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“Presenting” Salomja A — mouthwatering erotic movie magic…

Salomja A: Presenting, by Marlene, Metart HD erotic movie

New models don’t often make their first appearance at Metart in an erotic movie, but the short film format provides a particularly enticing introduction to willowy beauty Salomja A in “Presenting.”

Every detail of director Marlene‘s creation is perfect — the location, costuming, accessories, the camera work, editing, and the soundtrack combine to create an extremely alluring cinematic interlude. I’ve only critiqued one of Marlene’s previous contributions to Metart — a still photo series (and her debut as a Metart photographer), and here she proves equally adept with motion pictures.

The film was shot in a particularly scenic location, on the banks and in the rushing waters of a stream. Salomja A, clad only in a gauzy white blouse and a few well chosen pieces of jewelry — most notably a delicate anklet — is dipping her pretty feet in the water as the film opens. As “Presenting” unfolds Salomja presents more and more of her lean, lithe, and beautiful body. She takes a dip in the stream, eventually discards her top, and moves gracefully through a wide variety of pleasing poses.

There’s a soothing quality present throughout the film, underscored by the relaxing tones of the ambient soundtrack, the flowing water, and the natural beauty of the landscape. And Salomja, exquisitely beautiful and at ease, displays not only all of her delicious physical attributes, but also a sweet, sultry, sincere, and irresistible sexuality.

If you’ve ever imagined stumbling across a magical water nymph — or simply happening upon a gorgeous young girl skinny-dipping in a mountain stream — “Presenting” Salomja A is an extremely enjoyable erotic dream come true.

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“Presenting” Arina J — introductory exposures…

Arina J: Presenting, by Anna Fox, new nudes in a splendid settingThis Metart erotic photo gallery introduces not just a new model, but a new photographer, as well. These “double-debuts” are far from unprecedented, but it’s always something I look forward to. And the fact that the artist happens to be a woman only serves to further pique my interest.

Anna Fox has chosen an exceptional setting for her first contribution to Metart. And she’s added props and costume elements to the verdant natural setting to create a rich and intriguing tableau. As the set opens Arina J, wearing a flower-bedecked summer hat and floral print dress, is reclining on a blanket and reading a book. She’s surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers in full bloom. A couple of pillows add to her personal comfort, and a basket of berries and fruit sits at the ready should she become hungry. Additionally, as the set unfolds, we see a thick forest in the background growing up to the edge of a picturesque pond. The mix of props and the natural splendor of the location in “Presenting” is rich with potential.

And our new 19-year-old model, Arina J, seems content and perfectly comfortable in this summery environment. She removes the two items of clothing she’s wearing at a relaxed pace that’s perfectly in keeping with the mood of that glorious day, and she presents emotions from thoughtful (#024) to subtly seductive (#080). While many of the images are of the tamer variety, just when one begins to hanker for more explicit images they are delivered generously and without reservation.

While the location and the stylish and painterly tableau the artist and model have created is extremely pleasing to the eye, the set is not a total success in technical terms. The bright, midday sun creates a problem the photographer has some difficultly dealing with. While the surrounding terrain is vividly and faithfully captured, the bright light on Arina J’s pale complexion results in detail-obscuring overexposures throughout the gallery. But I hasten to add that this technical flaw can be easily remedied and that the artist and model both impress in their debut pictorial, “Presenting” Arina J.

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“Muhica,” starring Sabrisse A — lovely, liquid, interlude…

Sabrisse A: Muhica, by Luca Helios, Metart HD erotic movie

When I critiqued Sabrisse A’s very first Metart erotic photo gallery I noted a moody, thoughtful quality in her presentation. Now I have the welcome opportunity to view her very first Metart HD erotic movie, “Muhica,” and I can’t help but wonder if the qualities I so enjoyed in her still photos would translate to motion pictures.

I have my answer almost immediately after pressing “play.” And that answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Luca Helios, who shot this model’s debut, is in the director’s chair for “Muhica.” While the artist also crafted a still photo collection at the same location — you’ll find “Perenne” here — this is not one of those movies in which the video is shot over the photographer’s shoulder as he shoots his pictures. “Muhica” is a stand-alone, no-excuses, short film, and quite a beautiful one, at that.

The setting certainly helps — the action takes place in and around an infinity pool overlooking a lush forest. The crisp angles of the deck, the smooth surfaces, the crystal water, and a stylish outdoor shower crafted of stainless steel, provide a pleasing and versatile “stage” for Sabrisse to perform on (and in).

