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“Tabulare” starring Marica A — sweet and tempting treats…

Marica A: Tabulare, by Leonardo, those lips, those eyes, those donuts?!Erotic photo stylist Leonardo is among the most prolific and productive Metart contributors. As I write these words his Metart portfolio includes a grand total of 731 galleries (including still photo series as well as HD erotic movies), and by the time I’m finished with this post he will have, no doubt, added to that number. For “Tabulare” he has chosen Marica A as his subject, and that was an excellent choice. Although her charms are many, Marica’s light blue eyes are truly exceptional, and Leonardo has lighted and photographed her in ways that give those limpid, mesmerizing, crystalline orbs maximum impact.

I do have a minor complaint with another of Leonardo’s choices in “Tabulare,” however. Marica, wearing a bra and panties ensemble, poses on a bed. The lighting, always a Leonardo strength, is moody and evocative. But for reasons known only to the artist, and perhaps the model, Leonardo has placed a dish holding two donuts on the bed – see #007 for one example. Donuts. He even has Marica pose and interact with the sugary pastries. Baffling. Distracting. A non sequitur, certainly. And a very, very odd choice.

Marica A is strikingly beautiful, she’s sultry and expressive, and she absolutely exudes steamy sex appeal. And when she gazes into the lens the connection she makes with the viewer is powerfully seductive. There are numerous shots that capture those mesmerizing eyes in this collection, but #021, #035, and #089 are three of my favorites. The latter two, variations on a similar pose (one more explicit than the other) make an unspoken offer few men could possibly resist.

Marica’s eyes and face are featured in “Tabulare,” but the rest of her receives extensive coverage, much of it eye-poppingly explicit. The artist gets in extremely close for some breathtaking detail shots that capture Marica’s sweet and tempting treats in vivid, mouthwatering detail. That face, those eyes, that body, that searing sexuality – Marica A really is an impressive piece of work, and “Tabulare” is guaranteed to whet your appetite. But not for donuts.

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“Noiva” starring Alyssa A — a smile, once in a while…

Alyssa A: Noiva, by Slastyonoff, gorgeous woman in explicit art pixIt’s a complex undertaking, this nude erotic photo modeling. A beautiful face certainly helps, but the range of what is considered beautiful is so broad that beauty, in and of itself isn’t enough. A shapely body is another crucial ingredient, but petite, skinny girls and voluptuous women can both find success in the same arena. A lack of inhibition is absolutely a requirement, and it helps if the photographer is sympathetic and skilled enough to support and encourage the model during the shoot. But perhaps the most important factor — and this is easy to forget when one is dazzled by a parade of mouthwatering bodies and beautiful faces — may well come down to personality. The best models, the sexiest girls, the most sought after women in erotic photography radiate and project engaging personalities.

Alyssa A does, without a doubt exhibit personality in “Noiva.” And she also displays considerable beauty of the facial and physical varieties. From the delicate intimate details — these alone have earned her numerous fans, I don’t doubt — to her trim and shapely figure, Alyssa A is nothing if not beautiful. And her face, framed by long wavy hair and boasting blue eyes of the big and beguiling variety, is as pretty as a picture. And she’s certainly uninhibited — the numerous explicit poses and close-ups provide ample proof of that. So, a truly beautiful woman, unashamed and uninhibited, but perhaps the slightest bit restrained in the personality department. Oh, she is sexy and appealing, and a feast for the eyes, but I do wish she would laugh, smile, let go a little bit, and share more of her personality!

Even so, despite the somewhat limited range of Alyssa A’s expressiveness, there is quite a lot to enjoy in Slastyonoff‘s pictorial. The art direction, lighting, and styling — including the model’s white ensemble of stockings, panties and frilly top — is harmonious and flattering. Even fully dressed, as she is in #023, Alyssa A presents an alluring proposition. With her breasts exposed, eyes closed, and reclining on the sheets in #045 she’s an evocative picture of dreamlike perfection. As for explicit images, #050 gets right to the point(s) and in the cluster of shots spanning #115 through #120, Alyssa offers herself vigorously to the camera with high erotic impact.

Four of the most personality-rich shots, and thus standouts in “Noiva,” are variations on the same pose. In #027, #099, #100 and #101, she faces the camera, head down, ass up. Here Alyssa presents some real depth. Even with her eyes closed, in #100, or in #099 (her most relaxed and natural pose in the collection?) her exquisite beauty and enticing sensuality are in full effect.

