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“Presenting” Roberta Berti — ginger and spice…

Roberta Berti: Presenting, by Rylski, red hair, pink pussy, art nudesWith the launch and subsequent success of his own site in the Metart Network — — I have far fewer opportunities to critique Rylsky’s now less frequent contributions to Metart. Rylsky isn’t only a skilled erotic artist, he’s also blessed with an eye for talent, and I’m always interested in seeing the new models he discovers. And with this gallery Rylsky doesn’t disappoint. The set is filled with his signature skill and style, and Roberta Berti, the star of “Presenting,” has the physical beauty and inviting personality I’ve come to expect from Rylsky’s finds.

The very first image in the collection is among my favorites. Roberta is seated on a white couch, knees up, bare feet on the edge of the cushions. Her head is turned to the side, she’s touching her red hair with her right hand, her left arm draped casually across her knees. The model’s pose, formal yet natural at the same time, does a wonderful job of projecting mood and emotion — Rylsky has a knack for coaxing this from his models. The art direction — varied shades of white with a burst of color from the model’s pink camisole — and the artist’s masterful composition create a thoughtful and stylish image.

But the pensive, thoughtful, temperament Roberta Berti displays in that opening image is just one mood among many. This new model has a big, bright, enthusiastic attitude that’s warm, engaging, and bursting with appealing energy. She’s exuberant, playful, and spontaneous. And she’s also impressively confident and boldly uninhibited. She wears her sheer camisole for much of the set, but she’s otherwise naked from beginning to end. In the series of shots spanning #029 through #043 she presents her fantastically photogenic sex to the camera aggressively and without a shred of reservation. It is a cliché, of course, but particularly true Roberta Berti’s case: this redhead is red-hot.

Bright, lively eyes, warm, flawless skin, pert and petite breasts, and a full, round, and ripe rump are impressive physical gifts, of which this Metart newcomer can be justifiably proud. Under the guidance of savvy lensman Rylsky, “Presenting” Roberta Berti is an impressive and enjoyable introduction to a talented and appealing new Metart model.

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“Presenting” Kika — redhead/white room…

Kika: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, nude redhead in hot explicit art pixThe artist, Alex Iskan, has designed an impressively effective set for this new model’s debut Metart erotic photo gallery. I do like the model, Kika, very much, but let me first discuss the setting in which she’s so skillfully presented.

Kika, wearing only a simple white tank top, is sitting in a clear, spherical, bubble chair suspended by a silver chain from the ceiling. The chair’s cushion, and every other surface in the room is a shade of white. The white walls are upholstered in quilted off-white pale gray material. The white floor has been buffed to a mirror gloss. The lighting is bright, free of glare, and uniform. The set is at once futuristic and retro (thanks largely to the swinging sixties modern the chair) at once. It’s a dramatic design, but there’s also a certain subtlety — the room doesn’t distract or detract, indeed, it provides a flattering and versatile backdrop on which to present this pretty newcomer.

Kika seems at home and at ease in this stylized environment. There isn’t a hint of first time jitters in her presentation or performance. And, for a new and presumably somewhat inexperienced model, she displays a varied range of emotions along with a pleasing selection of interesting, stylish, and revealing poses. While a certain amount of shyness can be excused in the initial offering from a new model, Kika is quite the opposite. She can project coy innocence, when she wants to, but she offers every anatomical aspect of her beautiful body to the camera without hesitation or reservation.

The following list is far from complete, but here’s a selection of my favorite images from “Presenting” Kika: #001, nothing showing except a hint of the personality about to be revealed along with a well composed view of the set design. #019, once again no flesh on display but I find this modest pin-up pose particularly pretty. #036 squatting, on her tip-toes, spread and gripping her beautiful breasts with a big smile on her face. #071, a variation on an explicit all-fours pose, backside to the camera, right leg gracefully extended, with an enticing facial expression. And #117, a topless shot with a potent dose of beauty and attitude. A beautifully conceived and executed photo series.