The moody, thoughtful qualities I noted in Sabrisse’s debut are, indeed, on display her, as is her splendidly shapely body. And so is an elegance and grace in motion — Sabrisse absolutely knows how to move in an eye-pleasing and dance-like manner that has a mesmerizing quality. She strips out of her bathing suit quickly, and then spends the balance of the film diving into the pool, swimming, walking along the edge of the pool, posing on the polished deck, and finally bathing in the rain-like spray of the shower.

The pace here is leisurely, almost liquid in its smooth, gentle tempo. Sabrisse A, at long range or in explicit close-up, is a physical and visual delight, and Luca Helios knows how to capture her with an unobtrusive style that gives Sabrisse the space and freedom to flow with her emotions and express herself with honesty and great beauty. As the Summer of 2014 continues to sizzle, “Muhica” offers a cool, refreshing, beautiful, and invitingly erotic interlude.

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“Rheede” starring Dominika A — hot, nude, but not really in the mood…

Dominika A: Rheede, by Luca Helios, explicit outdoor nude art photosI really, really like Dominika A. Every single time I have had the pleasure of critiquing one of her Metart erotic photo galleries, or a Metart HD erotic movie, I’ve come away impressed. She’s got the beauty, she’s got the body, she’s completely uninhibited, and she possesses a lively, seductive, engaging energy that really comes across in photographs. She’s versatile, as well. I’ve seen her in simple, natural outdoor settings as well as in highly stylized studio shoots and she’s equally at home in any and every environment.

Everything I love about Dominika A is present, to one degree or another in “Rheede,” but for some reason the set doesn’t impress me quite as much as those I’ve previously viewed. It took a while to decide what it was, but I think it has to do with the model’s mood. There’s a downcast quality, a certain moodiness on display in much of the set. Dominika A is still beautiful, and still magnetically attractive. But in many images I get the feeling she’s not entirely present. Oh, but when a smile lights up her face, everything changes! That’s the Dominika A I love! That’s the Metart model who has earned so many devoted admirers! The difference is really night and day. When Dominika A smiles in “Rheede” — as she does in #003, #038, #080, and #118, to cite four notable examples — the model and the photo series come alive.

We all have “off” days. And Dominika A on an off day is better than a less gifted model can deliver on the best day of her career, so there’s plenty in “Rheede” to appreciate and enjoy. In my notes I’ve called out several “nothing showing” shots that are particularly pleasing. These include #012, #025, a fine Luca Helios composition, and #074. The explicit shots, and they are plentiful, give the viewer unimpeded access to Dominika’s luscious charms. For #047 I’ve scrawled the notation: “nips and lips.” And, no, I’m not talking about the ones she smiles with.

Rheede” boasts a beautiful setting, a gorgeous and talented nude model, and a variety of pleasing images. Even when Dominika A isn’t really in the mood she’s still very, very good.

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“Stalida” starring Lorena B — rare and remarkable…

Lorena B: Stalida, by Luca Helios, erotic pix of a beauty at the beachWith 59 galleries in her Metart portfolio — and with a growing collection of film and still shoots at Sexart — erotic art featuring Lorena B is far from rare. If you favor this model you can feast your eyes on an abundant, varied, and ever-expanding supply of her work. What is rare about Lorena B is her physical beauty and her vivacious, charming, seductive, flirtatious, engaging, lively, and utterly irresistible personality. Lorena’s beauty, alone, makes her truly exceptional, but when that beauty is paired such an arresting and magnetic personality it’s a remarkable combination. “Stalida” does a wonderful job of capturing Lorena’s beauty as well as her charismatic personality.

Along with her looks and charm, Lorena B is also a talented professional. This woman makes modeling look easy, effortless, and as if she’s enjoying every single second of her time in front of the camera. She can strike stylish, formal poses and moments later she can be entirely candid and spontaneous. She is completely comfortable in her skin and in full, proud possession of her sexuality. Even in the most explicit poses she’s completely at ease — she enjoys showing herself every bit as much as the viewer enjoys looking.

Luca Helios, the artist who shot the vast majority of Lorena’s Metart galleries, is behind the camera once more with “Stalida.” The set opens with Lorena in a bright white bikini. She’s positioned on top of a flat rock outcropping at seashore. These clothed images are as sexy as the subsequent nudes, and Lorena treats us to a megawatt smile (#001), some creative posing (#005), and a wonderful slice of pin-up style (#014). After her top comes off, with the sea breeze mussing her long hair, Lorena is a vision of natural beauty (#022).

Of course the bikini bottoms are soon cast aside, and numerous explicit shots are peppered throughout the series (see #052 for one moist and inviting sample). She moves from the rock “posing platform,” to the sandy beach below, and eventually into the surging surf for some spontaneous, splashy fun (#030). From shot to shot, and from beginning to end, Lorena is utterly beautiful and completely charming in “Stalida.” A day at the beach is only rarely this enjoyable!

