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“Ydenar” starring Mango A — postcards from paradise…

Mango A: Ydenar, by Vlad Kleverov, nude beauty poses in paradiseSay what you will about craft, technique, and the photographer’s art. In my position as Metart‘s in-house blogger I’ve said much on those topics and will say more in the future. And one can rant and rave about a model’s beauty, charm, talents, and skill — we all do it, whether in the comments, in conversation, or in our minds, and I do it on this blog. But there are times when the artist’s ability and the model’s beauty take a back seat to a third factor. Let me be clear: Vlad Kleverov is a talented artist, and Mango A is a beautiful, adorable, and entirely beguiling young woman. But in “Ydenar” the breathtaking location is the outstanding ingredient in an entirely enjoyable and entertaining Metart erotic photo series.

The location is spectacular. The sky is vivid blue, the sun is high, and Mango A is posing in the crystal clear waters of some unidentified tropical sea. The white sand beneath the shallow water hosts an assortment of large starfish in varied shades of red. A school of small, silvery fish swim cautiously nearby. A sailboat at anchor bobs gently on the dark blue water in the background. And for every sun-kissed moment, in every pose, submerged, standing, clothed or nude, or somewhere in between, Mango A is loving the experience, loving the camera, loving the warmth of the sun, the cool water, the sheer beauty of the setting. If you spend your days cooped up in a cubicle, toiling in a warehouse or factory, or taking notes during yet another lecture, “Ydenar” provides an instant vacation escape to a beautiful time and place, with a delectable and delightful traveling companion.

While it is, quite literally, a “day at the beach,” shooting “Ydenar” was no picnic for the artist. The shifting light, the reflections off the sand and water — even a passing cabin cruiser filled with gawking tourists — each present considerable challenges, but Kleverov skillfully avoids these pitfalls and even in the demanding conditions produces image after image filled with perfectly exposed, richly colored views of perfection.

Apart from a fine gold chain that starts as a necklace and wraps around her waist, and a pair of earrings, Mango A is only wearing a white bodysuit. “Fully dressed” shots like #016, with Mango on her back, partially submerged, fish circling, and starfish at her feet, are “suitable for framing.” But then so is #079, a back shot, white fabric encircling her hips, blue water transitioning seamlessly to blue sky on the horizon. Yes we get enticing close-ups of Mango’s mouthwatering, sea-water-slick intimate anatomy. And, in a set that includes 156 images, we get pose after pose and view after view of this bronzed goddess in a heavenly setting. “Ydenar” offers postcards from paradise, and plenty of them.

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“Uginta” starring Nensi B — at the shore, a beauty to adore…

Nensi B: Uginta, by Paromov, adorable nude 19-year-old babe on a beach

To date, Nensi B has appeared in 11 Metart erotic photo galleries, including this one, “Uginta.” I have never seen her before, however, and for this I must apologize. I apologize to my readers for failing to draw this exceptional model to their attention, and I apologize to myself for remaining ignorant of this adorable creature for so long! Nensi B is a natural wonder, beautiful in body, face, and spirit, an absolute joy to behold, and this set is brimming with her beauty.

Photo artist Paromov has been aware of Nensi B’s potential from the beginning — he not only shot her debut Metart series, he’s been behind the camera for every subsequent set, including ‘Uginta.” Nensi B has such a fresh, bright, natural photogenic quality that I can only imagine that working with her is a delight, and I think you’ll see ample evidence of that fact in this set.

The setting is a mainly desolate beach at the foot of forested cliffs — I say “mainly desolate” because a few other beach-goers are visible in the background of several shots. She is nude, but for a glittering ornament decorating her naval, and in many of the shots her hair is wet after a dip in the inviting waters. The single prop is a white umbrella and its white plastic base and Nensi uses it to excellent effect before moving to the pebbly strand.