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“Conduir” starring Malena Morgan — lusty leading lady…

Malena Morgan: Conduir, by Jason Self, MetArt model & SexArt star nudeWhen Malena Morgan appeared in her first MetArt erotic photo gallery her star had already begun to rise — and MetArt members responded by quickly voting her into the upper reaches of the Top Model rankings (where she has remained) and she embarked a career as a headliner at our sister site, SexArt. I reviewed her first pictorial here, and I also reviewed her star turn in a MetArt HD erotic movie, and Ms. Morgan impressed me with both efforts.

Since her MetArt debut I have had the pleasure of viewing several of Malena’s SexArt productions, and to see her in explicit scenes really is a must-have experience for every one of her many admirers. So if you like what you see here, by all means, get over to SexArt and prepare to be blown away. But “Conduir” was shot, by Jason Self, for MetArt, and it’s nice to see this striking beauty by herself, in a stylish pictorial, minus the XXX action she so excels at on SexArt.

Sexy white pumps, white panties, and a filmy white nighty make a suitably sexy costume here and Malena, a highly skilled mistress of the tease, takes her sweet time in removing the outfit. It’s a credit to Malena Morgan’s beauty and sex appeal that several fully clothed shots are every bit as erotic as the fully nude images that occur later in the series. Indeed, there are several headshots in “Conduir” that don’t need any nudity at all to raise the temperature and one’s heart rate.

Malena Morgan knows she’s hot, she knows she’s beautiful, and she handles herself like an erotic star. When she’s turning on the heat and projecting glamorous star quality at the lens it’s quite impressive. But there are moments here when Malena relaxes a bit, tones down the sex star aspect of her personality, and treats us to a playful twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes or an easy smile on her luscious lips. In #062, topless, Malena Morgan smiles and subtly bites her lower lip — it’s an irresistible image, and it perfectly captures what makes this lusty leading lady the Top Model and erotic cinema star she has become.

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“Vereint” starring Amelie B — boudoir beauty…

Amelie B: Vereint, by Leonardo, elegant beauty nude in a boudoirA cozy bedroom decorated in a homey, casual style provides a fitting backdrop in the MetArt erotic photo set titled “Vereint.” That’s almost surprising in view of the fact that the subject of the pictorial is a glamorous beauty who would look right at home in the most luxurious, elegant surroundings imaginable. But here Amelie B makes this humble bedroom look irresistibly inviting.

Prolific MetArt contributor Leonardo employs a somewhat subdued style here, and doesn’t rely on any dramatic lighting design. Instead he and his model tell a simple and enjoyable story in photographs.

As it begins we find Amelie B seated on the fully dressed bed. Amelie is  dressed, as well, in a cute and sexy pink bra and panties set, trimmed in white. She’s got a girlish bow in her hair, and those rich, wavy, auburn tresses frame her pleasingly angular face to perfection.

As the set unfolds the lingerie eventually comes off, but even before she’s exposed we’re treated to many enticing images. Of these clothed shots I particularly enjoyed #006 (for pure beauty), #008 (for her eyes), #018 (face and lustrous hair), and #021 (for the sexy attitude).

As Amelie B removes her lingerie, the blankets come off the bed. It’s only logical — and certainly a desirable progression — but it also contributes to the “story” in a subtle and effortless manner. When the model is totally nude and sprawling on the white bed linens she delivers several striking pin-ups — #091, with her long hair hanging off the edge of the bed and her eyes projecting a sultry invitation, is one stylish and evocative example.

While there are certainly explicit images here, as well there should be, “Vereint” lacks any true explicit close-ups. I do wish some were included, but Amelie is so beautiful and engaging that I’m willing to overlook the omission. The chance to spend time in the boudoir, even if only vicariously, with a beauty of this caliber is a chance to be savored, and this pictorial allows us ample opportunity to do exactly that!

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“Malengo” with Rachel Blau — the hole thing…

Rachel Blau: Malengo, by Arkisi, erotic art photos of nude beautyMetArt contributing photographer Arkisi has made some rather interesting choices in this erotic photo series. I might also describe those choices as challenging, curious, as well as mysterious. Perhaps the most obvious of these choices is the costume he’s dressed his model in. Rachel Blau wears a dramatic black body stocking ventilated with circular holes. Owing to the stretchy nature of the fabric the holes at her ankles, for example, are the size of small coins, the holes around her hips are much larger. While every aspect of the model’s anatomy is clearly visible through this barely there garment, the stocking stays in place for the entirety of “Malengo.” As I mentioned, curious.

Perhaps the greatest challenge the artist has brought upon himself is the room he’s shooting in. It’s a small, somewhat cramped sitting room in a garret or converted attic space. The walls are dark as is the heavy leather and wood furniture. There is a bit of natural light from a curtained window, but the primary light source is a pair of lamps. Strangely, although they are similar in design, one glows white, the other a dingy orange color. So Rachel Blau, wearing her dramatic bodystocking, is forced to pose in this dim, dark, not particularly pleasant or appealing little room. Curious.