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“Omenala” starring Erica B — same place, different face, fresh heat…

Erica B: Omenala, by Matiss, explicit nudes in an unusual locationNot long after I began evaluating the Metart erotic photo series titled “Omenala,” I began to feel a bit of déjà vu. The more I looked, the stronger the feeling became, but with a bit of searching I realized the feeling wasn’t imaginary — I had been there before! This set by Matiss was shot on a sunny day in the mountains, mainly against what might be a retaining wall for an unseen road. The artist employed the same location for a set I critiqued over a year ago, and it’s just unusual enough to have made an impression.

It is a somewhat unlikely location, and adding a beautiful, glamorous model like Erica B accentuates this fact. Erica B is topless and wearing a pair of tight jeans and high heeled sandals when the set opens. It’s a large set — 155 total images — and the model has ample opportunity to experiment with poses and attitudes. As the series progresses the jeans come off, a bit of fabric appears to make the gravelly ground more comfortable, and Erica B moves away from the rustic retaining wall. And this is where the set begins to sizzle.

Erica B has a natural and genuine exuberance — she’s full of energy and appears to be having a lot of fun posing. But when she’s seated on the ground, reclining, or up on all fours, she trades her happy-go-lucky attitude for something far more steamy and seductive. And as Erica B’s mood changes, so do the compositions Matiss chooses. In the final third of the set the explicit images are abundant, detailed, and enticing. In #096 and #098, to pick a pair of mouthwatering examples, the succulent beauty of Erica’s intimate anatomy is stunningly captured at close range.

But the charms of “Omenala” and Erica B are many, and the model’s other assets — a shapely rump, long, wavy hair, luscious lips, and light blue eyes — are artfully captured in less than explicit shots like #063 (a beautiful headshot) and #109 (with the model on all fours).

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“Ambay” with Lucia D — on the sand, (mainly) in the shade…

Lucia D: Ambay, by Leonardo, explicit outdoor erotic art nude photos

Lucia D made her Metart debut in an HD erotic movie directed by Platon Averin. For her second outing she posed for a still gallery shot by Goncharov. And now, in “Ambay” she works with another still photographer, Leonardo.

The artist has chosen a scenic outdoor location. Lucia stands and lounges on the damp sand on the edge of what appears to be a lake. The sky is a soft blue, the vegetation which rims the body of water is lush and verdant, and the water glitters in the sunlight. Lucia, however, is mainly in shadow, and Leonardo, master manipulator of artificial lighting, provides supplemental illumination. The setting and the sunshine conspire to suggest a balmy day, but wind in the model’s hair and subtle cues in her complexion – not to mention a pair of persistently erect nipples – suggest that it was cold the day “Ambay” was shot. Lucia D, however, doesn’t seem to mind, and delivers a game and professional performance.

I hope it wasn’t actually too cold, though — all Lucia D has in the way of clothing is a sheer scarf wrapped around her slim waist and a pair of colorful earrings. Lucia D is eager and present, but she’s not the most expressive of models. She’s got beautiful eyes and a magnificent mouthful of gleaming white teeth, but she tends to pick an expression and stick with it. When she relaxes (see #006, for example), or when she unleashes a smile (see #002 or #040) the true Lucia D really comes across — if she could better connect with these natural, genuine, spontaneous emotions the results would be magical.

Trim, slender, elegantly proportioned, and sculpted to perfection, Lucia D’s body is a delight. And Leonardo takes care to capture the beauty of her figure as well as exploring the details. Those who crave a close-up view of the explicit goods will definitely enjoy the intimate shots in this collection (have a look at #055 or #056 for samples).

My favorite shot in “Ambay” combines the beauty of the subject with the skills of the artist. In #029 Lucia poses formally. Her hands — one holding her wrap — are placed just so, her torso is presented in three-quarter profile, and she looks right at the camera with those big, beautiful eyes. Behind her the scenery is brightly lighted and somewhat diffused. Lucia, however, is in crisp focus, her body bathed in reflected and strobe light. Her figure stands out sharply against the background, with an almost cut-out feeling. The photo almost looks like a composite, a combination of two separate images. An interesting effect, to be sure — and just one highlight among many in this Metart erotic photo series.

“Ambay” with Lucia D — on the sand, (mainly) in the shade… Be the first to comment!
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“Sentido” starring Lily C — an erotic eyeful by the ocean…

Lily C: Sentido, by Luca Helios, stunning nude model in erotic pixI never get tired of Lily C. From the first time I set eyes on her, in her very first MetArt nude pictorial, to my most recent exposure, when I reviewed one of her MetArt HD erotic movie performances, I’ve been hooked. This is the eighth post I’ve written about her, and that’s only a fraction of the 24 titles in her MetArt portfolio.

