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“Presenting” Evita Lima — chesty 18-year-old charms in nude debut…

Evita Lima: Presenting, by Rylsky, nude big-titted 18-year-old beautyMaturity has much to offer, and there’s no substitute for age and experience. But when it comes to beautiful women, youth is and always will be a powerful attractant. What a nubile woman lacks in wisdom or acquired knowledge she makes up for with the vibrant energy and sweet succulence of youth. Which brings us to the star of this debut Metart erotic photo series, the splendidly busty and undeniably beautiful 18-year-old Evita Lima. I am well aware voluptuous models aren’t to everybody’s taste, but if you like big-breasted girls prepare to have your breath taken.

It’s been some time since I’ve evaluated a set by the thoughtful, creative, and sensitive artist Rylsky. “Presenting” is, in many ways, typical of the photographic stylist’s work. He has a real knack for discovering new and worthy models, and that’s certainly the case here. And he takes care to include a wide range of compositions not only to express his own creativity, but to showcase all of the model’s attributes while also satisfying his audience’s hunger for variety and detail. All that’s true here. Evita Lima is presented in everything from tasteful figure studies (#118), boldly explicit images at medium and close range in a variety of stances, and numerous shots that capture both the model’s beautiful and warmly expressive face as well as her curvaceous and shapely physique.

What is not entirely consistent with Rylsky’s body of work is the set he has chosen. It’s stylized beach shack, in a vivid shade of light blue, complete with sand on the floor, a surfboard, shells, netting, a life preserver, and a captain’s hat. The set design isn’t offensive, and it offers plenty of options in terms of poses and compositions, but it is, frankly, just a little bit corny. Still, Evita Lima’s face and smile are irresistible, even if she’s gazing at the camera through the hole in a life preserver. And when she’s on all fours, aiming her intimate charms at the lens while atop that floatation device, it’s difficult to complain. “Presenting,” despite what minor flaws it may contain, does a fine job of presenting this beautiful, chesty, and charming 18-year-old model. I look forward to more of Evita Lima, and I know I’m not alone.

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“Matiki” starring Yani A — a tidbit that tempts and teases…

Yani A: Matiki, by Alex Sironi, MetArt HD erotic movieI’ve commented on two Metart erotic photo sets featuring this model previously (see here and here) and I’ve enjoyed her from the first frame to the last. Yani A is young, cute, has a wonderfully expressive and inviting personality, and a particularly fine body. The two still series I’ve seen were shot by different photographers and differences in style and approach don’t dim or dampen Yani’s appeal. In this Metart HD erotic movie I get to see her work with another artist, and I relish the opportunity to see this truly tempting model in a motion picture.

My high expectations and eager anticipation are almost immediately satisfied. Director Alex Sironi has Yani A lounging on a sofa in a softly lit room on a quiet afternoon. She’s listening to music on her phone and the melody quickly inspires erotic thoughts. As her hands slide across her dress her skirt slides up and we’re treated to a quick explicit glimpse of her shaved perfection. Yani’s beautiful breasts are exposed next, and she’s totally nude before a minute has passed.

Yani A knows how to move, and she’s as comfortable and at ease in front of a movie camera as she is while posing for stills. She’s in her own world, enjoying the music and the moment, but she also shoots an effortless and inviting glance at the camera every now and then to let us know she’s aware she’s being watched, and that she’s enjoying the experience.

Sironi moves Yani A around the space quite effectively. She plays with the sheer white curtains in front of a window to pleasing effect. She sidles up to a full-length mirror showing off her graceful, sensuous moves as well as her mouthwatering body. And she returns to the sofa and treats us to the beauty of her body and her uninhibited, unashamed sexual spirit.

And then, three and a half glorious minutes later, “Matiki” ends. This is, without question, a short film. But it’s a gem — compact and concentrated. It is perfectly paced, splendidly shot and performed, and builds steadily in erotic impact until the very end. Yani A is a wonderful little tease, and “Matiki” is a fine showcase for model and artist, alike. “Matiki” performs a unique trick in its compact run time: it not only teases the viewer with skill, beauty, and style, it also leaves him completely satisfied — a truly tempting tidbit.