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“Lakini” starring Lukki Lima — sweeter in a sweater…

Lukki Lima: Lakini, by Albert Varin, explicit pix of a tasty tiny-top

I missed this model’s first Metart erotic photo set, but after spending some quality time with “Lakini,” her second gallery, I’m going to correct the omission as soon as possible. Lukki Lima is a very beautiful girl, a skilled and enthusiastic model, and she’s got a warm, natural charm that’s a delight to experience.

Lukki Lima has a particularly appealing look — it’s easy to imagine her in a glamorous, high-style environment, but her natural beauty shines even when she’s in a mundane setting with barely a hint of make-up. Albert Varin understands this, and the only bit of costuming or decoration he’s given his subject is a cozy sweater — no jewelry, no props, no fancy art direction, furniture, or elaborate lighting is needed. He shoots her up against a wooden storage unit, and down on the floor in front of it, and lets Lukki charm his camera and the viewer — nothing more is necesary and “Lakini” is a success from start to finish.

I have admitted to having a certain weakness for freckled redheads in the past, and Lukki Lima is a fine specimen of the breed. Lukki has a slim but supremely womanly body — her hips are full, her waist narrow, and her petite and perky breasts are capped with proudly puffy nipples. If you have a taste for tiny-tops, you’re going to want to get a good long look at Lukki!

It’s one thing to be a natural beauty, and quite another to be a natural model — Lukki Lima is both. She’s completely uninhibited, for starters, and she’s eager to try any and every pose she or Varin can come up with. She’s an absolute doll in demure, nothing-showing headshots (#001 or #023 or #061), she enthusiastically offers her sex to the camera with a smile (#050), and she readily allows the photographer to move in for explicit shot after explicit shot, including some impressive extreme close-ups (#056 and #057 for example).

Lakini” doesn’t only give us a varied and extremely detailed look at the enticing details and inviting beauty of Lukki Lima, it also gives the viewer a vivid sense of this model’s personality. Whether she’s being thoughtful, playful, serious, flirtatious, or simply smiling happily (#021) few girls I can think of are sweeter in a sweater — or out of one — than Lukki Lima.

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“Presenting” Ruzanna A — a painterly premiere presentation…

Ruzanna A: Presenting, by Paramov, richly detailed erotic artistry

This is the first MetArt appearance by 19-year-old Ruzanna A. And, after consulting my records, I realize this is only the second erotic gallery photographed by Paramov that I’ve ever reviewed — and the first one was well over two years ago. So I have no experience of the model, and very little of the artist — not precisely a double-debut, but not far off, either.

And right out of the gate I’m very nearly at a loss for words. There is a lot going on in this pictorial — the first frame is packed to the very rafters visually and literally. Ruzanna A makes an excellent first impression, by the way, but it’s the art direction and execution of the photography that has me both dazzled and dumbfounded.

“Painterly” is the first word that comes to mind — and that impression is sustained throughout the set. And this isn’t at all a minimalist or spare style artistic idiom, these images are loaded and layered with detail. In less gifted hands I might describe the costuming and set decoration as cluttered, even chaotic, but Paramov has full control of his concept and executes it with rare skill.

The costuming, alone, offers a welter of fabrics, accessories, and embellishments — layer upon layer of richly textured skirts, a lace wristlet (only one), ribbon, pieces of fur, thick tassels, and what are those on the model’s head? Could they be welder’s goggles? Antique expedition gear? I have no idea, but somehow it works wonderfully together.

And that room? A rusty bed frame, a feathered carnival mask, tapestries on the floor, a mirror leaning against a wall, an empty picture frame, a rickety ladder, a bunch of tall twigs. And smoke? Yes, clouds of smoke drift into the space through the windows along one wall. So much stuff! And yet it all fits, somehow.

Painterly, there’s no better word. If these images were finely wrought in oils on canvas they wouldn’t be at all out of place in a gallery or museum.