And Lily C hasn’t gone unnoticed by the MetArt membership at large. As I write she’s sitting in the forth position at Top Models, and her newest pictorial, “Sentido,” can only help expand her popularity.

Luca Helios takes a simple approach to this series. For the bulk of the collection Lily C poses on a concrete slab overlooking the ocean. I imagine that working with a model as beautiful, charming, and photogenic makes the artist’s job not only easier but also more pleasurable. My primary quibble with the photographer’s work here is his tendency to tilt the camera. With two strong, parallel horizontal lines in nearly every shot (the edge of the slab and the far horizon) the tilting frames create an unnatural and unneeded woozy effect. Another minor problem, which Lily C takes in her unflappable stride, is that the slab is splattered with seagull guano. But, throughout, despite these gripes, Lily C delivers another stunning performance.

What a body this young woman is blessed with! And it’s not simply the perfect lines and flawless proportions — Lily C radiates a vigorous, physical vitality that Helios captures beautifully in this series. Two shots among many — #013 and #025 — both standing, capture that stunning physique to stirring effect.

Explicit images are also offered in reasonable numbers. With the model on all fours, backside to the camera, we’re treated to detail shots (#073), sculptural figure studies (#072), along with engaging, spirited, seductive invitations (#071). In “Sentido” Lily C is an erotic eyeful as well as being her usual, loveable, justifiably popular self. In #099, totally nude but concealing the naughty bits with crossed arms and legs, the wind plays in her long hair and Lily C shoots a beguiling smile directly at the camera. The beauty and personality captured in this single image perfectly explains why I never get tired of Lily C.

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“Presenting” Valeri B — country road curves and cuteness…

Valeri B: Presenting, by Matiss, MetArt model's nude debut pixA seldom traveled road in the remote and picturesque countryside provides the setting for this first-time MetArt model’s debut. Wearing nothing more than a necklace, sheer black panties, and a pair of flashy stiletto heeled platforms, Valeri B’s premiere opens with a series of bold and impressive images. If there was any traffic on this desolate road it would certainly come to a screeching halt at the sight of this curvaceous blonde.

Matiss positions Valerie B in soft shadow for the bulk of the images here, but the natural light allows for full revelation of her physical details while the background — verdant hills and craggy white peaks backed by vivid blue sky — is bathed in bright sunlight. The model’s shoes, in particular, add a bit of stripperish glamour that may be slightly out of place in the rustic location, but the result is ultimately satisfying.

Valeri B has an attractive energy and her performance here is confident and relaxed. She does seem to be enjoying the experience, and if these are her first nudes one can’t help but be impressed by her natural ease in front of the camera. She’s impressive physically, as well, with a body that mixes plush curves with an underlying strength and athleticism.

Presenting” Valeri B offers a wide variety of poses and compositions. Intimate close-ups are balanced by an assortment of headshots, and at the end of the set Valeri B appears in a little black mini-dress — even fully clothed this new MetArt model is unquestionably sexy.

“Presenting” Valeri B — country road curves and cuteness… Comments (1)
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“Oraison” starring Zlatka A — genuine generosity…

Zlatka A: Oraison, by Cloud, explicit outdoor nude art photosIn my last post I discussed a pretty girl who was a touch reluctant about revealing her intimate anatomy. The pretty girl I discuss in this post has no such problem. Indeed, she’s quite the opposite. I consider this an extremely refreshing, not to mention invigorating, change of pace.

My single prior experience with Zlatka A was a good one. And I quickly realize this time may be even better. In the previous set the sky was overcast and the sunlight flat and wan. In “Oraison” the light is bright and the colors vivid. It’s a beautiful day in an interesting location — the sloping concrete bank of a canal.

Photographer Cloud has provided Zlatka A with just one piece of “clothing,” a long piece of red fabric. The fabric ads a burst of vibrant color, and it’s also versatile, serving as a shawl, robe, hood, a flag riding the breeze when held aloft, and a comfortable blanket when spread on the ground.

#004 provides an overview of the location and of Zlatka A’s beauty as she stands on one foot holding opposite ends of the fabric in each hand. After Cloud zooms in and Zlatka A switches to a rear three-quarters view, the result is a fine showcase of her face and backside. Tightly framed in #029, with the sky filling the background, artist and model create another striking image. I will let explicit images like #047, #073, #089, #090, #094, explain themselves, but I will say there’s quite a lot of stylistic variety in these steamy shots. And #107, a headshot, artfully combines style with spontaneity. The shots I’ve mentioned, and numerous others, provide many reasons to enjoy Zlatka A in “Oraison.”

“Oraison” starring Zlatka A — genuine generosity… Comments (7)
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