Physically, Nensi B is a delight. She’s lean, shapely, perfectly proportioned, as well as being toned, fit, and athletic. This fact is driven home in a series of shots in which she arches into a high back-bend, feet and hands on the beach, pelvis arching to the sky. Not only is this an impressive feat, it also shows off aspects of her 19-year-old body to impressive effect. Equally impressive is the fact that Paromov takes care to capture the pose from a variety of angles leaving nothing to the imagination (see #061 through #064).

Uginta” is explicit, nothing is hidden and everything is offered to the viewer with warmth and enthusiasm. Nensi B is adorable, charming, bubbly, warm, natural, and entirely uninhibited. I have far too many favorites to list, but I can’t help but mention #036, standing in the water and shooting an over-the-shoulder glance at the camera; #086 and #092 irresistible explicit visuals with a burst of youthful allure; #099, pure, natural, relaxed and adorable nubile beauty; and #103 which captures Nensi’s joyful attitude along with her sparkling eyes and inviting smile. Wow. Highly recommended!

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“Stalida” starring Lorena B — rare and remarkable…

Lorena B: Stalida, by Luca Helios, erotic pix of a beauty at the beachWith 59 galleries in her Metart portfolio — and with a growing collection of film and still shoots at Sexart — erotic art featuring Lorena B is far from rare. If you favor this model you can feast your eyes on an abundant, varied, and ever-expanding supply of her work. What is rare about Lorena B is her physical beauty and her vivacious, charming, seductive, flirtatious, engaging, lively, and utterly irresistible personality. Lorena’s beauty, alone, makes her truly exceptional, but when that beauty is paired such an arresting and magnetic personality it’s a remarkable combination. “Stalida” does a wonderful job of capturing Lorena’s beauty as well as her charismatic personality.

Along with her looks and charm, Lorena B is also a talented professional. This woman makes modeling look easy, effortless, and as if she’s enjoying every single second of her time in front of the camera. She can strike stylish, formal poses and moments later she can be entirely candid and spontaneous. She is completely comfortable in her skin and in full, proud possession of her sexuality. Even in the most explicit poses she’s completely at ease — she enjoys showing herself every bit as much as the viewer enjoys looking.

Luca Helios, the artist who shot the vast majority of Lorena’s Metart galleries, is behind the camera once more with “Stalida.” The set opens with Lorena in a bright white bikini. She’s positioned on top of a flat rock outcropping at seashore. These clothed images are as sexy as the subsequent nudes, and Lorena treats us to a megawatt smile (#001), some creative posing (#005), and a wonderful slice of pin-up style (#014). After her top comes off, with the sea breeze mussing her long hair, Lorena is a vision of natural beauty (#022).

Of course the bikini bottoms are soon cast aside, and numerous explicit shots are peppered throughout the series (see #052 for one moist and inviting sample). She moves from the rock “posing platform,” to the sandy beach below, and eventually into the surging surf for some spontaneous, splashy fun (#030). From shot to shot, and from beginning to end, Lorena is utterly beautiful and completely charming in “Stalida.” A day at the beach is only rarely this enjoyable!

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“Alseen” starring Divina A — smiling siren by the sea…

Divina A: Alseen, by Peter Guzman, explicit outdoor nude art photos

From the moment she first appeared in a Metart erotic photo gallery (you’ll find my notes about that set here), Divina A has worked her unique and powerful magic on the membership. She landed at the very top of the Top Model ranks with her debut, and she’s been a beloved resident of the Top Ten ever since. I’ve been impressed by her subsequent photo sets (see here and here), as well as her performances in two Metart HD erotic movies (look there and there).

Alseen” is Divina A’s thirtieth appearance at Metart — she’s not only pretty and popular, she’s also prolific. Here she works once again with Peter Guzman, the artist who shot her Metart debut as well as much of her portfolio. The location is a rugged, rocky stretch of seashore. Divina A is completely nude for the entire set and seems perfectly comfortable posing on mossy rocks, lolling on wet pebbles, and dipping her limbs in the rising tide.