Yes, yes — Ruzanna! A plush, curvaceous body, thick, rich, flowing red hair, a fine spray of freckles across her face. Young, yes, but a wonderful effort rising to the challenge of modeling in such a complex tableaux. I’m eager to see more of her, and perhaps a closer view of the details, but, really — this is a most impressive debut and an outright artistic triumph for Paramov. Whether readers agree or disagree, I’d be most interested in hearing your reactions — comments invited.

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“Glauben” starring Violla A — the hunt for a wild forest fox…

Violla A: Glauben, by Matiss, succulent and curvy babe in explicit pixThe setting is lush and green, sunlight mixes with cool shadows, and in the background a meandering stream is occasionally visible. Birds are twittering in the high branches and a light breeze is gently ruffling the leaves. Movement, and then sound, catches your attention — you spin to look, and you see her. You freeze in your tracks. You’ve just stumbled into the lair of the forest fox, one of the most alluring creatures nature has to offer.

I hope you’ll forgive me the brief flight of fancy, but the MetArt erotic photo series titled “Glauben” invites and encourages these types of imaginings, and many others, as well. Violla A, totally nude and completely uninhibited, is the fox in question, and her voluptuous beauty and sprightly personality are almost overwhelmingly attractive in this setting. In much of the series she’s positioned on a gnarled, bent tree trunk that’s covered with twisted vines. And she looks completely at home and absolutely comfortable.

The fact that Violla A is so at ease in the rustic location can only have made the photographer’s job easier, and if the model is only half as high-spirited as she appears to be this session must have been a pleasure for Matiss. I do notice a couple of unnecessarily tilted images, and a few shots in which reflected light is perhaps a touch overdone, but the overall look and execution of the pictorial is quite pleasing.

As noted, Violla A is not inhibited, and that’s an understatement. But explicit anatomical detail is just one aspect of this pictorial. There are some simply wonderful headshots — quite a few, in fact, starting at #018 and including #019, #020, and #032, among others. And there are some pleasantly tame figure studies — includng #063, #067, and #081 — that have an almost rustic pin-up quality. Whether she’s thrusting her moist delights at the lens or just reclining thoughtfully on her forest perch, Violla A is utterly charming and powerfully alluring in “Glauben.”

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“Voile” starring Mia Sollis — through a bird’s eyes…

Mia Sollis: Voile, by DeltaGamma, camera aloft shoots beauty belowLooking at erotic art photographs — that’s where my job here begins. And during my tenure as MetArt‘s blogger I’ve looked at many hundreds of pictorials, and studied nearly 100,000 individual images. Yes, it’s a dirty job, and I’m lucky enough to get to do it.

Sometimes it’s the model who makes a set successful. Sometimes it’s a scenic or picturesque location. There are series in which the artist and photographer have a rapport that results in exceptional photographs. And sometimes, although relatively rarely, a photographer comes up with a unique aesthetic concept for a set and executes it to perfection. And this last option is what I have the pleasure of discussing today.

The artist with the cryptic and mysterious name DeltaGamma has created something wonderful here. It is a splendid showcase for the model, Mia Sollis, and it seems tailored to her in many ways. But I can also easily imagine this treatment being applied with equal success to other models.

Voile” takes simple elements, adds a twist, and the result is far greater than the basic components. We have a floor of large white tiles, the grout lines cross on the diagonal forming a grid. A large piece of sheer white fabric gives the pictorial its title, gives Mia Sollis something to wrap her beautiful body in, and adds a suggestion of clouds or smoke to some shots. The twist DeltaGamma employs to such excellent effect is his angle or POV — he’s placed the camera above the model and shoots down on her for the bulk of the set. The combination of the high (and highly unusual) angle, the pattern of the tiles, and the effect of the fabric is truly striking.