“Matiki” starring Yani A — a tidbit that tempts and teases… Comments (2)
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“Sema” starring Sapphira A — blown away by beguiling beauty…

Sapphira A: Sema, by Luca Helios, stunning 19-year-old in nude art pix

Has anyone seen my objectivity? Or my detached, neutral, critical impartiality? Those qualities are among the most important tools of my trade, but I’ll be damned if I can find them. They were here one minute, ready to help me coolly evaluate another Metart erotic photo series, and then — BAM! — they were gone, disappeared, vanished.

And now I realize what — or rather, who — has done this to me. It’s Sapphira A. I simply can’t resist this girl. Her beauty just blows me away, and the vixenish charm she projects to the camera entrances me, rendering me helpless, smitten, mesmerized. Of course I understand that the perception of beauty is entirely individual and highly personal. You may be able to look at Sapphira A and then look away, unimpressed and uninterested. I don’t envy you! And I hope you have other favorite Metart models who overwhelm, delight, and dazzle you. But if you are a fan of this exquisite model, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. This girl — this 19-year-old nubile — simply knocks me out. Whenever I see her — and “Sema” is no exception — my eyes go wide, my pulse races, and I’m simply awed by her beauty.

Physically, well, Sapphira A approaches a particular type of perfection. Even her flaws are fantastic! That beauty mark — who would dare call it a freckle, or, worse yet, a mole? — on her mons is a treat, an accent mark. And the scar on her abdomen? My god, it’s stunning! I love that scar! No, I adore it! We have someone so fine, so flawless, and this bit of damage, this imperfection, somehow enhances her humanity.

And what a warm, energetic, playful, sultry, lively personality she has! It’s a gift, really. To be able to convey so much engaging emotion in still photos is almost miraculous. When Sapphira A smiles (see #002, #024, or #056 for starters) it’s an event, a celebration, an irresistible invitation.

Luca Helios has done a fine job capturing the physical and emotional Sapphira A in “Sema.” He’s delivered wonderful headshots (#117), casual moments (#095), mouthwatering explicit close-ups (#074 and #075), and splendid figure studies of that splendid figure (#068).

In my next post I will strive for objectivity. But today I will revel and rave about the stunning, spectacular, and entirely beguiling Sapphira A!

“Sema” starring Sapphira A — blown away by beguiling beauty… Comments (4)
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“Oblohy” starring Tristana A — sugar-sweet/fire-hot…

Tristana A: Oblohy, by Arkisi, explicit nude pix of sweet young beautyFor his Metart erotic photo series titled “Oblohy,” the artist Arkisi has chosen a clean, contemporary room finished and furnished in glossy white, and dressed his model in pale pink, sheer and lacy lingerie. And in the introductory images that model, Tristana A, radiates abundant and inviting sweetness. This is a very appealing young girl with a warm and alluring personality.

But sweetness and warmth are only two aspects of Tristana A’s personality. As we soon discover, thanks to a generous assortment of explicit poses and compositions, Tristana A is as bold as she is sweet, and as uninhibited as can be. The sweet young thing that’s so pretty in her pink outfit holds nothing back once that outfit has been cast aside, and practically throws her intimate anatomy at the camera for complete access.

Yet no matter how hot and explicit her poses become, the engaging sweetness remains — Tristana A has a gift for balancing the cute aspects of her persona with the carnal, animal aspects. In the series of four photos beginning with #066 and ending at #069 Tristana is totally nude and posing on top of a table. Her legs are open wide, she’s lifting her ass off the surface, and her succulent sex is up close and front and center. But if one pries ones eyes off her moist magnificence, there’s her face, out of focus in the background, smiling, pretty, and obviously happy to be sharing herself so completely.

While the explicit shots are, in my opinion, the highlights of “Oblohy,” many of the tamer images are worthy of note. In #114 and #115, once more on the table, but this time with her back to the camera, the model strikes two similarly interesting poses — both of which emphasize her long, lustrous hair — and Arkisi delivers two stylish, beautifully composed images. Not all of the posing is so elegant, however, and a shot like #121, with her face pressed into the tabletop and her backside raised in the air, is interesting, but also awkward.