While Divina A is blessed with many mouthwatering physical attributes, it’s her bright smile that’s a real standout here. The setting is beautiful but it can’t have been comfortable, but you’d never know it by looking at that smile! No matter how awkward the pose or uncomfortable the surface, that smile is beaming, warm, and genuine — this beautiful and talented model brings a degree of enthusiasm to her performance that is a delight to witness.

I can’t imaging that Peter Guzman considers “Alseen” among his best work. The natural lighting seems to have presented challenges and several of the shots are underexposed. And I’d imagine that the photographer was also working on jagged, uneven surfaces or partially submerged in seawater — just as his subject is — so it can’t have been an easy shoot. But the flaws are few and “Alseen” easily manages to engage the viewer.

Favorites include stylized figure studies — Nude in a Landscape – like #018, #049 in which Divina rides a rock while being splashed by the surf, #085 for that candid, spontaneous smile and lean physique, and #091 and #092 for the model’s pose and the artist’s stylish composition. And both model and artist earn praise for the numerous detailed and explicit shots in the collection. “Alseen” must be seen by all who admire Divina A.

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“Fortuna” starring Anita E — a peach on the beach…

Anita E: Fortuna, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movieOne of the many enjoyable aspects of the MetArt experience is discovering a new model and then having the opportunity to watch her as she adds additional galleries to her portfolio. I enthusiastically blogged about Anita E’s first MetArt erotic photo series, and I enjoyed her in a subsequent MetArt HD erotic movie performance. Today I’m fortunate enough to be reviewing another movie — the 18th appearance by this charming and exceedingly attractive MetArt model.

Based on my previous experiences with Anita E I expected to enjoy “Fortuna,” and after mere seconds my expectations were met. Wearing an orange dress and carrying an umbrella and a straw bag, Anita arrives at a rocky stretch of shoreline. She quickly sets up camp, then drops the dress to reveal her beautiful breasts and shapely body. Before even a minute has passed she’s removed her skimpy bikini bottoms and is totally, gloriously nude.

What follows in this production from director Luca Helios is as simple and enjoyable as a day at the beach. Anita E basks in the sun, splashes in the water, lolls on the pebbly sand, and shares her alluring natural beauty in a naturally beautiful setting.

I suspect that “Fortuna” was shot late in the afternoon — some of the film is the slightest bit dark, but at other times the light imparts a warm glow to Anita E’s skin. Luca’s camera captures the casual and spontaneous action from a pleasing range of angles. Yes, he does get up close for a generous amount of intimate revelations, but he also shoots from a distance allowing us to savor the sight of Anita’s truly beautiful body in motion. This model has a lively spirit and an exceptional body and I doubt I’ll ever get tired of looking at it.

Fortuna” runs no risk of wearing out its welcome, either — the film’s 6:44 run time may be short, but it’s undeniably sweet. Anita E is a peach, and having the chance to watch her frolic on the beach is sweet, to say the least.

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“Deniz” starring Lily C — See? Nymph! Sea? Nymph…

Lily C: Deniz, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movieIt was love at first sight. Actually, it was also love at first set. I was lucky enough to review Lily C’s debut MetArt erotic gallery, and I’ve been assigned several of her subsequent series, as well as two of her MetArt HD erotic movies, and I’ve loved them all. This is one model who never disappoints. I love, love, love, love, love this model! And, clearly, I’m not the only one who loves her — at this moment Lily C is sitting at #10 on MetArt‘s Top Model rankings. This girl is beautiful, talented, and justifiably popular.

Here this adorable and alluring nymph is teamed with Luca Helios. Wearing a pareu over her bikini, and carrying a bag of beach supplies, Lily C. walks along the broad, flat rocks at the seaside. She spreads out a blanket, quickly disrobes, applies glistening oil to her bronzed body, and generally enjoys a bright and sunshiny day at the seaside.

Really, that’s pretty much it in the way of story or narrative, but Lily C is so pleasing to the eye and has such a lively and engaging personality that every second of the viewing experience is pleasurable. Helios has no need for dramatics or flashy technique, he records the unfolding action from a variety of distances and makes sure to include enough explicit revelations to satisfy that particular craving.