When the floor becomes the “backdrop” it forces the model to pose in new and different ways. Here Mia Sollis does most of her posing while lying on the floor, and this creates the illusion that she’s floating in space. In several images she bridges her body off the floor, supporting herself with her feet and shoulders. And in others she aligns herself against the grid to mix crisp geometry with the soft curves of her body.

I might end this post with a list of favorite images, but I’ll restrain myself. Instead I’ll simply suggest you take a look at “Voile” for yourself. I’d be interested in hearing your impressions, whether you agree with my opinions, or not.

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“Lautus” starring Ariel A — attack of the killer color(s)…

Ariel A: Lautus, by Luca Helios, colorful MetArt erotic nude pixWhen I saw that this MetArt erotic photo series was on my schedule I made a vow not to mention the model’s hair color. I’ve addressed it in my critiques of several of her earlier sets, and I pledged to myself to find something else in this particular gallery to focus on. After viewing no more than two or three images in “Lautus,” however, I was forced to break my vow and rescind my pledge.

You may love Ariel A‘s head of flaming orange hair, or you may hate it. But one thing you can not do, however, is ignore it. When the sun hits those flowing locks it lights up like a torch — frankly, I find it distracting. And if something can distract my attention away from Ariel A’s splendid body and gorgeous face, that’s one powerfully distracting something!

But here that distracting hair has some colorful co-conspirators, and I’m afraid they’re bent on compromising this pictorial. Those colors are purple and red. Purple is the vivid color of the filmy, asymmetrical mini-dress that Ariel A is wearing as the set begins. And red is the color of the chaise lounge she does a fair bit of posing on. The interplay of the hair color, the clothing, and the furniture creates some truly disturbing effects. In #010 and #024 the combination of red hair and purple fabric gives Ariel a 5 o’clock shadow. And in #039 the dress and chair hopelessly skew the color spectrum.

Ariel A is a beautiful woman. And Luca Helios is a talented photographer, but some of the choices made here do the finished product no favors. But looking for the best shots in “Lautus” does yield some notable examples. Without the frock the colors calm down somewhat in the totally nude #050 — the red upholstery may even enhance the image somewhat. I love (yes love) Ariel’s hair in #075. #095 is a thoughtful and interesting headshot. And the bright highlight on that hair adds some spark to the full-body composition of #119. If Ariel A is married to the hair color, so be it. But, please, consider the effect of costuming and props in the future, because, as we see here, the wrong colors can be killers.

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“Aplotis” starring Tofana A — winsome wench in a window…

Tofana A: Aplotis, by Matt Hathaway, moody beauty in erotic art pix

Tofana A is posing in a narrow room, something of an enclosed patio, in which an entire wall is composed of windows. I’ve seen this space, or at least one very much like it, in another MetArt erotic photo series, but I can’t seem to recall where or when. The room, with its white walls, monochrome patterned floor, and the soft light admitted by those windows gives both model and artist a lot of interesting creative options and opportunities.

And speaking of the artist, this one, Matt Hathaway, is making his MetArt debut with this offering. I’ll discuss it in greater detail in this post, but I can safely state that he’s a talented addition to the MetArt photographer roster, and he’s made a very favorable first impression with “Aplotis.”

Although she’s an 18-year-old, and this is only her second appearance at MetArt, Tofana A delivers a polished, thoughtful, and subtly nuanced performance here. This young woman has real emotional depth. Yes, she can be cheerful and bright when she wants to, but in much of the set she projects an understated, moody quality. Oh, she’s sexy, and enticing, but Tofana A has no need to shout about her sexuality when a whisper can be so much more effective. And her intriguing personality is matched by a beautifully shaped and proportioned body. Although her bio states that she’s a blonde, here she’s undeniably a redhead and those carrot-colored curls frame an appealing face and dark, mysterious eyes.

