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From the MetArt Mailbox…

Original art by G.M., a MetArt fan and member from France

We recently received an e-mail from a French MetArt member. We were not only impressed by his sincerity and enthusiasm, but also by the high quality of his original artwork – skillful pencil renderings of MetArt models. What follows is an interview we conducted with the talented artist who goes by the initials G.M.

MetArt: How and when did you first discover MetArt?

G.M.: I discovered MetArt by chance about six years ago. I had been searching for nude models of the Web to draw and learn anatomy, especially female curves, shadow and light.

MetArt: What first inspired you to create your images of MetArt models?

G.M.: I would say that first of all I looked for natural girls, the harmonious body and face consistent with my standards of beauty. When I discovered MetArt I was immediately inspired by the models – they are young and have a nice freshness that I have never seen before. There is a purity, an innocence, but also very “womanly” quality.

MetArt: Who are your favorite MetArt models to draw, and why?

G.M.: I would say…all! They are all captivating. I do have a preference for a few:

Liza B. who for me is a perfect model. Her face can take different attitudes, sometimes cold – eyes glaze – penetrating, laughing or fun, or the glance of a “femme fatale.” I really feel an intensity in her eyes.Original art by G.M., a MetArt fan and member from France

Julia I. I love her as she is exciting – blonde or brunettte! In “Positiva,” “Xerta,” and “Paraiso,” is where I find the most expressive with different attitudes and ways of playing with the photographer.

Also there is Ariel A. who is really a very beautiful woman, and Jesika A, Anita C, Lily A, Maya C…the list would be too long, but I do have a preference for blondes in general.

MetArt: Do you have a favorite MetArt photographer? If so, what draws you to his or her work?

G.M.: I like photographers who base their model’s pose in nature, there is a dynamic between the brightness and contrast the place, and the scenery found behind the model.

Whether in the forest, a field, or a beach there is something that gives a link between nature and the model that I find really beautiful, a return to simplicity and beauty is perfect for me. So I enjoy photographers like Galio Giovanni, Leonardo, Luca Helios for their outdoor photo sets. There is also the shadow and the light which challenges me in my work to find the right balance to highlight the model. Voronin and Mark are both experts at this.

MetArt: How has MetArt contributed to the development of your own artistic skills?

G.M.: MetArt always helps me and helps me to improve my approach. It has also helped me perfect the realistic body proportions of the anatomy and especially the attitudes of women who are much more varied and complex in their expressions than a man.

Every time I start a new drawing I seek to achieve a realistic look of Original art by G.M., a MetArt fan and member from Francethe piece. The goal for me is to come to represent one of your models as accurately as possible, taking the beauty of the model and the original photograph and giving it the unique charm an artist’s pencil can create.

MetArt: If you could meet and draw one MetArt model, who would you choose, and where would you draw her (studio, nature, etc.)?

G.M.: I think I will choose either Liz B or Julia I.

For the place, because of major difficulties of drawing outdoors – changing sunlight, the moving sun making shadows – I would say indoors, in a softly lit studio.

Let me thank you again for the attention you gave to my first e-mail, it gives me great pleasure to share my work with MetArt.

MetArt: Thank you, G.M., for sharing your beautiful artwork with us!

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