If you like the model — and I certainly do — you’ll be pleased with the range and variety of images and poses contained in “Oblohy.” You’ll certainly enjoy the many fire-hot explicit shots, but milder images, like #081 and #082, a pair of headshots, beautifully capture this model’s sweetness.

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“Presenting” Monique C — young, blonde, and luscious…

Monique C: Presenting, by Alessandro, 18-year-old beauty/hot nude pixI was surprised to learn that this first-time MetArt model was only an 18-year-old when “Presenting” was photographed. There’s nothing in this performance that suggests timidity, shyness, or lack of experience, and Monique C’s glamorous beauty is womanly rather than girlish. To possess this high level of confidence at such a young age only enhances her considerable appeal.

The photographer, Alessandro, is also a (relative) newcomer to MetArt — this is only his second contribution to the site — so I have the double pleasure of evaluating two new talents. And I will say that artist and model are both skilled, gifted, and most welcome additions to the MetArt family.

A new erotic model faces certain obvious challenges — how to appear relaxed, comfortable, and then follow the photographer’s direction while nude and completely exposed. Monique C’s costume — a sheer nightie — offers little coverage when the set opens, and when she’s totally naked she holds nothing back. The challenges faced by a new photographer are also daunting — how does one create work that “fits” with the established style of MetArt while still maintaining one’s own creative identity? Alessandro manages to hit both marks masterfully.

The setting has plenty of texture and a variety of posing opportunities, the lighting is warm, the colors harmonious and flattering to the model’s complexion and coloring, and Monique C has the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of poses and expressions. She can deliver glamorous and studied poses right along with relaxed, natural, and spontaneous looks. There are tame, thoughtful compositions, and there are numerous enticing explicit images, as well. We see the model’s body in wonderful detail, and her personality and charm are also well presented.

Presenting” is a promising — and mouthwatering! — debut by a young, blonde, and luscious model, and an impressive piece of erotic artistry from a new photographer. I look forward to seeing much more from both of them!

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“Cuore” starring Yarina A — mini-skirt/maximum impact…

Yarina A: Cuore, by Leonardo, erotic pix of a flawless chickI have a lot of respect and admiration for the erotic artist known as Leonardo. He has done fine work with some of my favorite models — both in still galleries and in MetArt HD erotic movies. And his portfolio displays range, technical polish — lighting is a real strong suit — and creativity. If he has a single weakness (and who among us doesn’t?) it’s that some of his sets tend to be a bit light on explicit imagery, a trait that inspired one blog commenter to dub him “Long Shot Leo.”

With “Cuore,” Leonardo addresses that weakness and delivers a gallery that is brimming with detailed, explicit, intimate shots of his subject from a variety of angles. He may not be ready to knock Ron Offlin or Tony Murano off the exalted throne of explicitness, but this set will definitely please those with an eye for female parts of the private variety.

The parts in question belong to Yarina A, and they happen to be of a particularly high quality. I reviewed this model’s MetArt debut, and I liked her very much although the artist’s execution of that set left something to be desired. In “Cuore,” however, she gets a presentation worthy of her beauty. Not only has Yarina A grown into a skilled model, but Leonardo knows exactly how to showcase her beauty and ability.

Yarina’s costume consists simply of a tight, pink, knit mini-skirt, with a heart medallion hanging from a chain necklace. No shoes, no lingerie, no props — and none of these optional extras are required. Yarina’s face is beautiful and expressive, her body is exceptional, she is boldly uninhibited, and she radiates enthusiasm and joyful energy — this girl loves to show off!

From head to toe Yarina A is immaculate, enticing, inviting, and flawless. Whether she’s standing proud and tall (see #006) or delivering stunningly sculptural poses while reclining on the floor (see #085) this is obviously a model who loves her work and excels at it. Oh, and did I mention that “Cuore” is filled with mouthwatering images of her intimate anatomy? Armed simply with a mini-skirt, Yarina A delivers maximum erotic impact in this impressive collection from Leonardo.

