewhat moody shot and the eyes contribute much to that image.

If I must find fault with “Idéale” it is that the photographer is prone to tilting the camera to, perhaps, add some extra interest to certain shots. Sometimes, to his credit, it’s effective. In other shots, #016 for example, it adds an almost queasy element to the shot — it would be, in my opinion, a more effective composition if the vertical elements were, indeed, vertical.

There are many explicit images here, and the subject certainly warrants the attention. The set hits a prolonged series of high notes in a cluster of shots in which the model’s back faces the camera, spanning numbers 063 through 071. Here Aprilia A. is totally nude and positioned on the hardwood floor. #063 is a simple figure study, with a pleasing emphasis on her feet — note the delicate toe ring. This sequence of shots quickly heats up, however, and reaches a peak of erotic artistry in #070. On her knees, head resting on the floor, the flared fingers of one hand gripping her ass, and those blue eyes regarding the camera with a subtle but unmistakable sensuality.

After so many powerfully erotic images it’s refreshing that the set closes with several pictures of Aprilia A., in casual dress, out in the street — it’s a sweet way of winding down from the intensity of the collection.

(PS: Does anyone else find that ring on her left hand unsettling?)

“Idéale” starring Aprilia A — a familiar ring… Be the first to comment!
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An epic ending…

Jasmine A: Ballet Rehearsal Complete, by Goncharov, ballet erotica

Viewers of this set may experience a bit of déjà vu, I know I initially did. But I was able to unravel the mystery. Every visitor to MetArt gets a glimpse of it. And every time a member returns to the site, it’s right there, in the upper, left of the landing page: an image of Jasmine A. in her ballet slippers and violet tutu. While that single image is a longstanding element of MetArt’s site design, the multi-part series has a rich history here. The first installment of Goncharov’s “Ballet Rehearsal” appeared in January, 2004. Additional “episodes” appeared in 2004 and 2005. But the photographer has waited until now to bring down the curtain on his masterful series.

Let me simply say that it was certainly worth the wait! But wait a bit longer before jumping to any conclusions about the set. Jasmine isn’t simply a model wearing a ballerina costume. She is a classically trained ballerina who is also a model. As a result, she can assume poses far beyond the physical ability of even the most fit and agile female. In dozens of images here, for example, she is en pointe, standing gracefully on the very tips of her toes. To adequately describe this set would require far more space than I’ve been allotted, and I find myself compelled to go have a leisurely look at the first three sets in this masterful quartet. I expect many others will have a similar reaction.

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Multiple choice…

Ilona A: Waiting, by Natasha Schon, moody, artistic, thought-provoking

Weighing in at 245 images, Natasha Schon’s “Waiting,” starring Ilona A. is a huge, sprawling photo series. As I methodically worked my way through the extensive collection I was buffeted by shifting emotions.

Surely the set could benefit from some editing. Is this shot deliberately underexposed? Why bother with what appears to be a throwaway shot like #0094? Will the model ever disrobe? But the more I looked, the more I found to like. And my initially negative reactions began to mutate.

Yes, the set might benefit from some pruning. But why not leave those choices to the viewer? And, yes, some shots are dark. But in #0007, for example, the interplay of darkness and light is certainly pleasing. And, out of the blur of so many frames, standouts do emerge. In #0100 Ilona, wearing only a pair of black panties, stands, casually, on tiptoe. In a companion to that shot, #0129, she is less casual, and more nude. The more I looked, the more I found to like. Perhaps that’s what “Waiting” is all about.

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From the MetArt mailbox…

Anna AJ: Treasure, by Leonardo, erotic photo series cover

We get letters. Not the parchment, sealing wax, and postage kind, but our members do like to share their opinions with us. Here’s a sampling of reactions to Leonardo’s series, “Treasure,” starring Anna AJ:

Dear MetArt,
Loved it, more please. — R.

Dear R.,
I can’t tell you exactly when — due to the MetArt employee blood oath. Wait I’ve said too much! — but you will be seeing more of Anna AJ, and soon. Cheers!

Dear MetArt,
She is top notch but the photos with the cigarette are a real minus! However, I could overlook that if she would come and stay with me for a week. Please give her my e-mail address.— Rock

Dear Rock,
I’m not terribly fond of the smoking shots, either. But in Anna’s case, if she wants to smoke a corncob pipe, a hookah, or cheap cigars it’s fine with me! I’d pass along your contact info to Anna, but I have a feeling your “no smoking” rule is a deal-breaker. Thanks for writing!

Dear MetArt,
Perfect! — false

Dear false,
A truer word has rarely been spoken. And with your moniker, that’s really saying something! Best regards.

Dear MetArt,
I am disappointed with this photo set. This is supposed to be a nude art site and the photographer has the model wearing high heels. Nude means bereft of clothing.  If she is wearing shoes, she is not nude. — David M.

Dear David,
I will concede the technical point. In the strictest terms, Anna AJ is not nude in this series. But this is a potentially contentious topic. If we are to enforce your rigid definition of nude, is make-up permitted? Earrings? A hair pin? And, just as you would prefer Anna barefoot, other members might prefer her in a pair of sleek stilettos. Although we try, it isn’t possible for us — or even a model as striking as Anna AJ — to please all MetArt members all the time. I appreciate hearing your opinion and I sincerely hope that Anna grants your request for strict nudity in a future appearance. Thank you.

Anna AJ: Treasure, by Leonardo, erotic photo series cover

From the MetArt mailbox… Comments (4)
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Third time charms…

Anna AU: Vestale, by Elena Ray, stylish, posed, erotic photographyIn the very first image in this set, #0000, Anna strikes a fairly formal pose. A faint smile is on her lips, her wrists crossed, hands on knees just so, sandal-clad feet up on tiptoes. Her long hair falls neatly past her shoulders and, from our P.O.V. we can’t quite see if she is wearing anything more than an elaborate corset.

But, elsewhere in the series, the model (making her third appearance at MetArt) is much more relaxed, much less posed. The set swings between the two extremes with plenty of variety as an inevitable result. Of the more “natural” shots I must single out #0139. Here the model is totally nude. She is on her back. Her hair is mussed against a pillow, the fingers of her right hand rest casually against her head. She is a the very essence of pale, delicate, femininity in this almost painterly image.

Compare that to #0057, a far more stylized full-length shot in which the model reclines, right leg outstretched, left leg folded, and with her right hand very consciously arranged on her right hip. It is an alluring image, make no mistake. These two shots — #0139 and #0057 — could have come from two entirely different series. The fact that they are both contained in “Vestale” is a big part of the pictorial’s charm.

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A tremendously tempting treasure…

Dominika A: Schatz, by Luca Helios, foot, fetish, labia, erotic photoWhen I plugged the title of this set, “Schatz,” into my MetArt Set Title Decoder I was initially surprised to discover that the word is a term of endearment, in German speaking regions, that is roughly equivalent to “honey” or “darling” in my native English. Dominika A. is certainly well worthy of both those descriptors. I further discovered that “Schatz” is also a surname that means “treasure,” and this set, from the mind and lens of prolific contributor Luca Helios, is without question a treasure trove overflowing with enticing images.

There are shots in this collection to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Those who fancy extreme close-ups will gasp in awe as the model reveals her intimate delicacies to the camera. Those who gravitate to fetching feet, shapely legs, tempting toes, and sexy shoes will find much to obsess over here (#0089 and #0048 are two shining examples). Viewers who crave exotic feminine beauty with a glamorous pin-up flavor are well served, as well.

Dominika A. is a treasure, and she should be applauded for sharing her priceless gifts with us so generously!

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