The various curious aspects of the set are well presented in #021 — the lamps throwing their strange shadows on the ceiling, the colored walls, the furnishings, and Rachel Blau in her dramatic and unusual outfit attempting to make sense of it all. Another bizarre moment is captured in #052, her backside to the camera, thighs out of focus, hair hanging down, face in shadow, as she looks back at the camera. It’s certainly an unusual composition, I’ll grant Arkisi that much.

There are highlights to be found in “Malengo,” however. #037 is a cute, sideways headshot, for example. And there’s ample cuteness on display in #084, a modest but creatively posed shot with plenty of visual appeal as well as personality. And the explicit shots, including #030, #075, #094, and #120, provide enticing relief from less successful images in the collection.

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“Deseo” starring Rebecca C — two years later…

Rebecca C: Deseo, by Ingret, bottomless beauty in nude art photos

I first discovered Rebecca C back in February of 2011. Today, nearly two years later, I get to enjoy her once more, this time in an entirely different setting, and shot by a different artist.

The earlier set was shot outdoors, in a particularly scenic lakeside location. Here Ingret places Rebecca in an elaborately decorated sitting room. The model is only partially dressed as the series opens — she’s not wearing panties, but she is wearing old fashioned sheer hose, garters, a cream colored bustier trimmed in lace, and a chunky turquoise necklace. Although I’ve learned to ignore it, I’ve never been a fan of the bulky and/or brightly colored costume jewelry many MetArt photographers employ to give their work a bit of color. Here the color and style of the necklace is at odds with the luxurious but old fashioned style of the room. I consider it something of a distraction, but Rebecca C boasts numerous distractions of her own, so that’s where I put my full attention.

Because she’s bottomless from the beginning, and not at all reticent about revealing herself, “Deseo” includes many detailed, intimate views. One of my favorite of these images is #013. This is a close shot of Rebecca’s thighs and backside as she lounges on a green leather sofa. Her stocking-encased feet, slightly out of focus, occupy the foreground and the sheen of her nylons is nicely contrasted with the soft warmth of her skin — there’s an “old time” quality to the shot that is difficult to describe, but which I quite enjoy.

She may well be responding to her formal surroundings, but I find some of Rebecca’s posing her to be a bit over-styled. In a more spontaneous stance, in #045, she fits perfectly in the setting and allows Ingret to create one of the finer compositions in the collection. Another highlight, with the emphasis on “light,” occurs in #079 when Rebecca C tilts her head just so and regards the lens with those gleaming blue eyes. I’d hate to wait two more years to see more of that.

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“Vendim” with Katy D — all the chair’s a stage…

Katy D: Vendim, by Sergey Akion, expressive model in erotic art pix

A chair positioned in front of a wall covered with elaborately draped curtains provides the posing platform for the vast majority of this voluminous (167 image) MetArt erotic photo series. The model, one I have commented on once before, utilizes it quite well, and comes up with an impressive variety of poses and positions on this solitary piece of furniture.

Katy D‘s presentation is somewhat less polished and styled than the previous set I critiqued, but she exhibits a similar emotional range and versatility here. She can look young and innocent, older and wiser, sweet, devilish, playful, and thoughtful — and in a set containing so many photos she explores all of these looks, and then some more.

Considering that this is a model who can project so many looks, Sergey Akion made a clever decision by shooting her on such a confined, compact “stage.” With her slender body and delicate features a model like Katy D might get lost in a more expansive, more complicated set design. Here she’s front and center and the artist can experiment with lighting and composition while Katy experiments with mood and position.

I always welcome these large sets — who among us doesn’t like more of a good thing? — but that’s not to say that this pictorial would suffer with a bit of judicious editing. There are several “bloopers” in this big bunch, and a couple of shots that simply shouldn’t have been included. It is easy enough for the MetArt member to ignore or discard these flawed images, but why include them in the set to begin with?

When it comes to picking favorites in “Vendim,” I like Katy D’s glamour look in #060, and her far away eyes in #074, as well as the painterly quality of #088, the spontaneous smile in #129, and the moody, stylish beauty of #135. What are your thoughts about this set, good, bad, or indifferent? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments, below.

“Vendim” with Katy D — all the chair’s a stage… Comments (2)
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“Axio” with Ariel A — giving the red a rethink…

Ariel A: Axio, by Luca Helios, redhead beauty ready for color change?

The first time I set eyes on Ariel A she earned something approaching a rave review. I was no less impressed by the second and third Ariel A galleries I critiqued, but a theme was emerging, and here I may have reached a tipping point in my overall opinion of her.