Lily C’s long hair, which she usually wears in a wavy style, is worn straight in “Deniz” and it’s particularly flattering. Her body is as toned and shapely as ever, and perhaps a bit leaner, and when she applies oil to that glorious shape the effect is mesmerizing. Whether she’s squeezing her pert breasts, kicking her feet in the water, tiptoeing gracefully at the water’s edge, rinsing her torso with water, or splashing playfully at the camera, Lily C is a delight. In a final teasing and sexy touch, when the film approaches its conclusion Lily C puts her blanket and clothing back in the bag and walks away completely and totally nude. Any bystanders in the parking lot have a real treat in store. But MetArt members can enjoy that treat immediately by screening “Deniz” as soon as possible!

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“Chrisos” with Chiara A — some highs/some lows…

Chiara A: Chrisos, by Luca Helios, a nude photo session by the sea

MetArt erotic photographer Luca Helios is something of a seaside specialist — I wouldn’t be surprised if his ratio of beach to non-beach galleries was substantially higher than the majority of his fellow contributors. The location he employs here, a sandy stone staircase, a patch of strand, and a rock just off shore, is undeniably scenic and intriguing — one of the “highs” I allude to in the title of this post.

Chiara A is another one of these highs. This is a beautiful, stylish model, and she’s confident and at ease despite the fact that her “costume” here consists only of jewelry and a pair of sandals. When she smiles — as she does in #005, a standing, full-body shot, or in #043, a beautiful and energetic headshot — she exerts an almost magnetic attraction on the viewer.

I’ve critiqued another Chiara A set, also shot by Helios, and it employs a similar style as well as a similar location. Some of the weaknesses I found in that set can also be found in “Chrisos.” One of these “lows” is the complete absence of explicit shots. While Chiara A is nude for the entire set she never offers us a meaningful glimpse of her intimate attributes. When a model is this pretty I feel cheated if she holds back like this, and I very much doubt I’m the only one who feels this way.

Another low is simply the quantity of images here — a rather scant 59 photos. Perhaps a memory card with the remainder of the set was accidentally dropped in the sea? Perhaps the explicit shots from this session were on the ruined card? Idle speculation, at best.

But despite its liabilities, and because of its assets, “Chrisos” leaves me wanting to see more of Chiara A — and not simply more images, but more images of everything this beautiful woman has to offer.

“Chrisos” with Chiara A — some highs/some lows… Comments (2)
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“Varmo” starring Grace C — swimsuit edition…

Grace C: Varmo, by Luca Helios, beautiful blonde + picturesque beach

I critiqued Grace C’s MetArt debut and while I did notice some minor technical issues in the set I was quite impressed with the model and her performance and looked forward to seeing more of her.

“Varmo” is Grace C’s sixth MetArt erotic pictorial, her first in an outdoor setting, and her first time working with the prolific and talented Luca Helios. Here the technical aspects are exemplary and the set makes a fine showcase for this adorable blonde vixen.

The bulk of the set finds Grace C posing on or next to a sizeable, sun-bleached log on a desolate beach. In the opening images she’s wearing a skimpy bikini in a vivid shade of pink. This “costume” is ideal for both the setting and the subject. With her long, bright blonde hair, trim build, and sun-bronzed complexion Grace C is every inch the beautiful beach girl. Helios handles the afternoon sunlight masterfully and these images glow with harmonious natural color and vitality. In a shot like #007, a rear three-quarter view, her hair and her bikini bottoms radiate while her face, indirectly lit, projects its own beautiful energy. There is a “swimsuit edition” quality to some of these pictures, but I don’t consider that a liability — it fits the location and it fits the model perfectly. The “clothed” section also includes two lovely headshots that really capture the model’s beauty and spirit (see #010 and #011).