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“Presenting” Milana K — face and figure with a future…

Milana K: Presenting, by Leonardo, 18-year-old in nude erotic photos

For Milana K’s debut MetArt erotic photo gallery the photographer, Leonardo, has chosen a simple outdoor location and incorporated the bare minimum of extras. When the set opens the model is dressed only in a white, long-sleeved T-shirt, she’s posing on green and pink blankets spread out on a lush green lawn, and in a few shots she appears with a sweater. No props, no flashy jewelry, nothing distracting or overly elaborate in the lighting or technical approach to “Presenting.” What makes this basic treatment successful? In a word: beauty.

Milana K is an exceptionally beautiful girl. And she shows great potential as a model, particularly for one so young — she was only 18 at the time “Presenting” was photographed. Blessed with beguiling blue eyes, a ready smile, gleaming teeth, and an appealing and expressive face, Milana K radiates fresh, natural beauty. She’s also got, even in this no-frills natural setting, a generous helping of glamour — in a headshot like #080, with her long light brown hair falling across the left side of her face she exhibits the sweetness of the girl next door combined with the genuine superstar glitz. Am I the only one who sees a hint of a world famous actress in that face?

Milana K also has also been blessed with a beautiful body — perfect petite breasts capped by fabric-stretching nipples, and an hourglass shape that are flattered by her flowing, waist-length hair. True to form the artist, once snarkily dubbed “Long Shot” Leonardo by a clever and candid blog commenter, doesn’t get too close to Milana’s most intimate attractions, but she’s generous with her poses so the potential for more explicit views in the future seems a reasonable expectation should she sit for a more explicitly inclined photographer.

If you can resist the blue eyes and bright smile on display in #003 and so many other shots in “Presenting” you have my most sincere condolences. This relatively simple pictorial does a fine job of introducing a new model to MetArt and offers ample proof that Milana K has a face and figure with a future.

“Presenting” Milana K — face and figure with a future… Comments (6)
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“Presenting” Yvonne A — log cabin cutie…

Yvonne A: Presenting, by Rylsky, 19-year-old cutie nude + explicit

I haven’t had the pleasure of critiquing a MetArt pictorial by prolific artist Rylsky for what feels like a long time — too long, certainly. But after examining only a handful of images from this set I’m reminded of this photographer’s multi-facetted talent. His technical skills are exemplary, of course, and this set is no exception. In terms of lighting, composition, a wide range of poses — from headshots, to figure studies, to detailed explicit close-ups — Rylsky can be counted on to deliver, and that’s absolutely the case here. But beyond technique and style, Rylsky has two unique and outstanding abilities.

First, the man has a rare knack for discovering fresh talent, and his latest find, Yvonne A is a genuine delight. She’s young — only 19 when this series was lensed — natural, and absolutely brimming with appealing energy. And second, Rylsky not only finds new models, he has a way of connecting with them and coaxing the finest performances from them. He’s not simply photographing a physical body, he’s always striving to capture the emotions and genuine personality of his subject. And he’s absolutely achieved that with “Presenting” Yvonne A.

Yvonne A is a living doll. Not just physically, but in her energy and personality. Her smile, on display in the majority of images here, is warm, lively, and completely sincere. That smile is a natural and infallible mood-elevator. One look at those blue eyes and that bright smile and the viewer can’t help but smile along with her. What a cutie!

Presenting” takes place in what appears to be a log cabin in a rustic yet suburban setting. Yvonne first poses in an open window, and then moves into the room with its rough-hewn interior. It’s an unusual setting, but Yvonne appears completely comfortable and at ease. She’s also comfortable and at ease sharing herself without a shred of inhibition. A girl next door type like Yvonne A would be welcome in any neighborhood — and I hope we see much more of her soon here at MetArt and over at the artist’s personal site,

“Presenting” Yvonne A — log cabin cutie… Comments (3)
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“Risveglio” starring Bansari A — exotic, enticing, inviting, surprising…

Bansari A: Risveglio, by Karl Sirmi, exotic cutie in explicit art pix

Sometimes a MetArt erotic photo series surprises me. That isn’t always the case, however. Occasionally, after viewing a handful of images — particularly of a familiar model — I can make a reasonable prediction about how the balance of the set will unfold. But “Risveglio,” thanks in large measure to its star, was filled with unexpected elements.