This is a very attractive, very sexy, extremely appealing model, that much seems obvious. No less obvious is that her hair color is dramatically and deliberately synthetic. It is striking, to be sure, and certainly a matter of taste. In the previous sets mentioned — all of which were outdoors — I enjoyed it more. In “Axio,” Luca Helios is shooting indoors, and that long, lush, thick head of crimson hair just doesn’t work as well as it has in the past.

The room is painted and furnished in light, neutral tones and I think this may throw the hair into bolder relief and draw unneeded attention to it. Additionally — whether it’s the fault of the room color, the lighting, or her makeup — the red hair throws a reddish, ruddy tint across Ariel’s face that doesn’t match the creamy flesh tones of her (impressive) body. You’re find unfortunate examples of this effect in #085, #097 (which is quite nice otherwise), and #119.

The lingerie Ariel is wearing at the beginning of the set is flattering and sexy. She’s captured in a variety of poses. There are several spontaneous moments that add some needed levity to the set. Ariel’s body is as shapely and inviting as ever. And Helios makes sure to include intimate close-ups as well as detail shots of feet, breasts, and butt. Yet, despite its many appealing ingredients, “Axio” is overwhelmed by that crazy crimson coif. Has the time arrived for Ariel A to rethink the red?

“Axio” with Ariel A — giving the red a rethink… Comments (4)
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“Minoan” with Gyana A — just one look…

Gyana A: Minoan, by Arkisi, ripe-lipped, luscious, sexy beauty

Love at first sight. It’s something I imagine everybody has experienced at least once in their romantic lives. It’s an appealing concept, and has been memorialized in literature, films, and popular songs. And, in the case of this MetArt erotic photo series, I will admit to feeling an immediate and strong attraction to this model. I’d only reached image #002 when I felt myself drawn to this very sexy girl.

However, it is not a pop song about instantaneous attraction that I allude to in the title of this post. The meaning of “just one look” is far more literal and descriptive. Because, for all her curvy, sexy, inviting physical beauty, Gyana A limits herself to…just one look. And by that I mean, specifically, her facial expression. Her big, dark eyes are open wide, her plump, luscious lips are sealed in a voluptuous pout, and that’s it.

Now, it’s a good look, don’t get me wrong! It’s an expressive look — and what it expresses is sultry and sexually provocative. But, over the course of over 100 photographs it barely changes. Gyana A serves up plenty of different poses, and photographer Arkisi moves her all around the space, but the look on her face remains stubbornly stuck in place.

The lingerie is flirty and seductive. The lighting in “Minoan” is moody and evocative of an afternoon of sensual delights — and a shot like #060 finds the model at her most relaxed while showcasing the photographer’s un-fussed, natural style. The explicit shots, like #058, are effective and eye-pleasing. I just wish that this sexy, shapely, ripe-lipped beauty would use one of her most striking assets to greater effect. Gyana A has a beautiful face and gorgeous mouth with really exceptional lips, If only she would use these gifts to their full potential.

“Minoan” with Gyana A — just one look… Comments (2)
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“Presenting” Maria N — a pretty, pink, premiere…

Maria N: Presenting, by Ingret, perky breasts, first nudes, pretty pix

Photographer Ingret‘s set design for this MetArt new model debut series is sweetly feminine. The walls are papered in shades of pink, and two French doors, the floor, and other furnishings are white which ties in nicely with the model’s white necklace, stockings, and garter belt.

This sweet, girlish, youthful setting provides a fine backdrop for a sweet, girlish, young model. Despite the fact that Maria N is topless and bottomless from the first shot, there’s a hint of innocence here, and the wreath of delicate flowers in her hair in the introductory shots ads a pleasantly angelic touch. The stylized presentation has an almost greeting card flavor, and I mean that as a compliment — see #012 for a perfect illustration of my point.

This is a generally confident performance for this lean and well shaped 21-year-old. Certain telltales — stiff hands, for example — give away her presumed lack of modeling experience, and I think she works a touch too hard at projecting a calm, serious mood when something more spontaneous and energetically girlish would be more in keeping with the design of the pictorial. But she is a charming and pretty girl and I offer these minor complaints in the spirit of constructive, encouraging criticism.

Ingret does suffer from the tilting frame from time to time, but he also delivers some extremely pretty images in this collection. The lighting is soft and effective in #047, a subtly moody shot. The absence of pink design elements in #056 adds a feeling of mature sophistication than the more girlish compositions in the set contain. I like the backlight and the bold, seated pose (but could do without the tilt) in #098. And with #114, her beautiful body partially hidden by an open door, model and artist arrive at absolute perfection. “Presenting” Maria N is a very pretty premiere, indeed.

“Presenting” Maria N — a pretty, pink, premiere… Comments (2)
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