The bikini is flattering, but what it’s concealing is exceedingly eye-pleasing, and when that vivid sunlight strikes the curves, planes, and private places of the model’s nubile body it creates visual magic. In #036, silhouetted against the sea, Grace C’s ripe rump costars with her pert profile and engaging smile. In #052 it’s a vertical smile, in close-up, that fairly glows with feminine and solar energy. While the set is biased towards the model’s sweet, smiling side (#076 is one example out of many), she does display some range and I like the relaxed, spontaneous feeling in #078 very much.

Towards the end of the series Helios changes his point of view. Rather than facing out to sea he turns inland and reveals entirely different aspects of the location. Rocks, sand and sunlight are indeed flattering in #114. And in the three final images we get yet another entirely different view of the landscape — Grace C, however, remains utterly adorable throughout “Varmo.”

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“Bregdet” with Irina K — nude girl on a blustery beach…

Irina K: Bregdet, by Ivan Harrin nude girl on a blustery beach

The term “nude beach” calls to mind sun-kissed bodies, the warmth of the sea and sand, and a sense of freedom both personal and sexual. In the MetArt erotic photo gallery titled “Bregdet” we have a nude girl, and we have a beach, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, but there is a chill in the air and the wind gusts and buffets the model and reddens the tip of her nose. A beautiful fall or early winter day, yes, but perhaps not exactly ideal for nude, erotic photography.

To her credit, Irina K performs like a complete professional throughout the gallery. To my eyes she absolutely looks like she’s cold, but she never once indicates or signals that she’s chilly. And considering the fact that a chunky bracelet is her sole piece of “clothing” for the entire set, that’s quite a performance.

Ivan Harrin places his subject in three distinct zones on this desolate and windswept stretch of pebble-strewn shoreline. Initially Irina strolls and lolls down at the water’s edge. Perhaps my favorite shot from this group is #002 as Irina walks along, both hands in her hair, eyes averted. Next Irina moves to a white towel on soft sand backed by a grassy thicket. These are the “warmest” shots in the collection, both in terms of ambient temperature and in explicitness. For the conclusion of “Bregdet” Irina moves to the top of the bluffs overlooking her two previous locations. The natural beauty and drama of the setting makes a fine backdrop in a shot like #108, but the sense of chill is very nearly palpable. I can easily imagine Irina K, bundled up and in the car after the shoot turning to the photographer and suggesting, politely, that their next session together be in the cozy confines of a well-heated studio.

“Bregdet” with Irina K — nude girl on a blustery beach… Comments (2)
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“Mare” starring Lorena B — smiles of a summer day…

Lorena B: Mare, by Luca Helios, pretty beach/pretty girl/pretty pix

Due to the appealing power of her personality — and also to the fact that I’ve critiqued no fewer than five of her MetArt offerings — sitting down to view Lorena B in her latest pictorial feels like a welcome reunion with a cherished friend. This model exudes a natural warmth and charm that I find simply irresistible.

Like the another Luca Helios photo set I recently commented on, this one takes place on a scenic stretch of beach, but this time the lensman has his subject positioned in full sunshine, and the difference is dramatic. In “Mare” the rugged beauty of the setting and Lorena B are both fully and naturally illuminated, in a way that, as I mentioned at the time, would have benefited the other seaside series.

Lorena B is a seasoned professional. She is well practiced and confident when she’s in front of the camera. This is both an asset, and to a far lesser degree, a bit of a liability. There are some images in this collection that are a touch too “posey” for my liking. On the other hand, there are dozens of shots that are absolutely spontaneous and sincere, and these captured moments are almost infectiously enjoyable. Have a look at numbers 032, 077, 089, and 092, and see if you don’t agree.

And beautiful, bright, beaming smiles are not the only highlights here. In numbers 058 and 095 we find Lorena B in a somewhat more subdued, slightly mellower mood, and this results in two truly beautiful headshots. And, if I may mention another favorite, I have to single out #076 — I suspect this shot will be employed as a desktop image on countless computers, capturing as it does the natural splendor of the location with the beauty and high spirits of the model. In “Mare” the weather is beautiful, and the water is as warm and inviting as the model.

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