Of course, I’ve never seen a gallery featuring Bansari A before, so the model was unknown to me. So, as I looked at the introductory shots — #004 is a representative example — I thought this is a very pretty, innocent, sweet young girl. Between her delicate features, her bright smile, and her rather modest white dress, I concluded that this would be a demure, reserved performance. Imagine my surprise — and, yes, delight — when Bansari lifted the hem of that dress and eagerly and enthusiastically presented her delectable intimate anatomy to the camera only a handful of shots later.

This model can project sugary sweetness and youthful innocence in one photo, and then shift to smoldering, incendiary eroticism in the next. She can keep things under wraps and entice with the warmest of smiles, and then, mere moments later, she’s spread wide and offering herself without reservation. Further, some of the most brazenly sexual poses here are accompanied by a bright, genuine smile — Bansari A is obviously uninhibited, but the fact that she’s so clearly enjoying sharing herself with the viewer really adds impact and appeal to the pictorial.

Karl Sirmi has a fine grasp of Bansari’s gifts, both physical and emotional. He captures her youthful innocence — she was only 18 at the time “Risveglio” was shot — as well as her bold, in-your-face sexuality. The overall mood of the set is bright and cheerful, but Sirmi also presents the moody, reflective aspects of Bansari’s personality, which only enhances her considerable allure.

Selecting favorite images of this exotic and enticing beauty in these deftly posed and presented images is no easy task, so I’ll limit myself to just three highlights: #037, on her back, legs spread, revealing all. #041 for the moody expression and exquisite face. #067 for the artfully implied autoerotic ecstasy. #077, a brilliant tiptoe pose, pin-up style, that nubile body, and that irresistible smile.

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“Pensar” starring Sapphira A — both kinds of beautiful…

Sapphira A: Pensar, by Luca Helios, 18-year-old beauty nude + hot

If Sapphira A was only physically beautiful it would be enough. This young woman — a mere 18-year-old when she posed for “Pensar” — is exquisitely, exceptionally, and almost overwhelmingly beautiful. In face and body, at a distance or up close and in minute detail, she is strikingly, stunningly, dazzlingly beautiful. Oh, and she’s very, very pretty, too!

But Sapphira A isn’t only physically beautiful. This model radiates a rare brand of inner beauty. It isn’t easy to describe, but it’s instantly recognizable. Call it emotional beauty, or personality, or spirit. With a smile or a glance she charms and engages the viewer. A beautiful girl is one thing, but a beautiful girl with Sapphira’s warm and alluring personality is another thing altogether.

Sapphira A’s combination of both kinds of beauty demands to be noticed. She not only attracts the eye, she engages the mind. See her once and you must see her again. This quality has a near universal appeal, and it helps explain how she’s been voted to the very pinnacle of MetArt‘s Top Models list. When a girl is blessed with so much of both kinds of beauty it makes her nothing short of irresistible.

I have a feeling it also makes her a pleasure to work with and easy to photograph. Clothed or nude, smiling or serious, demure or brazen — all an artist such as Luca Helios needs to do is suggest a pose, compose the shot, and let the model work her magic. And “Pensar” is filled with that Sapphira A magic, to be sure.

Who wouldn’t be won over by an introductory shot like #003? Fully dressed, smiling brightly, dress riding up, and those long legs positioned just so. And what of #005? Still clothed, looking directly at the camera, face calm, no smile, and so very beautiful! One could derive much enjoyment simply viewing the clothed shots in this collection, but the nudes are even more rewarding! Intimate close-ups reveal a level of pristine perfection seldom seen (#112 is just one fine example). Full-body shots — serious in #080 and beaming in #037 — find Sapphira’s two types of beauty in full effect. “Pensar” is packed with perfection and Sapphira A delivers another doubly-beautiful performance that will please her many admirers and earn her countless new ones!

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