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“Disposa,” starring Adelia A — a blonde with real flare…

Adelia A: Disposa, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

As near as I can tell, this is a stand-alone movie — meaning that it was conceived and created as a moving picture. I can find no MetArt gallery featuring the same model, photographer, and location in the archives. And, while a still set might well have been created by these collaborators, for release at a later date, I don’t think this video was recorded while still photos were being taken. And, in case all the previous words don’t make it clear, I think that’s a good thing. I enjoy videos of photo shoots, but a self-contained movie offers a different experience.

A crucial part of that experience is the cameraman. In a video of a photo shoot, an assistant mans the camcorder while the photographer and nominal director handles the still camera. As a result, the assistant contributes much to the visual style of such productions. Here I think it’s safe to assume that Leonardo is operating the video camera, and his style and skill is very much in evidence.

The opening sequence — a quick shot of the background, a slow pan up Adelia A.’s body, from toes to head, and a dissolve to another headshot — has a subtle, controlled artistry that sets the tempo and the flavor of what follows.

Adelia’s trim body glows with a light sheen of oil. At several points in the production a flare of reflected light plays across her face or on various parts of her body — a pleasing and creative effect. And the model’s performance is well matched to the style and rhythm of the movie. Adelia is expressive, but in a controlled, restrained manner. This is an engaging performance, but it is not at all theatrical or overblown. The subject, the setting, and the artistry of its execution ensure that “Disposa” is anything but disposable.

“Disposa,” starring Adelia A — a blonde with real flare… Comments (1)
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“Verdure” starring Bijou A — quiet on the set…

Bijou A: Verdure, by Tim Fox, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewThe MetArt erotic movie titled “Verdure” opens with a slideshow. Punctuated by the sound of a camera’s shutter being tripped, we are treated to a selection of enticing images from the still series of the same name. I’d never seen the model before, and I found this to be a particularly effective introduction.

As the actual motion picture portion of the production begins we see Bijou A., in the nude, rummaging through her suitcase in search of lingerie. She finds a bustier and a very scant pair of panties, dresses, and proceeds to pose for a still shoot. This is reasonably typical behind-the-scenes material. The still photographer and movie producer, Tim Fox, clowns with the videographer briefly; we see assistants amidst the lighting gear, an assistant is at work on a laptop, and the stylist adds some finishing cosmetic touches to the model.

Bijou A. is a very animated, energetic, and lively model. She has a ready smile and, apparently, an equally ready laugh. I use the word “apparently” because I have never heard her laughter, I have only seen her laughing. Although many MetArt movies have a musical soundtrack and no live sound, and do quite well without it, the absence of on-the-set audio is a particularly vexing omission here. Of course, I might not understand a word of what’s being said that earns so many broad grins and bursts of laughter from Bijou. And I might not understand her spoken retorts, either. But there’s a lot of banter taking place during this session, and I only wish I could have heard some of it!

One bit of still photo technique captured here quite surprised me. At one point Tim Fox has his lens perhaps a foot, perhaps less, from Bijou’s face. I was struck by that close proximity. And I was impressed how easily the model adapted her pose and maintained her composure during this segment. Those close-ups are highlights of “Verdure,” the still series. Similar close ups, below the neck, are missing from “Verdure,” the movie, but the pictorial more than makes up for this with some breathtaking explicit images. The series and the movie make a fine pair — and, yes, I’m making a none too subtle reference to Bijou’s breasts. I suggest you check them out — in her photos and HD video.

“Verdure” starring Bijou A — quiet on the set… Comments (2)
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