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“Seraglio” starring Macy B — she makes it look easy…

Macy B: Seraglio, by Arkisi, a Top Model shows how it's done

The first time I viewed a MetArt erotic photo series featuring this model I didn’t realize it was actually her debut appearance and I was thoroughly impressed by her beauty and skill — and completely surprised to learn it was her first gallery. The MetArt membership was also impressed, and Macy B shot to the top of the Top Model ranks and has remained there ever since (she’s sitting at #7 as I write this post).

As even the quickest glimpse will confirm, Macy B has a rare and inviting type of physical beauty. But she’s also a gifted model with a knack for making her job look easy. In “Seraglio,” Arkisi has chosen to shoot her on an ornate and not entirely appealing sofa in a dark, somewhat somber room and Macy takes it in perfect stride, filling the space with her warm, bright energy and engaging spirit.

This is only my second chance to comment on a Macy B pictorial, but she has been working steadily, not just for MetArt, but for other sites in the MetArt Network as well. To date she’s posed for 4 sets at SexArt, and she has 3 at RylskyArt, and 3 more at EternalDesire. It will surprise nobody that Macy B is highly rated and immensely popular no matter where she appears.

I loved this girl the first time I saw her, and I love her in “Seraglio,” as well. Having said that, I don’t think this is her best set. The room isn’t particularly appealing, and the furnishings, as I’ve mentioned, are curious — the setting of her debut series was much more versatile and flattering, in my view. But we’re talking about Macy B, so there is much here to enjoy, make no mistake!

Favorites? Too many to mention, but here are a few highlights: #009 (that face, those dark eyes, those scrumptious puffy nipples); #025 (that expression, those lips, those eyes, the light on her shoulder); #078 (I love the pose and the painterly, soft-focus effect Arkisi employs here); and #115 (for its dreamy feel and the way the light and shadows bring out the contours of that beautiful body).

“Seraglio” starring Macy B — she makes it look easy… Comments (3)
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“Ventalia” starring Macy B — introducing an overnight sensation…

Macy B: Ventalia, by Arkisi, 19-year-old beauty is overnight sensation

When a new model is added to the site and appears in her first MetArt erotic photo series, that series is nearly always titled “Presenting.” And so, as I viewed “Ventalia” I assumed it was the work of an experienced model — and nothing I found in the set indicated otherwise. This is a confident, polished, and extremely enjoyable performance by Macy B. Only when I realized that it was her MetArt debut did the full weight of her accomplishment become clear. This is a very impressive model, and an extremely impressive premiere!

I say that based on what I see here, based on my personal preferences and reactions. But I’m not alone in my approval! As I write, Macy B is sitting at #8 on the Top Model rankings — this 19-year-old beauty shot to her lofty position propelled by a wave of highly enthusiastic MetArt members. It’s no fluke, this Ukrainian newcomer has transitioned from debutante to overnight sensation in a virtual instant and her continued success and popularity seems assured.

The artist Arkisi appears to have enjoyed shooting this shapely newcomer. The setting is a clean-lined room in a high-rise building, an apartment with modern furnishings and a view of the urban environment. The light shining through floor-to-ceiling windows is natural but diffused, and it is particularly flattering to Macy B’s coloring — her long, very dark hair and smooth, warm skin tones are beautifully emphasized by the background palette.

Dressed in a black bra and skin-tight blue jeans Macy’s pleasingly pear-shaped physique is highlighted by a temptingly textbook pair of puffy nipples, a narrow waist, and a ripe and round derriere. Arkisi moves his model around the space in a way that not only allows Macy B to display herself from every angle, but which provides numerous opportunities for varied compositions. We have a sweet smile and a hint of things to come in #001, there’s undeniable cuteness as those pants come off in #021, a pair of pretty headshots in #033 and #034, and beautifully composed and posed images like #048. And those are only a few of the highlights here. “Ventalia” marks the arrival of an overnight sensation. I only hope Macy B doesn’t make us wait too long before appearing in more MetArt pictorials.

“Ventalia” starring Macy B — introducing an overnight sensation… Comments (4)
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“Presenting” Oliwia A — in praise of puffies…

Oliwia A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, pretty model, puffy nipplesIf you are a member in good standing of I.A.I.P.A.P.N. — the International Association for the Identification, Preservation, and Adoration of Puffy Nipples — this MetArt gallery is one you do not want to miss!

While first-time MetArt model Oliwia A.’s nipples are fine specimens of the so-called “puffy,” they are by no means her only outstanding attributes. Her breasts in general — full but without a hint of pendulousness — are splendid, and the rest of her body is womanly and proportioned to perfection. In my mind, the word “womanly” implies a certain sense of maturity. And I was somewhat surprised to learn, after reviewing this series, that the model is only 19 years old. If I had to guess, I would have said she was somewhat older. That is a trivial concern, however, because Olivia is a more than welcome addition to MetArt.

This is neither a flashy or complicated pictorial. Pillows and sheer fabrics of green and blue decorate the floor of Antonio Clemens‘s studio, and the backdrop is glows a light shade of blue. Dressed in heels and a paisley print peasant dress, Oliwia A. makes a fine first impression. And that impression only improves as she teases off the dress, necklace, and shoes as the set progresses.

When the dress comes off her shoulders to reveal her bust the effect is stunning (see #017), and #045, a tempting topless shot, will put a look on the viewer’s face to match the broad, genuine smile the model is wearing. Oliwia A. smiles throughout the pictorial, and she has a very warm and engaging presence. And when the smile falls away she’s capable of generating sensuous heat, and she does just that in #098 (among others) an explicit view of the model, on all fours, captured from behind.

“Presenting” Oliwia A — in praise of puffies… Comments (11)
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