White thong panties and a white rug to pose on are the only props in “Aplotis,” and model and artist make the most of these minimal accessories. Tofana’s beauty and her moody nature are perfectly captured early on, in #007 and #008, as she gazes out the window. A hand gently tugging on a rump cheek adds erotic punch to a detailed rearview in #022. A fine figure study results when the model places her hands on opposite walls while her panties circle her ankles. I love the subtle smile and erotic implication in #088. And the set concludes with two beautiful images, numbers 119 and 120, where Tofana holds her hair up and regards the camera with yet another intriguing expression. More from this talented team, please.

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“Presenting” Varya A — happy to be here…

Varya A: Presenting, by Goncharov, first MetArt nudes of a happy honey

I’ve critiqued MetArt new model debut sets in which the first-timer appeared slightly unsure or tentative in her performance. I’ve also seen pictorials of new models that were bold and confident. But, without going back through hundreds of pages of notes, I can’t recall a first-time MetArt model radiating such pure happiness and enjoyment in her premiere series as Varya A does here.

And I don’t mean to say that Varya A has simply locked her lips in a smile and kept it in place for the duration of the pictorial — no, indeed! This is a very expressive young woman and I think her looks will work in a wide variety of settings and styles. But this playful, cheerful quality animates and elevates her performance in ways that are simply a pleasure to witness.

Goncharov has given Varya A just one piece of clothing, a sheer, ruffled blouse in a bright shade of pink. At first I wasn’t sure if it worked with the model’s coloring, particularly her red hair, but in the end I felt it was a perfect choice — it’s sexy, flattering, and Varya seems to enjoy working with it to achieve various looks. And the handful of images where the blouse is nowhere in sight pale in comparison to the rest of the gallery — to repeat, a perfect choice.

Although there are detail shots, explicit shots, and a variety of poses offered in “Presenting,” four of my favorite images in the collection are variations on the same general theme. In #012, sitting, knees together, feet apart, blouse open, Varya purses her lips and regards the camera — I’m intrigued. In #015 she adjusts her pose, lowers her chin, and grins impishly. Another change of pose, in #023, and a more muted, but no less intriguing facial expression. For #041 she stands, bold and confident, hair pulled back, fully exposed, while displaying warmth and playful charm along with her considerable beauty. Yes, Varya A looks happy in many of these shots, and I think a lot of MetArt members are going to be very happy that she’s decided to appear here.

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“Presenting” Yarina A — yet another newbie…

Yarina A: Presenting, by Goncharov, real beauty in trompe l'oeil room

The influx of fresh talent into the MetArt model talent pool continues unabated. Among the more recent arrivals we find Yarina A, a leggy, auburn-haired, 19-year-old newcomer from Ukraine.

This is a casual, off-the-cuff effort from contributing photographer Goncharov. There’s little, if any, attention to art direction, props, costuming, thematic content, or any technical complexity. This stripped-down, no-frills presentation doesn’t distract attention from the model and he captures her in enough different poses and compositions to allow the viewer to get a complete look at Yarina’s physical attributes as well as developing some sense of her modeling abilities.

The most distracting element of the set is the background. Yarina A poses in an arched doorway. The arch has been painted, in trompe l’oeil fashion, to resemble a brick masonry column complete with clinging vines. Another wall, this one with an actual (as opposed to virtual) mirror, is also painted in a stonework pattern. The main wall in the background is pale blue sky dotted with wispy clouds and soaring birds. It’s an unusual setting, to be sure, but I’m not certain it adds much to the collection. Still, at its most effective, in shots like #024 and #025, the mixture of actual, reflected, and fake elements is intriguing.

My favorite images from the series tend to be those that minimize the background and fill the frame with Yarina A. This young model — she’s only 19 — has a great shape and I suspect she may have some training in dance, or at least her posing suggests this. There’s virtually no background at all in #051, a headshot captured while Yarina is supine on the floor, and it’s a standout in “Presenting.” The model has a relaxed, natural countenance in #058, a shot that also conveys the sculptural elegance of her belly and hips. And while the background is somewhat cluttered in #073, it’s still lovely figure study of a truly lovely figure.

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